[Super valuable] Interview with "Minatosaki JAPAN", which everyone knows TWICE fans! To the truth of Minato sticker and the super valuable backstory of TWICE


Speaking of super famous ONCE among TWICE fans (ONCE)"Minatozaki JAPAN"Mr. Miss!

Have you ever seen the account of "Minatosaki JAPAN" and the actual tweet once?

That should be the case, "Minatozaki JAPAN" is a famous TWICE fan as "Sanapen (Sana -chan fan)".More than 180,000 Twitter followersAs a super famous ONCE that boasts, TWICE information and Sana -chan information are transmitted at the forefront!

The sticker written as "Minato" is super famous among ONCE,Sana himself has also been certifiedSo, the Sanapen who has a "Minato" sticker to the penlightI think many people have seen it ^ ^

This time, we interviewed "Minatosaki JAPAN" and deeply deeply used various things!

I was able to hear a lot of valuable stories about the amazing facts and valuable fansa stories of "Minatozaki JAPAN", and the secret stories about "support advertisements" released in the Yunica Vision for the first time in TWICE 2 years of Tokyo (^○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ^)

By all means, I would be grateful if everyone would be rediscovered the appeal of "TWICE" through the contents of "Minatazaki JAPAN" and would like to continue to support TWICE as "ONCE".♪

What is "Minatozaki JAPAN"?

"Minatosaki JAPAN" has been sent to Twice information and valuable information of Sana through Twitter with the account name "Minatazaki JAPAN"!

If you haven't seen it yet, you can enjoy the valuable information of TWICE, so please follow and see.♪

✭Minatozaki JAPAN's Twitter isHere

If you look at such a unique tweet, many people think "in Kansai?", But in fact ...I'm from Fukuoka prefecture! (^O^)

It seems that the Kansai dialect has also passed because many ONCE people from Kansai! (Smile)

In addition, "Minatozaki JAPAN" is working without revealing his real face despite the number of Twitter followers over 180,000.

There, there

I want to send you the splendor of TWICE, including Sana -chan, rather than an account that sends yourself!

It seems that there is a strong desire to work on Twitter, and there are times when I receive questions about Minatosaki JAPAN, but I do not answer much.

Also, do you know the origin of this "Minatosaki JAPAN"? ^ ^

Sana -chan's real name is "Sakae Minatosaki", and her last name is the name of her real name and Japanese Sanapen!

It seems that some followers called the reason why she was called "Japon" instead of "Japan", but the way it was called has penetrated so far.Completely influenced by Mercury's videoYou said that (≧ ∇ ≦) lol

Nowadays, the name "Minatazaki JAPAN" has completely penetrated in ONCE, but in fact, there were facts about the facts and activities of "Minatosaki JAPAN", which I still don't know!

So, let's get a deeper "Minatosaki JAPAN" from here!

[Question Q & A to be worried about] 7 things I want to ask Minatosaki JAPAN!

From now on, we will introduce the information of "Minatosaki JAPAN" that everyone is worried about and the secret story of the valuable TWICE members in a conversation format.♪

If you look at this, you will be able to learn more about the passion of "Minatozaki JAPAN" and the fans of TWICE members. I think (^○^)

When is TWICE fans? What made you become a Sanapen?

Senil staff: When did you like TWICE and Sana -chan?

Minatozaki JAPANSIXTEENI like it since then! I always like TWICE from there. I love her charm in nature that Sana -chan hasn't played and her charm and nobody wearing it, so it's a good place.♪

Senil staff:understand~! The members of TWICE are perfect not only to looks, but also to the contents ...

Minatozaki JAPAN: That's right! If you really start talking about TWICE, you won't stop! I can tell for 4 hours(Smile)

Minatozaki JAPAN: But originally, Momo -chan's face was a type!

Senil staff:Huh~! Really? !

Minatozaki JAPAN:That's right! but,"As we repeated SIXTEEN, the charm of Sana who is naturally as it is and the charm of Sana who appears as it is.I got it (laughs)


What is your favorite song?

Senil staff: There are many TWICE songs and it may be difficult, but what is your favorite twice song?

Minatozaki JAPAN: This is a professor"Fancy"is!

Senil staff:Ah~!"Fancy"! !

Minatozaki JAPAN:but,"During the activities of "Fancy", it was a difficult time for Sana -chan.

Senil staff:That's right···

Minatozaki JAPAN: This is my first time seeing Sana -chan who is so shy ... I was sad to see, so "I have to go now and encourage me!I flew to Korea the next day without hesitation!

Senil staff:Huh~! ! very···!

Minatozaki JAPAN: I went to see the music program "M COUNTDOWN" as an audience. She was close to her seat and was the first, so she met Sana -chan, and she wanted to tell her that she was a little behind me, "I'm here."

Minatozaki JAPAN: In that sense,"Fancy" is not a good memory, but there is also a feeling that "I wanted to see the performance of Sana -chan", and it is a song with a strong feeling.


How did you decide to send information on Twitter?

Senil staff: What made you decide to send information on Twitter first?

Minatozaki JAPAN: I thought I wanted to tweet, but she didn't want to get a buzz ... Sana -chan is looking at the amazing Twitter!

Senil staff:Huh~! Really? ! ! !

Minatozaki JAPAN:That's right! So, when Sana -chan was ego after the stage,First of all, anti -commentOutDon't you want to come?

Minatozaki JAPAN:that's why,I want only good things to be in Sana's eyes。 If I tweet a lot of Sana -chan's good points and the number of people who look at it increases, I think that the tweet will come up on the first time when Sana searches and will stay in her eyes ...

Minatozaki JAPAN: It's also the concept of this Twitter,"I want to show Sana something better than bad."

Senil staff: ・ ・ ・ ・ ・ ・ ・ (Applause is too impressed)

Minatozaki JAPAN: In addition, I think that it will be a catalyst for others to think that Sana is cute! In fact, ONCE sometimes says, "I saw Sana -chan after seeing Japon's tweet!"

Senil staff: It's too cool ...! It's really ONCE mirror! !

Minatozaki JAPAN: Did you talk such a good story? ! (Laughs) (laughs) (laughs)

Senil staff: I was really impressed ... (laughs) (laughs)

Why did you create a famous "Minato" sticker?

Quote source

Senil staff: Speaking of "Minatozaki JAPAN", I think there is a sticker that says "Minato", which is famous in ONCE, but isn't it quite a candy stick (penlight)?

Senil staff: Is there a reason for creating the sticker?

Minatozaki JAPAN: The trigger is that you don't know who the twice fan is in the first place?

Senil staff:surely! is that so!

Minatozaki JAPAN: Yes, I don't know who the pen is, even if I'm waving a candy stick, soI want to let the twice in knowing who the pen ...

Minatozaki JAPAN: Sana -chan himself is aware that the person wearing this sticker is his own fans, so I made it because I distributed this sticker and wanted to know that everyone was a Sanapen!

What are you glad to be active?

Senil staff: What have you been doing most in various activities so far?

Minatozaki JAPAN:on second thoughts,Sana -chan authenticated the support we cameIs it!

Minatozaki JAPAN: Sana -chan gave me the actual support in the photo, and that was the fact that Sana -chan made the image uploaded on Twitter as "BUBBLE (paid message app)". !

Senil staff:Huh~~! ? ? ? That's amazing! ! !

Minatozaki JAPAN: Moreover, the size of the image is not matched, and again on Twitter, I re -tweeted with the image, saying "Sana -chan is strange, so use this image!"Immediately after seeing the tweet, Sana changed her standby

Senil staff:? ! ! ! ! Isn't it too great? !

Minatozaki JAPAN: It's amazing ... Sana -chan is looking at such details, I thought it was amazing, and I liked it more and more! ! (≧ ∇ ≦)

* Here is the actual tweet! !

Senil staff: After all, all TWICE members, including Sana, are really fans ...

Minatozaki JAPAN: That's right! In addition, when the Tokyo Dome Concert "#Dreamday" was two years ago, "Let's wave with the audience", we waved the lighting in the venue and waved, and everyone's lights. But it didn't look beautiful at all ...

Minatozaki JAPAN: So, after tweeting on Twitter after the LIVE, "If you turn off the lighting at the venue, it will look more beautiful", Sana -chan said "Sana -chan" "again at the live the next day.Excuse me! If you are lighting, can you get the light of the venue a little darker?You said!

Senil staff:Huh~! ! Are you watching the Twitter of the fans during the live performance? ! !

Minatozaki JAPAN: That's right! Please make a correction immediatelySana is watching the fans properly ...I thought.

Minatozaki JAPAN: Support for Senil Cafe and Senil advertisingActivitiesI'm doing it almost aloneSo, there are a lot of honest things, but after all Sana -chan himself can see it, and when she is pleased, I'm glad she was active.


What was the most happy thing about Fanza from Sana?

Senil staff: What was the most happy thing about Fanza from Sana in the past?

Minatozaki JAPAN:Huh~? What I was happy to be ... what ...

Senil staff: There are many (≧ ∇ ≦)

Minatozaki JAPAN: I'm worried ...Previously, when there was a Halloween fan meeting in Korea, Sana took a picture with her own mobile phone.Is it!

Senil staff: It's too great ... I'm so enviable! !

Minatozaki JAPAN: At that time, I went with Mercury, but it was a mysterious three shots of Mercury, me and Sana (laughs) (laughs).

Minatozaki JAPAN: The Korean live was close and it was very fun and it was the most happy!


What are the promoting events you want to do in the future?

Senil staff: Are there any promotion events you want to do in the future?

Minatozaki JAPAN: Well, I've been doing a lot of events so far, so I'm thinking about what to do next ...

Minatozaki JAPAN:butAs long as "TWICE" exists, I would like to continue celebration etc.!I want to do an event that will be pleased by ONCE, not just twice ...

Minatozaki JAPAN: It's good that many people were pleased with the support advertisement at the "Unica Vision" commemorating the Tokyo Dome Concert for the first time in two years!

Minatozaki JAPAN: I would like to do an event where the Corona calms down and gets gathered together, and an event where ONCE will be watching each other (^○^).

Senil staff: That's really good! ! Please let me support you! (Smile)

Topic on TV! Tokyo Dome Memorial "Support Advertising" Secret Story for the first time in 2 years

From here on, we will introduce the "support advertisement" that "Minatozaki JAPAN" commemorated for the first Tokyo dome concert in two years!

Senil advertising Agency JAPANIt is a volunteer project by "Minatozaki JAPAN"TWICE Tokyo Dome Memorial MovieWas aired on April 24 at Shinjuku Unica Vision.

At first glance, many people gathered and nailed to support advertisements, despite the unfortunate weather, to see the "support advertisement" on the second day of the live on the second day of the live. bottom!

Quote source

Minatozaki JAPAN

That Unica Vision was so impressive when viewed raw!

I think that the powerful image of Unica Vision, which is seen raw, has left the impression of many people (^○^).

What triggered this wonderful volunteer projectOriginally, in Korea, it will be held liveAs a celebrationRice flower wheels"RiceCustoms to giveThere is a fanThere is the most common activity that will be performed by.


Therefore5 years ago, Japan's ONCEWith Japanese ONCEIt seems that he was planning to launch "Yone Hanawa" and raised volunteers.

However, because the application did not pass and it was not selected as a lottery,It seems that he could not give a "rice flower ware".

After that, he thought that he would want to release support advertisements in Korean traffic advertisements in the donation that gathered, but at that time it was difficult to advertise from Japan to South Korea, and there were few Senil advertising agencies. For five years, the donation from Japanese Once remained for five years.

So, this time, a common friend who kept the money told Minatosaki JAPAN, saying, "Can I do something with this donation 5 years ago?" In the trigger

We are looking for ONCE people who will cooperate with this donation and volunteers this timeIt would be great if I could give a support advertisement together

It seems that this volunteer project was born!

In that sense, this "support advertisement" is

All ONCE (ONCE that is pursuing TWICE now and ONCE that have been pursuing the past)


"This support advertisement was a very meaningful advertisement because the reaction was great, and I was able to report this activity to ONCE five years ago!"

that's what he said.

Listening to this story, I was very impressed by the fact that the people of ONCE were not only passionate about TWICE, but also the relationship between ONCE and the support of TWICE in cooperation with each other.

Mercury is also involved in video production,You will be overwhelmed by the greatness of video technology (^○^)

The fact that the Japanese ONCEs were united and the advertisement to celebrate the Tokyo Dome Concerts for the first time in TWICE 2 years is so meaningful that it is a long memory for "TWICE" and "ONCE". I think it has become a remaining "support advertisement"!

In fact, the "support advertisement" at this Unica Vision was also featured in information programs and so on.♪

From now on, I hope that everyone will support and excite TWICE through various recommended activities (^○^).


Until now, we have introduced the super valuable interviews of Minatozaki JAPAN and TWICE's "support advertisement" issued by volunteer projects. How was it?

This time, through interviews with Minatazaki JAPAN, what is the most important thing in supporting the idols of what should be as a fan or what can be done as an idol as a fan on "promoting idols". It was a very valuable experience!

especially,Go to Korea for a painful idolI don't think that action is so easy.

Nevertheless, I was very impressed by the ability to go to Korea with a strong heart, "I want to give Sana -chan.""Idol" and "fan" are really ""Relationships while supporting each otherI felt it again!

In addition, Minatosaki JAPAN's feelings that I want to be pleased not only with TWICE but also for ONCE people is very impressive.

Thanks to the idols, they value the exchanges between fans they met.I was very impressed by the fact that I was creating a community where I was able to share my thoughts with people with the same thoughts as ONCE.

I think that this "TWICE Tokyo Dome Memorial Movie" support advertisement, which was given in the form, was a valuable memory for both ONCE and TWICE.

This time, support advertisement planned by Minatozaki JAPANI was able to hear a lot of passion about Sana and TWICE, and "ONCE mirrorI was impressed during the interview (^-^)

In the futureWe Senil Advertising Agency JAPANI would like to provide a variety of support for such fans!

Thank you very much, Minatozaki JAPAN who was happy to accept this interview project.


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