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【2021年人気急上昇】イケメン韓国俳優 ソンガン特集!〜おすすめドラマ・応援広告をご紹介〜


Korean newer actor son gun with topic in "Love app" and "Sweet Home" ^ ^

Recently, "I know" broadcasted on Netflix, I played a fascinating man Park Jeon, and I was robbed with a girl's heart♪

Today I would like to pay attention to Song Gun, which is hot, and I would like to introduce the basic information to the case of past Senior Advertising!

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Song Gun Profile

I would like to introduce Son Gan basic information and charm♪

Basic information




  • [Book name] Song Gun
  • [From] Mizuhara, Korea
  • [Date of birth] April 23, 1994



With the attraction of Son Gun

Son Gun's background



Song Gun, because I had no hope and dreams, because I had no hope and dreams, it seems to have been sending ordinary days without going to university.

Under such circumstances, he looked at Leonardo Dicaprio starring the movie "Titanic" that happened,

"I want to be a human heart like him and I want to be a person who can be moved by myself!"I started aiming for an actorIt looks ^ ^

Then go to the University of Municipal Footage Theater, without getting lost.
Isn't he too perfect, too, or not the idol's practice student? And get scouted oftenAlso, "I want to acease," said all ...

2017 "She has a lie too loving" debut,He was selected as the MC of SBS popular songs in 2018, and it has been selected from the following year to Netflix original topic works

Son gun who became a big actor with his hard-time and effort.

He is now moving people with various works ...!


Characteristics of Song Gun



After entering the entertainment area, there is also an episode that "5 approaches from actresses and idols has been approached"it seems like♡

Because he is the long-body and beauty man ... Well then it is so (laughs)

It is such a son gun,He likes to watch games and movies at indoorAnd.

He likes a little more cloudy than sunny and likes to see the rainAnnui one side makes a fanIt is♪


Song Gun appearance drama

During 2017 Debut-Supreme Cast Works

We will introduce recommended dramas in the previous Song Gun appearance work!

2017 she loves lie




 Song Gun who became a talked in Korea version of "Kanjo who loves lie"♪

The Pec Ginus played by Son Gun is a hero's Yoon Solim (Performance: Red Velvet Joy) from a young age.

A person who is worried about a boy who is worried about Solim, and it is an impressive role in making a desperate attempt to try her love arrow to yourself♡

I was cleaned by Song Gun ~ ~!Please see the way you think!

Can be viewed by Netflix and DTV ^ ^



App to Love 2019 ~ Lovealarm-


"Love app-Lovealarm ~" that became a topic on NetflixSong Gun decorates his first starring♪

This drama is called "Netflix's son" and it is a drama that is an opportunity to make a number of appearances with Netflix!

This work with a live-action dramatization of a popular web manga in Korea has a love of young people who will be tossed by the app "Love Alarm" that the alarm sounds if the person who likes oneself is within 10 meters of radius.

High school girl's Kim Jojo (performance: Kim So Hyun), jojo and fans Sono (performance: Son Gun), Jojo, Jojo, Heyon (Performance: Jung Garam),"Love Alarm" will be a complicated triangular relationship ...

The fans' s pounding and the popularity do not stop the season 2 is also published recently!

I have no choice but to watch Netflix♪





Song GunSWEET HOME showing her overwhelming performance

This work is a day suddenly, and a person who has suddenly changed his appearance to a brutal monster, and the residents of the old housing house called "Green Home" will fight and fight monsters increase.

Song Gun Playing Hosons Cha Hyunthe, a high school student who lives in the accident and lives alone in "Green Home".

He was trying to commit suicide, but I will be caught in the battle with the monster.

Son gun that he spent in a dark room all day long for his help.

Effort big work ... The fan should definitely be seen!


2021 Navirella


Quote source

Quote source

You can see the brilliant ballet of Song GunAnd the topic Navira!

A 70-year-old shimdoctul (performance: Park Inan) and a 23-year-old Ballet Dancer, a 23-year-old Ballet Dancer, a 23-year-old Ballet Dancer, and a 23-year-old Ballet Dancer, and a mysterious bond. I'm drawing out.

Song Gun seems to have started the practice of ballet half a year ago for she acting in Ballet♪

The fans are becoming a melomero with the ability of Ballet's ability and trained muscles that do not seem to be prepared for half a year ...!


2021 I know




I was addicted to Song Gun with "I know"! Isn't there anyone?

Song Gun I'm in love with the enchanting man Park Jeon to play ...I think there are many people♡

I encountered Park Geon, who experienced a terrible broken heart and I can not believe in her love, Mei Navi (Performance Han Haho) attends the same school, and she will be attracted.

However, Jeon was a man who didn't really feel seriously ...The fascinating Song Gun and Park Geon was also a topic ^ ^

This work to talk to KPOP idols are also watchingteeth,It is a drama that has improved the knowledge of Son Gun with both Japan and Korea♪

This can also be watched on Netflix!



Featuring works from now on



"Kim Secretary is likely, why?"ButIt will be broadcast in the first half of the yearis!

This work is hotter than the tropical night, and the work and love story drawn the work and love of the people of the Meteorological Agency that can not be predicted from the local area♪


I will repo again if it starts broadcast ^ ^


Song Gun's support advertisement

It seems that support advertisement has been issued in Song Gangfan ...!

HowThere is also a published certification shot (pushing your support and two shots) ^ ^

This ad has a fans ... super lucky♡






Song Gun Senior Advertisement
  • [Place] Gangnam Gungon Station Exit 1
  • [Schedule] 21.04.22 to 21.05.21




What did you think…?

This time, I summarized the appearance drama and support advertisement of Song Gun now!

In Japan, I am looking forward to the future activity of Song Gun, Korea.♪


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