10 cafes carrying a cup holder event! 【Tokyo · Osaka · Fukuoka · Nagoya】


It is a common cup holder event in Korea, but a fan that events in Japan is rapidly increasing!

So this time,Simple modern cafe from a cute cafe in pop in JapanI will introduce you to a wide range ^ ^

It is easy to understand the beginners of the first capgujin




What is a cup holder event?

Cup Holder Cafe Japan Cup Holder Event Request


Who is the cup holder event for what?

I would like to explain in detail!


Idol fan support event

Cup holder events are not idol office official events,Fans and fanmasters are organizersIt takes place.

I want to support my favorite idol! One of the fans of the fansis.

One of the support advertising (Senior Advertising),It will be held in cafes etc. according to the birthday, anniversary anniversary of KPOP idols and announcement events.

One drink is distributed to the original cup holder or goods per drink.

Cup Holder Cafe Japan Cup Holder Event Request



A place of interaction between fans

Cup holder events have many fans gather and exchanges between fans and exchanges.

It is actually a standard to go to a cafe and post a "Certificate Shot" to SNS.

Cup holder events are well received that they can be practiced, and cafes that can be held in Japan are increasing.


10 cafes doing cup holder events

It is a cup holder event that is rapidly increasing in urban areas, but this timeCafe carrying Tokyo, Osaka, Fukuoka, and Nagoya cup holder eventWe selected carefully!

If you would like to expand the scope of actual activities and you want to start from now on, please try it by all means ^ ^


TIG CAFE (Tea Iisy Cafe)

The shop is a cute cafe for KPOP fan for pink interior♡

Events that are expected to be crowded are distributing rearranging tickets, so be sure to check SNS when you go out!

Also, if there is a stock of a cup holder of past events, let's collect information in advance.

Cup Holder Cafe Japan Cup Holder Event Request


  • [Address] Tokyo Sumida Ward Rin 2-13-5 MPC Building 1F
  • [Transportation Means] 312 m from Kinshicho Station
  • [Phone number] 03-5637-8456
  • 【Official site】 tig-cafe.jimdosite.com.
  • 【Official Instagram】@tigcafe


CAESAR CAFE (Kaisal Cafe)

KPOP star posters etc. are attached to the wall and a space that is unbearable.

You can enjoy fashionable sweets, so there is also a breath.

Cup Holder Cafe Japan Cup Holder Event Request


    • [Address] 1-6-15 Yanagiya Building 2F, 3F
    • [Transportation Means] 99m from Shin Okubo Station
    • [Phone number] 03-6233-8778
    • 【Official Twitter】@Caesarcafetokyo


Cafe Yolum Harajuku (Cafe Jorm)

1 minute walk from Harajuku Station!

A cute Korean cafe that can feel like it is in Seoul♡

You can take a cute picture, such as Hangul neon signs in one pink in the store in the store!

Bottolo links and pack drinks are popular ^ ^

Cup Holder Cafe Japan Cup Holder Event Request  https://www.instagram.com/yolumlovesyou/

Cafe yarm
  • 【Address】 Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 1-21-15 ATM Building 2F
  • [Transportation Means] 167 m from Harajuku Station
  • [Phone number] 050-5596-2442
  • 【Official site】http://cafeyolum.com
  • 【Official Instagram@Yolumlovesyou
  • 【Official Twitter】@yolumlovesyou



Kpop cafe bling bling

A small shop in a residential area of ​​Corian Town in Tsuruhashi.

The popular Senior Cup Holder will finish distribution early, so let's go after checking the open time!

We are offering only takeout ^ ^

Cup Holder Cafe Japan Cup Holder Event Requesthttps://retty.me/ 

Kpop cafe bling bling
  • 【Address】 Osaka Prefecture Osaka City Paoen-ku 2-5-24
  • [Transportation Means] A 7-minute walk from Tsuruhashi Station (Kintetsu Nishikuchi) (490 m)
  • 【Official Instagram】@



    042610 (Oshi Ni Muchu)

    It is a nice shop with a cute pastel color♪

    Let's prepare the procession while holding the event ...!

    In addition to the cup holder distribution, there is also a host card present at the first arrival!

    Cup Holder Cafe Japan Cup Holder Event Request https://www.instagram.com/oshinimuchu/?hl=ja

    042610 (Oshi Ni Muchu)
    • 【Address】 Osaka Prefecture Osaka City Chuo Ward, Toybutsu, Chuo-ku, Osaka
    • [Transportation Means] 271 m from Nagahoribashi Station
    • [Phone number] 050-5869-5187
    • 【Official Twitter】@042610_0204
    • 【Official Instagram】@


    • [Official Online Shop]Oshi Ni Muchu


    Item Cafe Osaka

    ITEM CAFE of fashionable red.

    Photos and posters are lined with the narrow, and they are not tired of looking only ^ ^

    We also sell goods mail order in distant directions!

    Cup Holder Cafe Japan Cup Holder Event Request


    Item Cafe Osaka



    Kurokudo Fukuoka Omana (Fokkkadan)

    Korea Hiroya (Honda) birthplace specialty store.

    We opened in Fukuoka next to Tokyo!

    Senior events are also fulfilling, and you can get one cup holder per drink during the event♪

    If you call the staff of the cash register when ordering, you may get other benefits ^ ^

    Cup Holder Cafe Japan Cup Holder Event Request


    Kurokudo Fukuoka Omana (Fokkkadan)
    • [Address] Fukuoka Prefecture Chuo-ku, Fukuoka City, Chuo-ku, Fukuoka City 1-1-7 Kyushu Sun Mark Building 1F
    • [Transportation Means] 395 meters from Nishitetsu Fukuoka Station (Tenjin)
    • [Officialdoor】Black phosphorus
    • 【Official Instagram】@HeukhwadaNG_JAPAN


    CAFE DE SEOUL (Cafe Dosoul)

    Anyway, the in-store decoration is flashy and luxurious!

    A clerk will tell you if you don't know what to do with a push-up beginner fan. ^ ^

    I would like to celebrate a grandmother's debut and birthday!

    Cup Holder Cafe Japan Cup Holder Event Request https://twitter.com/cafedeseoulijs?lang=ja

    CAFE DE SEOUL (Cafe Dosoul)
    • 【address】Kuo-ku, Fukuoka City University 1-6-11 Barbizon 1F
    • [Transportation Means] About 5 minutes on foot from Akasaka (Fukuoka Prefecture) Station Exit 1
    • 【Phone number】 092-688-4644
    • 【officialTwitter]@cafedeseoulijs


    Korea Cafe byel. (Beir)

    It is a Korean cafe just opened in July 2020.

    The walls and interiors in the store are characteristic of gray color and a calm atmosphere with a sense of unity♪

    "Byeol" is Korean, and in the sense of "star", it is not possible to say that the presence of sparkling is shining★

    Cup Holder Cafe Japan Cup Holder Event Request


    Korea Cafe byel. (Beir)

    Cafe Tris (Cafe Trois)

    Since it is a cafe bar that can go midnight, it will stop by the return of the drinking party ^ ^

    Cup holder events will teach details with Twitter, so you will be planning early if you follow it!

    Cup Holder Cafe Japan Cup Holder Event Request https://twitter.com/cafe_trois__

    Cafe Tris (Cafe Trois)
    • 【Address】 Aichi Prefecture Nagoya City Nakai-ku 3-16-8 Mori Warm Building 1F
    • [Transportation Means] 82 m from Sakae Station (Nagoya)
    • [Phone number] 052-951-3323
    • 【Official Twitter】@cafe_trois__


    How do I know event information?

    You will usually collect information in Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.

    I will look for from the end when the birthday of the thrust comes approachingRecommend.

    We will introduce some ways to collect information how to check!


    Event organizer notification

    Cup Holder Event Organizer NotificationLook for.

    In Twitter, you can get event information if you find the following hashtags!

    Hash Tag example
    # Cup Holder # Sana # Cup Holder EventSuch

    Make sure to check SNS to get information quickly.

    Since the quickness of the information is unusual, the popular Master's event will challenge the matrix.

    Notification from cafe

    I introduced earlierSNS account such as cafe carrying cup holder eventYou should follow.

    Cup Holder Cafe Japan Cup Holder Event Request


    You can get information on various cup holder events♪

    In addition, information when the event is canceled or postponed quickly.


    Cup holder production agencyLet's check the event announcement by.

    SNS may notify the events of the Cup Holder Scritched Cap Holder ^ ^

    You can get information about various idols, cafe cup holder events!

    Follow and check event information ^ ^

    Reasons why cup holder events are excited in various parts of Japan

    Even in Japan, there are more fans who perform recent cup holder events.

    I would like to explain why it is popular in Japan!


    1 Because I can not pass

    Cup Holder Cafe Japan Cup Holder Event Request

    Originally, Cap Holder events were often performed in Korea, but recently I went to Korea and I was also difficult to go to Senior Advertising TT TT

    ThereforeA fan who performs cup holder events in Japan now will be more than a fans!

    In Japan, not only cup holder events but also vision advertisements and fans who advertise subway are also increasing.


    2 Rare cup holders and goods are available

    Cup holder event,You can get KPOP idol goods that you can not get in the formal!

    You can collect various types of goods because fans produce design with original.

    At the event sponsored by Master, you can get rare photos and goods ^ ^

    Cup Holder Cafe Japan Cup Holder Event Request



    3 There are many fashionable cafes

    Cute and cute Cafe = KPOP Senior CafeIt is no exaggeration to say that the popularity of the cafe supports the popularity of the cup holder event.

    Cup Holder Cafe Japan Cup Holder Event Request


    The cute shop will shy out of list ^ ^♪


    We introduced carefully selected cafes that carry out cup holder events that are unmanageable by KPOP fans in Tokyo, Osaka, Fukuoka and Nagoya!

    I can not go to Korea Now, let's enjoy the couple of cup holders in Japan♪

    If you want to support guess, you want to celebratePlease join and implement it ^ ^


    Leave the Senior Ads Agency Japan!

    Senior Advertising Agency JAPAN

    Senior Advertising Agency JAPANCup holder productionI'm doing!

    Cup holder production is the first time, so that you can read the event with confidence,Delivery from design productionSupport for ^ ^

    For more details, check out this article! ⬇⬇

    Korean Cup Holder production agent! Introduce expenses and types [Senior Advertising Agency JAPAN]

    When registering the official line of Senior Ads Agency JAPAN,Automatic response chat solutions will be solved about your support ads!

    Of course chat to the staffIt is safe to consult with the phone♪

    Consultation-Media Arrangement-Design Production-Admain Report Only LINE can be completed!

    First of all, please register your LINE friend ^ ^


    Twitter @birthday_ad_jp
    Instagram @ birthday.ad.jp