Introducing three popular Korean actors and popular Korean drama, such as Songan and Konyu! Up to Senil advertising examples of Korean actors♪


Korean drama that is now very popular in Japan!

I was hooked on Korean Dora, but what is the interesting work?

There is an actor who is worried, but who is it?

For those who think like this

This time, we will introduce examples of Senil advertisements of popular Korean actors such as Songan and Konyu, popular Korean drama in Netflix and Korean actors!

Please take this opportunity to check it out and add to the swamp of the Korean drama.♪

Introducing popular Korean actors!

From here, we will introduce 4 Korean actors that are very popular not only in books but also around the world!

By all means, please try to find the push.♪ 

Song Gun

  • Date of birth: April 23, 1994
  • Height: 186㎝
  • Main appearance work: "Even if you know"
  • "Navilella -Still butterfly dances-"
  • Instagram:@songkang_b

Song Gun with an eye -catching style with a neat face!

He is an actor who has played the role of ballerina and has the power to make his work gorgeous at once.

The plain clothes are also fashionable, and the Instagram is like a fashion magazine♪

The model business is likely to be increasingly increasing (^o^)

Kon Yu

  • Date of birth: July 10, 1979
  • Height: 184cm
  • Main appearance work:
  • "Tokkebi -The beloved days you gave me-"
  • "Coffee Prince 1st store"
  • Instagram:@gongyoo_official

Kon Yu, who has appeared not only in love romance but also in works that appeal to social issues!

He has high acting skills that possesses his role, and has received many awards.

He has a mature sex appeal, and he can get a glimpse of the mess ... ( ^ ^)

With a tremendous gap, we continue to captivate fans♪

Hyun Bin

  • Date of birth: September 25, 1982
  • Height: 184cm
  • Main appearance work: "Secret Garden" "Memorial of Love"

Hyun Bin was a Korean drama "Wearing of loveAlso famous for the appearance!

It became a hot topic to marry his co -star Song Ye Jin.♪

If you watch the making video, you can see that Song Jejin is in love with (laughs).

It is an actor full of masculinity, such as a solid body type, tall, and uninhabited (^o^)

Lee Minho

  • Date of birth: June 22, 1987
  • Height: 187cm
  • Main appearance works: "Men than flowers" and "heirs"
  • Instagram:@actorleeminho

Korean version "Boys Over FlowersLee Min -ho who appeared in "is also very popular in Japan!

He looks like a prince and is cast in many fantasy works.♪

He seems to have lived a smooth sailing life, but in fact he had a major accident and had been closed for one year.

Nevertheless, he is an effort -type actor who continued to challenge positively and regained his popularity (^○^)

Netflix recommended 3 selections!

From here, we will introduce three recommended Korean Dora that you can watch on Netflix!

The appearance of the popular actor introduced earlier (^○^)

I haven't seen this work yet!If you say, please take a look.♪

Even if you know

Songhan, the role of "Park Geon" seeking "crush only love", and Hanshi, the role of "Yu Navi" seeking a serious "love" relationship.

It is a drama with a delicate bargain!

I can't believe love, but I want to fall in love with someone of fate someday.

Geon rolls a navigation that thinks like that with his palm.

Even if you know it is a scrap, there are a lot of sympathy in the navigation that makes you feel like you!

How can I get out of ambiguous relationships and be happy?

The answer will surely be found in the drama♪

Recommended for those who are just chasing love! !

Tokkebi ~ The beloved days you gave me-

Kim Shin, who plays Konyu, is a Tokkebi that lives in the immortal life given by God!

If you do not pull out the sword stuck in his chest, you will not be able to end your life.

He has been searching for a "Tokkebi bride" that passes through his sword for nearly 900 years.

One day, Shin encounters "Tokkebi's Bride" and "Ji Uentaku" played by Kim Gown!

Shin has always wanted to end his life, but she has a love in Untaku and wants to live.

But a big price is waiting ...

It is a drama that does not stop pounding for Shin who continues to think of Untaku.♪

Wearing of love

"Seri", which is played by Son -Ezin, is a famous Zaibatsu daughter in Korea.

She gets on a paraglider to test a new product, but she gets caught in a tornado and "arrives" in North Korea!

So she meets "John Hyuk", played by Hyun Bin.

He closed his heart in the wake of a certain incident, but he was really a very kind person ...

The painful and beautiful story development that two people who should never be tied can be seen without tears!

Recommended for those who want to believe in "fate" and those who want to watch a love drama that does not end in beautiful things.♪

Korean actor's Senil/Supporting Advertising Case

From now on, we will introduce Senil/Supporting advertisements of Korean actors released in Senil Advertising Agency JAPAN in the past.♪

I also want to issue an advertisement for the actor, but I'm worried about putting it out alone ...

I want to put it out in Korea, but where do I stand out?

I think there are many questions about advertising.

The official LINE of Senil Advertising Agency JAPAN offers consultations by chat and free phone!

If you have any concerns, please feel free to contact us.♪

In addition, the details of Korean advertising are more informationHereplease look at!

Kon Yu

This is a support advertisement issued at a Korean station to commemorate the 20th anniversary of the popular actor Kong Yu!

From the fansI was fullThe message is a wonderful advertisement on the whole Korean station.♪

Also, this is a Senil advertisement in Korea to celebrate Kon Yu's birthday this year!

Senil ads issued in impact -large advertising media are impressive♪

Song Gun

This is a Senil advertisement from a Korean bath shelter to celebrate the birthday of Song Gun, a very popular actor in the world!

It is lit up at night and has become a very beautiful ad.♪

Choi Ushik

This is a celebration of Choi Ushik's birthday, which became very popular in the movie "Parasite" and the drama "We are that year,"

With a Korean bath shelterWith DID at Gangnam StationIt is a Senil advertisement issued.

How! This Senil advertisement was made by Choi Ushik himself and actually uploaded it to the Instagram story! !

In this way, by issuing an advertisement in Korea, it is from the person.Authentication shotThe probability of getting a picture is also increased.♪

Lee Su -hyuk

This is a Senil advertisement that was served at Aoi Station near the YG office to celebrate the birthday of actor Lee Soo -hyuk!

If you see such an advertisement when commuting, I'm very happy as a fan.♪

Byung Sonte

This is a Senil advertisement that was served at Aoi Station, Korea, celebrating the birthday of actor Sonte!

By advertising at a station with a lot of traffic, you can have more people see the recommended Senil ads.♪ 


Until now, we have introduced the Senil advertising examples of popular Korean actors, popular Korean dora, and Korean actors, such as Songan and Konyu, but how was it?

Please find the works you care about and have fun.♪

From now on, I hope that Korean actors will continue to support them in the form of Senil/support advertising (^o^)

Leave it to Senil Advertising Agency JAPAN!

Senil Advertising Agency JAPAN

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