[2022 latest] Introducing super luxury K-POP idols scheduled for Kamba in December! NCT DREAM/ WAY V/ & Team/ NIZIU!

【2022最新】12月にカムバ予定の超豪華K-POPアイドルをご紹介!NCT DREAM/ Way V/ &TEAM/ NiziUなど勢揃い!

The remaining two months are less than 2 months, but the K-POP world is still bustling.♪

In December, big guys, such as BTS RM, NCT DREAM, and SHINee's Minho, are preparing for comeback, so fans may not have time to rest!

This time, I will introduce the artists who have prepared for a comeback in December ^^

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Introducing the gorgeous K-POP idol scheduled for Kamba in December!

BTS RM [December 2]


RM, who has been involved in the lyrics and composition of many BTS songs, will finally release the first full album "Indigo" on December 2!

This album, which contains a total of 10 songs, includes many collaboration songs with overseas artists!

Last record in his 20sWhat kind of songs are included in this album?

The mixture "RM" and "MONO." Released in 2015 and 2018, each of which are full of RM's musical sensitivity and intellectual lyrics, and this album is also expected ^^.

& Team [December 7]


Global debut project audition program "& Audition --THE HOWLING-Born & Team will debut on "First Howling: Me" on December 7 ^^

A group to which a nine-member multinational member of Japan belongs, is also a member of the "I-Land" trainee Kay, Nicholas, Weju, and Taki of "I-Land", which produced ENHYPEN!

"UNDER THE SKIN", which was released prior to the release of this album, exceeded 3 million views in two days!

It is a rookie group that will definitely show you the more success in the future!

About & TeamHereHowever, I will introduce it in detail, so if you have time, please check it out.♪

Wayv [December 9]


Wayv (Denjin V), which debuted from SM Entertainment, will come back on the 4th mini album "Phantom" on December 9!

This comeback for the first time in one year and nine months since "Kick Back" will be the main activity in China!

At the online sessions, members smelled a new album release, and ""Finally, the demon is back!"I'm pleased with the fans ^^

SHINee Minho [December 12]


SM Entertainment's SHINee member Minho will release the 1st solo album "CHASE" on December 12!

I've been want to get a solo album a few years ago"Minho.

I will make a long -awaited solo debut in the 14th year of my debut ^^

In 2021, the solo song "HEARTBREAK" was released as a gift for fans.♪ 

About MinhoHereBut it is taken up in detail, so please check it out.♪ 

NIZIU [December 14]


JYP Entertainment, NIZIU, will launch a new single "Blue Moon" on December 14 in Japan.♪

The nine -member girls group formed through the global audition program "NIZI PROJECT" broadcast in 2020, and is so popular that it caused social phenomena in Japan!

"BLUE MOON" has already started pre -distribution on music sites♪

NIZIU has the image of singing catchy and addictive songs, but it is a perfect ballad song for winter, so if you are worried, let's take a pre -distribution ^^.

NCT DREAM [December 16]


NCT DREAM, belonging to SM Entertainment, will release the special mini album "CANDY" on December 16th.♪

Tickets for concerts held at the Olympic main stadium, which are said to be the largest in Korea in September, sold out at the time of advance!

The debut has reached the seventh year, but the popularity and momentum have not stopped yet ^^

The age of the members is close, and the good friends like real friends are the charm of NCT Dream.

Following "GLITCH MODE" and "BEATBOX", this year's third comeback will deliver winter songs!

NEWJEANS [December 19th]


In July 2022, NEWJEANS, who debuted from Ador under Hybe, released "OMG" on January 2 next year!

Prior to the first comeback to be welcomed next year, the songs will be released on December 19th ^^

"Hype Boy", a five -member rookie girl group that combines visual, ability, and charisma, has captivated many fans' hearts.♪

NEWJEANS has been featured in more detailThis articleBut please check it out ^^

KARA [December 21]


KARA will release the Japanese album "Move Again -Kara 15th Anniversary Album [Japan Edition]" on December 21!

Speaking of KARA, the second Korean wave boom is a group that greatly contributed to the prosperity of K-POP culture in Japan, along with Dong Bang Shin Ki and Girls' Generation ^^.

On November 29, he will play a comeback in Korea for the first time in seven years, and will be performing a new song for the first time at "2022 MAMA AWARDS" held at Kyocera Dome!

Expectations have been received for the revival of the electric shock by 5 people.♪

Stray Kids [undecided]


STRAY KIDS belonging to JYP Entertainment will release the digital album "SKZ-Replay" in December ^^

STRAY KIDS, which also produces self -producing, is a hot group that is rising not only in Korea and Japan, but also in the world!

The songs released on the voluntary content "SKZ-RECORD" and "SKZ-PLAYER" will be converted into sound sources in the album to be released this time!

I guess it will be an album that reflects the color of Stray Kids!

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This time, we introduced a K-POP artist who was preparing for a comeback in December!

There are many comebacks of popular artists, and the fans are likely to be busy in December ^^

Even if you don't have a comeback, you may be able to make a new one with this comeback.♪

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