Finally, Big Bang comes back for about 4 years! What is your current member? What is the new song?

ついにBIG BANGが約4年ぶりにカムバック!現在のメンバーは?新曲は?

Finally, finally, that bigbang played a camback for the first time in about four years on April 5!

I think there are many voices that "I wait for waiting! ^ ○ ^)

It is also necessary, and if the YG entertainment of the affiliation office will release the release poster that announces the new song announcement of "BigBang" to the official blog,

 "BigBang" Word will reach the first place of Twitter world trend without one hourAnd, for such a sense of presence, and what kind of fans were waiting for♪

So, this timeWe will explain the "BigBang" whirlwind that the "BigBang" whirlwinds are coming up again, such as their wonderfulness and new song "Spring-Summer Fall Winter (Still Life)"!

Members Introduction

From here, we will introduce the members of BigBang who played back again!

By all means, let's re-discover the attractiveness of the members, and let's support future activities♪ 

G-DRAGON (Side Lagon)

  • Honjo: Kwon Jyon
  • Date of birth: August 18, 1988
  • Blood type: type A
  • Special skill: wrap, lyrics, dance,
  • Beat box

  Bigbang's leader, features his own stylish high watch wrap!

He also makes vocals, lyrics / composition / arrangements / choreography, such as a multi-player that does not work in general♪

Besides, G-DRAGON produces all BIGBANG from music to styling.

also,Jiyon Yong, a real name, has the meaning of "dragon", and the name "G-DRAGON" is coming from there (^ ○ ^)

And the famous G-DRAGON fashion style!

In Korea, it is also known as a trend setter of a rean-like trend so that a lot of famous fashion magazines are also picked up, and his hairstyle and fashion are always attention.

SOL (Sol) 

  • This name: Ton Yongpe
  • Date of birth: May 18, 1988
  • Blood type: type B
  • Special skill: song, dance, lap,
  • English, Japanese

BigBang is in charge of the main vocals!

Dark and sweet voice is characteristic,SOLHis unique dance style is a longing of Korean performer♪

In addition, the name "sol" seems to have taken the activity name in Korea and Teyan, "sun" means "sun"!

 Sol is also good at English and good at Japanese.

Other,He was a big topic that he was first married and daddy members in Bigbang members.♪

D-Lite (Dilite) 

  • Main Name: Can Deson
  • Date of birth: April 26, 1989
  • Blood type: O type
  • Special skill: song

 D-Lite is responsible for BigBang's vocals!

Like a person, it is characteristic of the singing voice that resonates with a strong and warm heart♪

Soulful vocal work that leverages the size of the range has the ability to move the hearing person's heart.

In addition, it comes from the English "DELIGHT", such as entering the name "D-LITE", and it is also possible to say "always bright"!

As the name,Even though the recording is very stoicing, such as the recording, even though it is very stoic, it is also famous as a mood maker who does not want to smile.♪

He has also appeared in variety program regular and musical "CATS" since 2008, and starts activities as a solo shinger (^ ○ ^)

T.O.p (Top) 

  • This name: Cho Seung Hyun
  • Date of birth: November 4, 1987
  • Blood type: type B
  • Special skill: wrap, lyrics, beat box

 Bigbang is responsible for lap T.o.p!

It is characterized by a powerful lap that has a husky bass♪

He is an active part of the BigBang member and is also active as an actor "Cho Sun Hyun".

The name "T.O.p" means "TOP" at the summit, and SE7EN, the office senior, is named!

In addition to BigBang's activities, the evaluation as an actor is also high, and "the battle of the war" is also a "Blue Dragon Film Award" to be called the Korean Academy Award. ^ ^

On the other hand, in 2017, we made a noise due to cannabis suction, and the YG entertainment of the affiliation office has also clarified the end of the contract with T. O.p, along with the releases announced this month.

He himself"New songs include messages about why I leave BigBang and what you want to convey to fans."

It is also a topic that it suggests that you can leave the group with this camback.


"I do not want to say it's the end, but it seems to take a long time to come back as BigBang T. O.p."

Also talk,The relationship between group love and members is not changing, so there is also a possibility of retraction, so I would like to pay more to future actions!

What is the most popular Bigbang?

Not only music production, as well as BIGBANG that consists of his own hand from dance makeking to live production!

 The name "BigBang" means a large explosion that caused the birth of the universe.

As the name implies, he made a debut in Korea in 2006, and has updated hits in a hit song!

G-DRAGON lyrics and composer music "Lies" / "Last greeting", and the national big hit of "Haru Haru" announced in 2008 We established a position.

In addition, from 2007 to Asia, he won popularity in Japan since Japan's advancing in 2008, and June 2009,1st single "MY HEAVENI played a major debut in Japan♪

Then,Gold Artist Award and "The 42nd Nippon Neighboring Grand Prize Best Newcomer Award" and "the 51th Japan Record Grand Prix Best Newcomer Award", also received a number of awards in Japan (^ ○ ^)

In 2012, in 2012, 455,000 people in all six cities, including Osaka and Fukuoka 3 major dome performances, and from the next year 2013 to 2014, the first 6 major countries in the history of overseas artists Dome to dome tour and made approximately 800,000 fans in all performances!

It is also known as an artist who is proud of the popularity of monster class♪

Such attractions think that they can not speak ...

This time,I would like to explain the attraction focusing on BigBang's "Live Performance" and "Fashion" (^ ○ ^)

Powerful live performance

After all, it is a powerful "live performance" with the attraction of BigBang!

Various, I'm creating live performance on a stage, and the performance of the pool unique to BigBang is not a bird-to-see person (^ ○ ^)

This is a live video actually held in Japan, and is the performance of "Fatastic Baby", a representative song of BigBang!

 A lot of "Ad lib" that can only be heard is a lot of live, and a luxurious live production that incorporates water splashes, fans' cheers and a sense of stages that sense♪

Also, I think the live song voice has exceeded the sound source level of the music and is a valuable live performance with a special sense ^ ^

Besides, I think that the fun talk corner and fans are a special time that only the fun talk corner is likely to be able to taste only live, such as saying the BigBang members unfold, "this person's entertainer?"

Bigbang, who has come back as a new system, will you be excited from now on how to show a great power live in the future? (^ O ^)

Impact fashion

Even in the fashion industry, BigBang who is paying attention!

Speaking of BigBang's fashion, it will be a topic in a fairly impactful fashion if you look at it once♪

Surrounded by the Paris Men's Collection, surrounded by media media, LVMH Moe Hennessy Louis Vuitton's investment fund L Capital Asia is invested in September 2014, etc.

We have attracted attention in the world's fashion industry before pretty♪

 Bigbang fashion has always attracted attention because it is difficult to wear with the styling of fur and decorations from the styles of primary colors and flashy patterns, with their own individuality and

Bigbang also goes to Tokyo's Select Shop from Japan Debuts, and is also a Japanese creative director,

"They are not wearing clothes. Fashion can not be a sake blade. Because it is a very serious technique, I think that the beauty is high and the investment has never been lonely, and there was an endless effort. You should follow the contents instead of

And BigBang is a great deal!

It is also the top of the Stylist team of the affiliated office YG entertainment, and the Director, who serves as a Bigbang style director,

"Artists are guided to be interested in fashion. Teach the name of the designer and explain the feature. Due to how much the artist himself accepts, it will change how to wear it."

I say.

Thus, the YG entertainment company style also affects BigBang's fashion!

Going forward, I would like to expect what BigBang will show what the state of the tip of BIGBANG♪


About new song "Spring-Summer Fall Winter (Still Life)

"Spring-Summer Fall Winter (Still Life), which became a new song for the first time in four years for BigBang

Did you listen to you anymore? ^ ^

 "Spring-Summer Fall Winter" is announced, and he won the first place in 33 countries and local iTunes rankings in the world of Japan, Japan iTunes, K-POP, and Pop Song Ranking 3 Division 1 It became a topic, such as becoming a position!

 "Spring-Summer Fall Winter" is a song that makes the transformation of the world with the music that compared to the four seasons, and a warm-hearth band sound is impressive.♪

Emotional music that expresses members thoughtful emotions in the lyrics looping life, MV is also moving to fans around the world, exceeding 40 million times with Youtube (^ ○ ^)

Bigbang also gives me not only fans around the world but also for junior idols!

 The junior idols, who are active, such as Winner, Ikon, Treasure, are published, and the new song "Spring Summer Fall Winter (Still Life) 's music video is exposed and attracted attention.

This video isIn Seoul, Song-Song (Hapjongondon), a Jujong Shoya's auditorium like a cinema, a junior juniors gather, and watching a new song "Spring-Summer Fall Winter (Still Life)" music videos There is a figure♪

Members of Winner, Ikon, Treasure, as well as the first four years of seniors Bigbang, who led the globalization of K-POP, and had a dream.

"Juniors and sponsored as a fan for a long time. It is an honor to be able to see the new song music video of the senior who has been drowned."

Stay,Some members show tears, such as fans around the world, are impressive as well as fans around the world!

In this way, Bigbang, who has a major impact, not only fans around the world, but also a major impact on the junior idols that are currently active (^ O ^)

Going forward, I am very looking forward to what kind of songs will deliver to us!


So far, I have introduced it again about BigBang who played a camback for the first time in about four years, but how was it?

It is true that BigBang, even though it is a long-awaited comback, it will be appreciated how much it is loved by fans around the world.♪

I would like to expect the success of BigBang from now on (^ ○ ^)

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