You can see the Korean school festival situation in 5 minutes! What is the time? Is an idol coming? How to get a ticket? 2023 Gakuen Festival information is also delivered♪


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In Korea, a school festival of a university was held in May, and there are many very exciting events.♪

Therefore, this time, we will introduce plenty of Korean school festival situation!

What is the Korean school festival?You're curious, right? !

What a concert where you can see gorgeous artists and idols for free at the Korean school festival ...?

Stage of idols that became a hot topic in the past &2023Annual school festival informationDon't miss the performer information! !

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Deliver the Korean school festival situation!

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The Korean school festival is "Lingering(Chukche)Is called "Student Association".

In Japan, the school festival is an autumn image,There are many universities in Korea in "May" ^^

In Korea, classes are held during the school festival, so it will be exciting from around the evening! !

If you think about the school festival, it seems to be fidgeting during class! (smile)

The school festival itself is very similar to the atmosphere of Japan, such as a stall open, and gifts and events are being held!

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It is surprising that you can drink alcohol at the school festival, and you can drink in school!

There is no sake at a convenience store near the schoolIt seems that there are many things (laughs)

Can you see idols at the Korean school festival? How to get a ticket?

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Speaking of Korean school festivals! ! It is famous for the stage where gorgeous artists and K-POP idols appear ^^

Maybe my favorite idol comes to my university? ! I'm excited just by thinking (;;)

So, let's take a look at the idol school festival that has become a hot topic in the past! !

SEVENTEEN Koma University (2019)


SEVENTEEN who appeared at the school festival at Koryo University in 2019!

It was a stage with a great excitement, performing SEVENTEEN's hit song! !

It seems that some people were lucky that the members approached and got Selka together ^^

LE SSERAFIM Sejong University (2022)


LE SSERAFIM, which just debuted last year, appeared at the school festival at Sejong University!

It was so popular that I couldn't imagine a newcomer, and the school festival was exciting!

IVE Sengokan University (2023)


It is IVE that excites the school festival held at the Seirokan University this year!

Fans who are enviable that "Ive will come to the school festival" one after another ...!

Appeared in the latest song "KITSCH", it is surprising to the cheers and shouts that seem to be a solo concert!


I want to go to the school festival where idols who are flirting now come! ! There are many people♪

But recently I want to see a gorgeous idol! There are many people, and some schools have a charged school and schools that have introduced ticket systems!

How to get tickets for Korean school festivals depends on the university, but "Have a current student get a ticket"Is the mainstream!

If you have friends at the school festival you want to go, why not ask by all means ^^?

May 2023 Korean school festival information! This year's appearance idol!

Seoul University

Gakuen Festival Date: 2023/5/11

5/11Performing artist:Itzy


Seikan University university

Gakuen Festival Date: 2023/5/11 ~ 5/12

5/11 Performing artist: Romantic punch, new boy, YB

5/12Performing artist:ItzyPsy


Hirasawa University

Gakuen Festival Date: 2023/5/11 ~ 5/12

5/11 Performing artists: Triple S, Ragebon, DJ Kwani

5/12Acting artist: Roy Kim,Heiz 

龜 龜 大 學 學 龜 龜 龜

Gakuen Festival Date: 2023/5/11 ~ 5/12

5/11 Performing artist: Ryu Soo John, IKON

5/12Performing artist: Woody,H1-keyy 

Obayashi University

Gakuen Festival Date: 2023/5/12

5/12Performing artist:OH MY GIRLZion.tBIG NAUGHTY

Busan University

Gakuen Festival Date: 2023/5/17 ~ 5/18

5/17 Performing artist: Kim Boms, OH MY GIRL

5/18Acting artist: Lee Mujin,STAY C 

Dankoku University

Gakuen Festival Date: 2023/5/16 ~ 5/18

5/17 Appearance artist: Hyooline, Limelight, Bibi, DRP LIVE, IKON

5/18Performing artist:LE SSERAFIM


Gakuen Festival Date: 2023/5/17 ~ 5/19

5/17 Appeared artist: So Subin, Ive, 10cm

5/18 Appearance Artist: Davichi

5/19Acting artist: Silica Gel,LeelamarzDynamic duo


This time, we delivered Korean school festival information!

It is a Korean school festival, which has many things in common with Japan, but a large concert that calls idols and artists was unique to Korea!

However, recently there seems to be a problem that tickets are exchanged at a high price to see luxurious artists ...

I hope that as many people as possible can enjoy the school festival concert (;;)

If you have friends in Korea, why not take them to the Korean school festival once? ^^

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