Popular actor Cheonghein feature! Deliver a cool photo book of popular appearance work & live song show/Instagram! There are also projects where you can participate in Senil ads♪


This time, we will deliver a special feature on the popular actor Chong, who is excited about the present.♪

Jung to Jung has appeared in various works such as dramas and movies since its debut in 2014!

What kind of person is Inn to Chung, who has taken the heart of the Korean Drafan ...!

This time, we will introduce Chung's profile of in -in and three popular works!

Furthermore, is it surprising that you can sing songs? ! I also collected cool photos of appearance and Instagram, so please enjoy it.♪

In addition to the birthday of April, we will also introduce the Senil advertising project that fans are preparing through "Senil Crafan"!

-Jung Haein Birthday Project 2023-

What is Senil Crafan?Launched a project to issue a support advertisement for individuals and plannedServices to realize support advertising by exchanging support money for those who agreeIs.

Would you like to join Senil Crafan and give Chung a Senil advertisement together? ^^

What is Junghine?


  • Real name: Jung Heinin
  • Date of birth: April 1, 1988
  • Birthplace: Korea Seoul Special City
  • Height: 178cm


now"Isn't there a stranger? !It is in Chong, which boasts so popular and popular!

Jeong -in -In, after receiving a scout on the street just after the university entrance examination, he became interested in the actor and made his debut in the entertainment world ^^

In 2013, she appeared on the MV of the idol group AOA "MOYA".

After that, in 2014, he made his actor debut in the drama "Hundred Years of Bride"!

It was the drama "Beautiful Sisters who will be well -known" that made Jeong to know the existence of the in -in to Chung!

I was in the spotlight in this work, "People's younger boyfriendWas gained popularity in the position of♪

Currently, this is the popular actor who has been drawn to movies, dramas, commercials, and even awarded presenter!

To Chong, the affiliated office is an FNC entertainment that created legendary bands such as FT Island and CNBLUE!

It became a hot topic for the first time in the office -scale concert FNC Kingdom held last December, and showed a beautiful voice.♪

Three popular works!

"Beautiful older sister who often treats me" (2018)

The drama that cannot be removed when talking about actor Chonghin is "beautiful older sister who often treats me"!


Yoon Jina (Song Jina (Song Ye -jin), an area manager of a major cafe shopThis is a love story where Sou Juni (Jung Hein), a great friend of his best friend who was assigned overseas, falls in love and shrinks.

The highlight is the exchanges that make old girls and older boys involuntarily ^^

Juni's straightforward expression of affection is so shy that the viewers are shy ...!

It is an irresistible work for love drama lovers, so please take a look!

"On a spring night" (2019)

"One Spring Night" broadcast in 2019 is a love story that does not stop tokimeki.♪


Lee Jong -in (Han Jimin), a single father and pharmacist Yu Ji -ho (Jung Hein) and his customers, will be attracted to each other ...!

The complex backgrounds of the characters, such as Jiho, who have a trauma, and John -in, who have been with a lover for many years, and scenes where the relationship with their parents is difficult ...

Jiho's appearance is also impressive, and it is a recommended work for those who want to see an adult love romance.♪

"D.P. Running Soldier Tracker" (2021)

A love drama is a work where the atmosphere changes drastically, and you can see a manly figure that puts yourself in the army!


Ann Jun -ho (Jung Hein), who was a member of the Kenmatai, became a bullying target because he didn't like his face.

One day, he can't stand it and speaks to the manager vanjans (Shin Seung -ho) and is likely to be killed.

Junho, who was saved by Park Bogm, who visited the room immediately, was told to Bogum at a later date, "Would you like to come to D.P.?"

The complex problems that the escape soldiers have, and often make them think on heavy themes!

The highlight is that you can enjoy plenty of Jeonghine's manly figure and action scene ^^

Are you really good at singing? ! A live song of Chunghine, which is as good as a singer!

The actor is in a spacious Chung, but there is a rumor that he has an outstanding singing ability ...!

Please enjoy the live song of the in to Chung♪

"너 의 의 미 (your meaning)"

First of all, it is the cover of the IU's "너 의 의 (meaning your meaning)" that was shown on the music program "Begin Again 3"!

With a singing voice that wraps you warmly, you will listen to it!

The compatibility with AKMU's Suhyun -chan's clear singing voice is perfect!

There is no place to laugh gently on the way or to gently look at Suhyun -chan ^^

In the title of the song, there are many fans who are in agony with the appearance of "what is your meaning?"

"우 만남 이 (our encounter)"

On YouTube, a duet between Chong and Paul Kim is also released!

The two co -starred in the movie "Yu Yeol's Music Album", and the story of this duet came out!

He showed his singing skills as a singer and surprised many fans!

To Chung, the soft singing voice of the in is always healed♪

Deep the official Instagram of Junghine! Cool photo book♪

It was opened in September 2014, and we will introduce the Instagram of Instagram to Chung, which is currently boasting more than 10 million followers.♪

From the cool photos of the in to Jung to the off -shot appearance, do not miss it!

First of all, let's take a look at Chung wearing military uniforms from the photos of the in ^^

It is an off -shot when you appeared in Season 2 in Season 2, Netflix drama "D.P. -Takeshi Tracker-" instead of photos during military service ...

It has a role, and it is a hairstyle that is not set, but it is still cool!

With the night view of Singapore♪

The rough style of black shirts and black caps is increasing cool!

In addition, a shot with a beautiful sunset!

It looks like an off -shot of the January issue of the magazine "Marie Claire" ^^

The combination of beautiful sunset and handsome guy is very luxurious.♪

We also publish photos dressed in DIOR♪

Just crouching in a rough figure will still be a picture ^^

Last year, I also published photos when I first appeared on FNC Kingdom ^^

I guess there are many fans who went to see Junghin!

The atmosphere changes with white and black costumes, but both look good and cool.♪

There are still many photos that I could not introduce this time, so please follow the Instagram and enjoy the cool Chung's photo ^^.

Junghine's birthday commemoration! Let's get Senil ads in Japan and South Korea!

To Chung, who will celebrate his 35th birthday on April 1 this year♪

To Chong, you've been active in many places, such as dramas, movies, commercials and award ceremony presenter.

A Senil advertising project is launched by fans with the desire to celebrate the birthday of the in -in to Chung!

This project will be proceeding through the crowdfunding service called "Senil Crafan" ^^

Here, we will introduce "Senil Crafan" and "Chunghin's birthday project" launched this time in detail!

What is "Senil Crafan"?

What is Senil Crafan?Launched a project to issue a support advertisement for individuals and plannedServices to realize support advertising by exchanging support money for those who agreeIs ^^

There is an advantage that recruiting support money through Senil Crafans can give out large advertisements that are difficult for individuals!

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I want to know more about Senil Crafan!Please see here too!


What kind of project is "Junghine's birthday project"?


-Jung Haein Birthday Project 2023-(Click here for details)

I want to convey the congratulations and gratitude to Hein who always cherishes us as a fan and makes me happy.This is a Senil advertising project launched by a fan with a thought.♪

In this project, "Junghine's Birthday Project", we are aiming to post advertisements on the following three media!

・ Korea: Bath Shelter

Bass shelter ads in Korea are one of the popular media♪

It is lit up at night, and advertisements emerge more beautifully ^^

・ Japan: Shinjuku Unica Vision

Shinjuku's Unica Vision, which is no longer a standard for Japanese Senil/support advertising!

Senil advertisements can be played all over the large screen, and the power and impact are outstanding ^^

・ Instagram story advertisement

This time, we are aiming for advertising in the story of Instagram, one of the SNS used by many people!

SNS advertisement is a recommended medium that can celebrate with fans who can not go directly ^^

This time, to achieve these three advertisements, the target amount "¥500,000I am aiming for♪

1,000 yen ~ We are accepting support money,The support fee recruitment period is ""February 20th (Monday)Is up to!

You need to help you to achieve the Senil advertising project.

Why don't you participate in the Senil advertising project to Chong and convey your gratitude? ^^

If you have any concerns about the Senil Crafan or Senil advertising we introduced this time, please feel free to contact us anytime!

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This time, we sent a special feature to the actor Chong, who can not be removed in talking about Korean Dora!

There were many unexpected aspects, such as slow debut as an actor, and actually singing songs ^^

Recently, I feel that it has been doing various roles as well as romance dramas and expanding the range of actors.

Expectations will expand on various faces, where the in in the actor Chung will continue to show you.♪

In addition, this time, we have introduced the Senil advertising projects launched by fans to celebrate the birthday of Inn to Chung!

I hope many people will participate and excite Chunghine's birthday ^^

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