[2022] September K-POP idols scheduled for Kamba can be understood in detail! Deliver gorgeous camba information such as Blackpink, NCT127 and PENTAGON!


In September 2022, K-POP idols, which are very popular in Japan, will play Kamba!

It's a long -awaited Kamba for fans, isn't it?♪

Therefore,This time, we will introduce the K-POP idol scheduled to be Kamba in September 2022 (^○^)

Let's excite the fans of the fans!

Introducing K-POP scheduled to be Kamuba in September!

From here, we will introduce the K-POP idol scheduled for Kamba in September 2022 (as of the announcement on August 22, 2022).♪



On August 16, the RBW of my affiliated office is 8th mini album through the official SNS of ONEUS.MalusThe logo poster and the logo motion are released,Notice to make a Kamba at 6:00 pm on September 5!

This album was unveiled for the first time in about 4 months since the 7th mini album "TRICKSTER" released in May this year.♪

ONEUS will unveil the comeback date and album title "Malus" through the logo poster of the 8th mini album "Malus", and Malus, which means apple tree in Latin, represents forbidden fruit!

ONEUS has attracted fans with a unique concept that maximizes the taste and beauty of South Korea, including vampires, and expectations for this new appearance will be increasing (^○^).



Kep1er will make a long -awaited Japanese debut from Sony Music in September!

In conjunction with Japan's debut, "Japanese debut single"Fly-UP"But,September 7thIt is also announced that it will be released from Sony Music♪

In the title "Fly-UP" of the Japanese debut single,

Spread both wings like birds and fly strongly, and rises with the energy and charm of KEP1ER.

It is said that it means!

Japanese original song "Title song"Wing WingIs a song inspired by the first flapping of Kep1er, a gorgeous, catchy melody line, and a lively shouting.

"WA DA DA (JAPANESE Ver.)" And "UP! (Japanese Ver.)" Is also included as couplings, and on September 10 and 11, the showcase live at the Chiba / Makuhari Messe Makuhari Event Hall. We have decided to hold!


JAPAN 5th mini album "September 14th"Feelin 'LikePENTAGON has decided to release!

In commemoration of the release, we announced that a release event will be held on September 10, 11, 13, and 18 (^○^).

PENTAGON released the 12th mini album "IN: Vite U" in Korea in January this year, and the Japanese version of the big hit song "Feelin 'Like" is the title song of this album.

It also includes two Japanese original songs written by members Jinho (Jinho) and Kino (Kino).♪

PENTAGON's first performance in Japan for the first time in about three years will be decided on how much Japanese fans have been waiting for, such as the additional performance on TOKYO DOME CITY HALL on September 15 ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^


A trailer video to inform you of the BLACKPINK comeback project schedule!

In this video

Previous songs in August, album release in September, world tour in October

The future roadmap has been announced!

This video exceeded 10 million views in one day and ranked first in YouTube's worldwide trendy video.Full -body Kamba for the first time in about one year and 10 months is attracting attention all over the world♪

Directed sites such as US Billboard and UK NME are also "Blackpink, which the whole world has been waiting for, is backI predict that it will achieve a new record on the main global chart (^o^)

And the new song "previously released"The MV of "PINK VENOM" isIt exceeded 100 million views in only 29 hours and 35 minutes from the release!!

This has reached 100 million times so farAchieved the earliest record in the K-POP girl group's music video♪

again,2nd album "Born PinkThe music video of the album title songScheduled to be released on September 16th(^○^)



JYP Entertainment's rookie girl group "NMIXX" announced on September 19 when Kamba will be announced!

At midnight on August 22, Teaser Poster was also released on the official SNS on August 22.♪

NMIXX with this posterSeptember 19th 6:00 pm2nd single "EntwurfIs announced that it will be released and fulfilled Kamba!

At the same time, the official Twitter of NMIXX has posted the content of "Mysterious SNS accounts should never follow", and a post called "XXIWN_OFFICIA" has appeared, and it has become a hot topic to stimulate the curiosity of fans. I will (^o^)

The single name "Entwurf" is a German word that expresses the meaning of drawing, blueprint, sketch, etc.!

Debuted on February 22, 2022 I'm really looking forward to seeing what the rookie girl group NMIXX looks like in this Kamba.♪


The SM Entertainment of the affiliated office will be on August 8 through My Daily

NCT 127 is currently shooting a new song music video and preparing a new album with the goal of comeback in September. I want you to expect a lotIs announced!

This comeback has been about 11 months since the 3rd full album repackage "FAVORITE" released last October.♪

Last year, NCT 127, which achieved a triple million seller over 3.58 million copies on the 3rd full album "Sticker".

I still know only the information on September about the Kamba time,

In this new album, expectations will increase what kind of performance will attract fans (^○^).



Cravity is September mini albumNew WaveWith the release, on August 12, English digital single "BOOGIE WOOGIEWas published in advance!

The first English digital single "BOOGIE WOOGIE" is an English track to be published in front of the 4th mini album "NEW WAVE" in September, and a surprise new song for interacting with fans around the world.♪

As we gathered expectations for the Korean comeback after the KCON tour of the American Shishu KCON tour, interest in the first English track "BOOGIE WOOGIE" has increased (^○^).

Immediately after the debut in 2020, CRAVITY, which has led various large -scale award ceremony rookie awards and attracted attention as a next -generation super rookie, will show what kind of performance in September Kamuba. It will increase♪

Supported advertising examples commemorating Kamba

 From now on, we will introduce support advertisements that fans have been issued in commemoration of comeback in the past!

Cheering advertisements are often issued as a celebration, such as Senil (birthday) ads, advertisements to celebrate Kamba and anniversary.♪

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This is to commemorate SHINee's comeback in February 2021Hokkaido / Tokyo / Osaka / FukuokaIt is a cheering advertisement issued in four cities!

By issuing support advertisements not only in one place but also all over the country, you will have more opportunities for many fans to see it.♪


This is to commemorate Kamba in BtoB's Lim Hyun -sik's solo.Instagram StorizandIt is a cheering advertisement!

Instagram's Storiz advertisement is very popular because it is an advertising medium that can be easily communicated to people around the world.♪


Until now, I have seen K-POP idols scheduled for Kamba in September 2022. How was it?

In September, expectations will increase when K-POP idols, which are very popular in Japan, come out.♪

Fans can't wait (≧ ∇ ≦)

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