[Paxo -Jun love is terrible! ] SNS total followers over 20,000 people, "PSJ Isetel" will be released at once!


Yasushi -in class"or"She was beautifulActor Park So Jun, who starred in not only Korea but also in Japan!

Many people have come to watch Korean dramas etc. due to Corona, and have been captivated by watching Park So Jun's work (^○^).

That should be it, Park So Jun is a very popular actor not only in Korea but also around the world.♪

Park Seo -Jun has been the leading actor who plays an important role in famous works in his twenties and plays his character generously in any role.

This time, he is active as a Fundam of Park So Jun, and is currently the total number of SNS followers.More than 20,000 people"PSJ Isetel"to Mr. or Ms,

I was able to hear about the content of the terrible activities, the trigger of Park So Jun, and the most impressive activities! (^○^)

The content of the activities that you are surprised and the content that conveys the love of Park So Jun is transmitted.♪

This time"PSJ Isetel"On August 12thTo commemorate the 11th anniversary of Park So Jun's debutAt Senil Advertising Agency JAPANFirst time in JapanThe support ad was broadcast (^○^)

That support advertising secret storyI will introduce the precious stories of "PSJ Isetel" in detail!

About Park So Jun

In 2020, which rushed into the Corona evil, the original drama "Netflix"Yasushi -in classPark So Jun has gained even more popularity as one of the hottest Korean actors in the world, not just in Japan!

Born on December 16, 1988, he was aiming to be a baseball player in his childhood, but since he was in his first year of high school, he began to go to an actor and go to theater school.

And after the debut, the famous J.Y Park's famous work "Dream High 2Started full -scale acting activities!

His ability quickly blooms,

2013 drama "Come out of money✩knock KnockWon the Korea Drama Awards Male Rookie Award.

In a few years laterLove rice god"♡

After that, 2015 "Kill Me Heal Me」「She was beautiful""

Next, "2016"Hanaro (Farang)"" 2017 "Sam, Myway"2018" 2018 "Why is Kim secretary?"Such

He led to a hit with his many works as the lead (^○^)

It attracts fans around the world with a tall style of 185cm, the trained muscles, and the overwhelming acting skills.♪

Park So Jun, who had a very shy personality until he became an actor,

To his fatherI can't be an actor because I'm shyI was told that I couldn't order food alone!

He was shy and never talked to himself except his good friends

I also answered in the interview.

However, his friendship is super famous!

Only gorgeous members, such as BTS (BTS) V and actor Choi Ushik, Park Hyun -sik, PeakBoy, a rapper, etc.♪

These four people are "Ugaa Ga FamilyIs called

These days, that gorgeousFour real variety shows "In the Soop Friend CalidityIs also a hot topic that was distributed on Disney +( ^ ^)

By all means, let's watch the drama, movies, variety programs, etc. featuring Park So Jun, and get hooked on the swamp.♡

Introducing the Fandom "PSJ Isetel"!

 From here, Park So Jun's Fandom "PSJ Isetel"Is featured!

"PSJ Isetel" is a foundation formed by Park So Jun fans in 2016.♪

At the time of the formation, he was active with 14 members, but the popularity of Park So Jun has also increased due to the re -coming Korean wave in the Corona.

Now, what303 peopleThe people are joining Fundam!

The staff members who have joinedPark So Jun appearsI was addicted to watching the drama (≧ ∇ ≦)

In particular, the popular drama "She was beautiful"or"Witch's loveIt seems that I was addicted to the swamp♪

The staff of "PSJ Isetel" who talked about this time

I like acting skills, as well as good voice, good style, good head rotation that can be shown in variety, and motor nerves!

He told me about the charm that Park So Jun could not talk about.♡

Due to the influence of Corona's evil, more people in Japan have more opportunities to watch Park So Jun's work, and they are attracted to the appeal of acting and looks!

The main activities of "PSJ Isetel" are not only "support advertisements" to celebrate their birthdays and their debut commemorative.

Site support for dramas and movies (catering buffet, coffee, etc.)

Donation activities in collaboration with the official pen cafe

Support for Paxo Jun Building at the time of the movie release

We have also carried out various other support activities!

This time, I will introduce the three particularly impressive support activities.♪

Drama and movie shooting site support

This is actually a coalition with the official pen cafe "PARK'SOFFICE" on May 22, 2022.

Drama"Keijo creatureThis is a photo when supporting the shooting site!

This is a popular Korean drama "Why is Kim secretary?Photos of catering support issued at the shooting site!

In addition, we are supported at various shooting sites.♪

Donation activities

This is the 10th anniversary of Park So Jun's debut, "PSJ Isetel".

An organization that supports children with disabilitiesPlema Foundation"8.12 million wonThis is a photo from when donated and published in Yahoo! News etc.!

In this way, not only activities to support Park So Jun, but also various donations are being carried out.♪

The 8th anniversary of the debut "Paxo Jun -kan"

 This is the most impressive of "PSJ Aeciteru", which is the most impressive of the activities so far.

The 8th anniversary of his debut in 2019 was held at the movie theater for a monthPaxo Jun HallThis is a photo!

Park So JunThe movie ""Inserson (Divine Fury)"To the release date of"

Eitoura in Seoul (Jondunpo)The movie theater, "Paxo Jun HallJacked and celebrated!

The staff of "PSJ Isetel" who talked about the story

You can color the movie theater in Eitoura (Jondunpo) as "Paxo Jun -kan", and you can go to the scene, and Paxo -Jun himself also visited the site and got a certified shot. It is a memory!


Here is the actual authentication shot!

Actually, the person himself is "Instagram"Paxo Jun HallI am uploaded a photo taken to the commemorative photo together! !

The fans who participated in the activity will be a lifetime memories of the activities and thoughts that supported them to the person and put them in the photos (;;).♡

In this way, fans who are supported by watching the actors' works perform loving support activities.

I think the support activities that support the actors and build a wonderful relationship together are very wonderful.

In addition, I was very impressed with not only support activities, but also people who like Park Song Jun, such as donation activities, gathered, and that social contribution activities were being conducted!

 And at the end of the story

In Japan"Train wrapping ad"orLocated at the COEX main gate of the largest general exhibition hall in KoreaLarge transparent screen with a length of 70mCOEX advertising

Such,I told you about the dream project you would like to realize in the future (^○^)

It's an exciting project just to imagine, isn't it?♪

You can get various activities that could not be posted this time and the latest information on Park So Jun that could not be posted on Twitter and Instagram by "PSJ Aeciter".♪

By all means, let's check Park So Jun in the future, checking the SNS of "PSJ Aeciteru"! !

"PSJ Isetel" Twitter:@psj_aisiteru
"PSJ Isetel" Instagram:PSJ_AISISITERU

Thank you very much for the valuable story this time, "PSJ Isetel".

About support advertisements issued to commemorate the 11th anniversary of their debut

 All the support activities of "PSJ Aeciteru", which we have introduced so far, were all conducted in Korea.

On August 12, 2022, to commemorate the 11th anniversary of Park So Jun's debut, the first support advertising support in Japan was held at Senil Advertising Agency JAPAN!

The media conducted

Street vision

Shinjuku Unica Vision 8/12 ~ 8/14

Omotesando My Navi Vision 8/8 to 8/14

Transportation advertisement (Digital signage advertising)
Osaka Station Central Exit 8/8 to 8/14

Kichijoji Station North -South Free Passage 8/8 to 8/14

 A total of 4 places!

 On Twitter, "# Paxo Jun Congratulations on your 11th anniversaryMany fans who actually saw the support advertisement with the hashtag of "" were excited ( ^ ^)

In this way, the advertisement to commemorate the 11th anniversary of Park So Jun's debut in Tokyo and Osaka, and I think that many people have come to mind.♪

Until now, it seems that we have been considering support advertising in Japan, but in order to do it in Japan, the cost was expensive and it was difficult to realize.

This time, it seems that support advertisements were carried out in Japan because the number of members has increased due to the catastrophe and the number of members increased, and even if supported advertisements in Korea, it is not possible to go to the site!

"PSJ Aisiteru"Because it was the first time to broadcast support advertisements in Japan,

Photos used for adsMusic copyright, etc.You can get permission to the officeAmateur stateIt seems that it was hard, but

Finally, we are grateful to Senil and the office!


I am glad that the support advertisement has been successfully aired, while the fact that support advertisements were the first time in Japan was the first time!

We, Senil Advertising Agency JAPAN, I hope we can continue to support the activities of "PSJ Aeciter".♪


Until now, we have featured Park So -Jun's Fandom "PSJ Isetel". How was it? (^○^)

The "support" of "PSJ Aeciteru" is different, including support in dramas and movies shooting sites, large -scale support support at movie theaters, and donation activities.

I guess there was a support activity that surprised me, "There was such a support activity!"

Fans who are supported by Park So Jun's appearances on a daily basis will return to Park So Jun himself through various support activities.

I realized that a very nice relationship was built between fans and actors.♪

From now onLet's support you while touching Park So Jun's work!

In the futureWe Senil Advertising Agency JAPANI would like to support various recommended and support advertisements that such fans do.

Thank you very much to the "PSJ Aeciteru" who was happy to accept this special project.