(10.1 update) [Galpla] Girls Planet 999 Latest order! ~ Introduce the practice student / performance of the large attention ~


Korean audition program "Girls Planet 999: Girl Festival" finally started!

Global Girls Group Debut Project "Girls Planet 999: Girl Festival" has finally started broadcasting Japan, Korea, Korea, and 33 people from China, who were already topiced before the start of the broadcast.♪

It is familiar with the nickname of "Galpla"♪

This time,I would like to introduce the popular practice students and attention performance of the great attention "Girls Planet 999: Girl Festival"!

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Please give me your line registration as well as♪


Girls Planet 999: What is a Girl Festival?

Topic Girls Planet 999: Girl Festival, but what kind of audition is it?

We will introduce the content of the audition!


Girls Planet 999: What is a Girl Festival?

 Girls Planet 999: Girl Celebration, 99 participants from Japan, Korea, China, "Global Girls Group Debut", take into the virtual space "Girls Planet",

It is a survival audition program, which determines the debut member through training and missions that will become global idol in the world.

It is only nine people who can grab the dream of debut, within 99 exercises.

Voter voting is also conducted in debut membership decisions!

The voting results are reflected in the 60% of the Korean region, and the other global region 50%, and all aggregated votes are converted to the score and applied!

K-POPThe original member of the idol "CLC", Kishida Lilica and Sakurai Iii who participated in Che Yujin and Nizi Project also appeared♪

It is the highest level of luxury member of history ^ ^


How to watch & vote

Galpla Girls Planet 999 Girls Plastic Network Viewing Method


How to watch

Video Delivery Site "ABEMA" Every Friday 20: 20-

ABEMA "Girls Planet 999: Girl Festival" is here


How to vote

1 Download the UNIVERSE app

2 Terms of Service Terms and Conditions etc. Enter the date of birth

3 Google / Facebook / Apple / Twitter / LINE account linked with one of them Login

4 Nickname input

Enter 5Universe!


Voting period

1st Voting Cell Vote (End)

2nd votes-Personal vote 

Terms-order voting-Details will be announced

Voting can be voted by app once a day. It will be reset at 0 o'clock every day and can vote.

UNIVERSE page is here


What is the latest rank of girls (practice students)?

First of all after the first votingWe introduce basic information & profile of girls (practice students) selected as "Planet TOP9"!

(2021.9.7 points)

※ Please note that it is not a debut confirmation member.


1st place Shen Chaotin

Galpla Girls Planet 999 Girls Plastet Section Shen Shahotin


  • 【Name】 Shen Chaotin
  • [Age] 21 years old
  • 【From】 China
  • [Height] 168 cm
  • [Hobby] Movie appreciation
  • 【Special skill】 Dance


Cheng Chaotin, who boasts the ability and appearance of Chinese practice student No. 1♪

She is a body type like a model of 168 cm, with her leadershipShe is not a non-office, fans and other exercises, and she seems to be a topic that "the center looks".

From the Chinese audition program "Creative 2020", Shootin, who was previously high-attention than before ^ ^

On the program, she dropped off, but "I want you to make a debut this time" a fan of fans say more to her chest!

2nd place Kawaguchi Yuri


Galpla Girls Planet 999 Girls Plastic Network Viewing Method


  • 【Name】 River Kawaguchi
  • [Age] 22 years old
  • [From] Japan
  • [Height] 165 cm
  • [Hobby] Music appreciation
  • [Special skills] Glu / song / dance / calligraphy / flute


The Ryana Kawaguchi who won the first place to commemorate in the first viewer vote ^ ^

> It seems that a total of 83 countries in a total of 83 countries in a total of 164 countries that won 44446,387 points and participated in the global vote!

Mr. Kawaguchi has a feat of the 14th All Japan National Beautiful Girl Contest Acting Division Award Winner, and she has been active as an activity or an actress or model in the Girls Group, "X21" ...!

I fascinated fans around the world, and I can't get my eyes from Kawaguchi Yurina, who has won the first place in the first audience poll!


3th Sakamoto Mai


Galpla Girls Planet 999 Girls Plastic Network Viewing Method


  • [Name] Mai Sakamoto
  • [Age] 21 years old
  • [From] Japan
  • [Height] 153 cm
  • [Hobby] Playing with a cat / walk
  • 【Special skill】 Cooking / Dance / Boiling


Former JYP practice student with certain ability and cute visualMai Shimoto who has♪

She was her practice to work towards his debut as a candidate student of the topic group ITZY in Korea, but it seems that the debut in her JYP did not come true ...

Once she returned to Japan, she thought other ways thinking, but she said, "I do not want to give up yet" she joined her this auditionShe is ...!

Mr. Sakamoto, who works hard hardly! I want you to grab this chance absolutely! ^ ^


4th Ezaki Hikaru

Galpla Girls Planet 999 Girls Plastet Terms Ezaki Hikaru


  • [Name] Hikaru Ezaki
  • [Age] 17 years old
  • [From] Japan / Fukuoka
  • [Height] 154.5 cm
  • 【Hobby】 Relax at the hot spring
  • [Special skills] eating delicious / lap


Hikaru Ezaki, who is too good to use expression and body!

She appeared as Japanese No. 1 practice student, she is fascinated by her "overwhelming skills that tells the effort",Isn't there anyone who became her fan?

She was a petite, and even an adult and colorfulness that does not seem like a working high school student, and he received high evaluation from the master.

She belonged to the Avex Artist Academy Fukuoka School at the time of primary schoolchild, and there is now a accumulation of her efforts from that time♪

It is expected that her efforts flowers continue to bloom!


5th Tokyo Jujin

Galpla Girls Planet 999 Girls Plaste Locations Che Yujin


  • 【Name】 Che Yujin
  • [Age] 25 years old
  • [From] Korea
  • [Height] 164 cm
  • [Hobby] Pilates / Movie appreciation
  • [Special skill] Japanese


Members of the Girls Idle Group "CLC"So, among Galpla participants, sister team's Che Yuzin!

It is an impression such as a lovely character, with her natural atmosphere and a favorite character.♪

"CLC" activities are uncertain, and she joined this audition.

She said "Bubble POP!", "Bubble Pop!"

I want you to make a debut even for fans for their own ^ ^


6th Sue Luichi

Galpla Girls Planet 999 Girls Plasties Sue Leut


  • 【Name】 Sue Luichi
  • [Age] 21 years old
  • 【From】 China
  • [Height] 165 cm
  • 【Hobby】 Game
  • 【Special skill】 Dance, song, wrap


A popular person with charisma and a viewer vote in Japan, the topic Sue Luuchi, who won the first place♪

She seems to have been from "Creating Sakai 2020" as Shane Chaotin, and it seems to have had a fair popularity.

While having her girl crashed chicken, there is also the kindness of moving for everyone, her funny she is a popular person from her practice but also from her practice students ^ ^

Visual good luck, good power, her fans of good character are more and more!


7th Fan Sinchao


  • 【Name】 Fan Shinshio
  • [Age] 22 years old
  • 【From】 China
  • [Height] 168 cm
  • [Hobby] Writing a diary / playing with a dog / challenge new things
  • 【Special skill】 Song / lyrics / notes


 A fan-shaoo with a beauty that only says that it is a beautiful girl!

She is good at writingThe past that won a newcomer award in one of the largest music awards in ChinaThere is.

She's written by Sinchao, her lyrics strongly resounded in her 's heart, she is currently one of the most expected new artists in China ^ ^

AgainHer Japan debut in a single "Ao Mushi" in her 2018doing.

I found a videos that I could see the fluent Japanese and a beautiful singing voice attractive van Shinshio could see the video ↓, so let's see it by all means ^ ^

Ao Mushi-Fan Cynsho


8th place Zi Bean

Galpla Girls Planet 999 Girls Plasties Locations Zi Bean


  • [Name] Zi Bean
  • [Age] 26 years old
  • 【From】 China
  • [Height] 165 cm
  • 【Hobby】 Cart Riding / Skating / Bungee Jump
  • 【Special skill】 Dance / Boys Group Cover Dance / Wrap


Tei Bean, popular in Europe countries♪

Destination practice student with mysterious charmIt is attracting attention as ^ ^

She seemed to have been working hard in 2015 by the former exercise of Korean entertainment office Jerryfish and working hard to make her debut!

She is in July 2020 in China,KsgirlsI made a debut in the idol group.

This group is not clear whether it is currently active,Mr. Zi VineIt may want to have a debut in Korea!

She wish her dream come true ...! Let's support you all!


9th Kim Che Hyun

Galpla Girls Planet 999 Girls Plastic Network Viewing Method 


  • 【Name】 Kim Che Hyun
  • [Age] 19 years old
  • 【From】 China
  • [Height] 168 cm
  • 【Hobby】 Dance / Movement / Guitar
  • 【Special skill】 Vocal / DIY / Japanese


A colorful feeling of transparency is a topic between fansKim Che Hyun♪

Former SM practice students, the practice life period is six years! The dance of the dance and the song cultivated in her long practice ruling was very high. ^ ^

At the time of the first mission, the behavior of caring members was great and even more praised from Japanese members.

Gentle Kim Che Hyun, who also serves as the ability. I want you to further give me a more order from now on!


Performance collection that became a topic

 Girl who continues to challenge the mission!

We will introduce the performance that became the topic here once ^ ^

I tried to collect videos with many players from the performance videos of the girls who are released by MNET on YouTube♪ 


7.46 million times play! Performance by all exercises♪


Girls Planet Japan Korea 99 girls


8.70,000 times play! K Group (Korea Group)'s youngest performance!

쳐쳐 - 포포닛

Kang Yeso / Gin Maya / Kim Sain / Lee Chayun


7.1 million times play! Performance that he has seen with overwhelming team power!

ICE Cream-Black Pink

Kim Dayon / Guin Maya / Shui Nienze / Woo Tummy / Pond Ayuku Aoi /

Chain Sinway / Aya Kishita Flower / Fujimoto Aya / Hunin Bahie

Play 6.7 million times! J Group (Japan Group) A performance that the upper layer is collected!

붐바야 -Black Pink

Sakai Yanaka / Hikaru Ezaki / Uemale Kotone / Kagori


5.7 million times play! Members with Masters with Masters!

How You Like That-Blackpink

Norinabi Vivian / Lee Yong Kyung / Yurina Kawaguchi / Seo Youngheun / Shen Chaotin / Mei / Cho Yuzine / Zi Bean


5.5 million times play! A group that won the throne with the teamwork you have cultivated!


Okuma Li / Kim Rim / Mar · Yurin / Yamatsunaka Young Young Rena / Ho Ji Won / Giai /

Kuwahara Ayana / Kim Che Hyun / Lee Iman


Play 3.9 million times! Ehime is too cute! Stage that became a topic!

예쁘예쁘 세븐틴

Pond Ryuku / Kim Yeaune / Riu Sea / Jiah Taimoto Kotone / Guin Mayya /

Yan Zouga / Murakami Love / Lee Yougi / Go Ujo


Play 4.4 million times! Overwhelming performance showing TOP9 members

EXO_ 야야

Ezaki Hikaru / Soo Leutchy / Jung Jiyun / Kim · Soo Young / Hoo Yanin /

Yunaka Yunaka / Young Young / Shui Laway / Kagoji

3.5 million playback! Attractive explosion of adult women!

마 피 아 아 아 아 아 t ((((((((있있)

Mai Sakamoto / Hyo Ji Won / Hu Yanin

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