Why do KPOP sweep around the world? Consider the popular reasons by comparing Japan-Korea's Produce Law!


Now, KPOP idols who are very active not only Japan but also worldwide!

Why do you have successfully successed in the world, such as "BTS", "TWICE" and "Black Pink", and new stars such as "AESPA" and "ENHYPEN" are also active in the world, and are successful?

 KPOP Idols will consider the reason why KPOP idols from the world will be considered while comparing Japan-Korea's idol produce law♪

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I love that KPOP, why does KPOP popularity does not stop around the world, and we will explain while looking at Korean idol produce!

About Producing KPOP Idol

KpopThe idol is active around the world, and as a successful reason"Produce power"Get there!

Therefore, let's look at the produce method that the KPOP idol is actually successful ^ ^

Practice student system

 In this video, Takahashi Yuri who was active as AKB 48 in Japan has introduced the state of severe practice students who were going to idle debut in her Korea!

If you have an idle experience in Japan, we will introduce you to the debut in Korea, so you can understand the difference between Japan and Korea well♪

 In fact, even in the video, the "practice student system" is a Korean unique culture.

Also, KPOP idols are not only singing and dance skills during the practice life period,The goal is to be active in the world, and the language skills are also polished!

Even in the video,"English, Chinese, Korean, Japanese"I say that I am studying in the main.

Thus, Korean Idol Groups pass through the harsh path of "practice student", and deavores the age of pilots for many years!

Big Bang members G-DRAGON with lots of fans in Japan are debut through the age of practice for about 11 years ^ ^

In addition, Jihyjo, a popular Twice member, also has been debuts through a 10-year-4 month's practice life period!

Besides, NCT127 Johnny 9 years, RED VELVET Surugi has been a long practice life for many idols such as seven years.

Even if you have heard that the word "practice student" is actually, how can it be "practice student" ...?

Actually, as a step to become a practice student,You have to pass the audition of the office!

 It is also a hard work to be a practice student ...

Even if you're a practice student, you will be surprised at Korean idol culture that you have to pass the harsh way of "audition"!

And the audition to become a practice student is also said to be a narrow gate, and there are many people who receive it once, and there are many people who are dropped many times.

In this way, the idols who are active all over the world have also made a dream come true♪ 

KpopIdols areWhile aiming to be active in the worldBy spending a long exercise period,I think that performance power, humanity, language skills are acquired, leading to performance recognized from around the world!





Audition program

 Another way Korea has succeeded in idle produceIdol birth in "Audition program"Get there!

 This video isOn the Audition program held in the Japan-Korea simultaneous broadcast of Produce 48,Finally from viewer voting etc.For members of IZ * OneIt is introduced when selected!

Many K-POP Entertainment Office holds a variety of auditions to make new talent findings and global groups (^ ○ ^)

in this way,Method of acquiring fans before debut is also a characteristic of Korean idol produce♪

The fans look at the performance of the idol before the debut, decide and vote and support them between fans and idols"Fight together with the same goal"I think that a common feeling is created!

And, more fans can be attracted to the interest in earning many fans from before debut (^ ○ ^)

Also, the audition program has topic and SNS, etc., may be noisy from before debut!

In fact, "TWICE" and "IZ * ONE", and the topic "KEP1ER", etc. are also being born in the audition program♪



Successful self-promotion idols

Among the KPOP idols, there are many groups that work with dance, costumes, and stage production, etc.

The KPOP idol is not "a decided concept" but "the ability to cut with your own power" to make sure that fans around the world♪


So, this time, I actually succeeded in "self-promotion" and are active in the worldKPOP idolIntroduce♪


Now, BTS, which has a great popularity in the whole world, is a group that is working on all of music, dancing, visuals, etc.!

In particular, members SUGA joined the current office for producing.

for that reason,We are engaged in the lyrics and composition of various songs representing BTS so far, and are also active in solo.

We also offer song offerings and collaborations to other artists, and recently, it became a topic that I collaborated with Nishima TRIBE "Thirds J Soul Brothers From EXILE TRIBE"♪

In addition, members RM are also involved in many hits like SUGA!

 Recently, we made about half of the lap in "Butter", which is the full-hand English song, making use of your favorite language skills ^ ^

We also carry out your own "self-promotion" by ourselves, including members of Solo songs such as jungkook and jin.

BTS lines his individuality and passes through "self-promotion" and attracts fans around the world♪




As a 13-person Boys Group, SEVENTEEN debuted in 2015 is "voluntary production", such as producing albums, lyrics, composing, dancing, etc. from the time of debut!

The Uji of the member who is the Devi album "17 CARAT" is in charge of producing the lead vocals, and we also have a musical sense that does not seem like debut songs, will also be a debut song (^ ○ ^)

Members are in the debut showcase"We are making self-producing self-producing together with singing and choreography, so it is a true group that can be talked about."Talk to and told the attraction that can not be produced because they are "self-promotion"♪



Stray kids

The 8-person group STRAY KIDS debuted in 2018 is mainly a member of Ban Chan, chambin, and hanProducer unit called 3RACHA (Suroracha)However, we are writing and composing!

Besides, the vocals are pulledVocal Racha"" Pulling danceDance RACHAThere is also a group such as "^ ○ ^)

in this way,We divide the group in the group even in the group, and we are doing "self-promotion" which makes use of individuality with all members!

The STRAY KIDS song is characterized by the strength of the impact that can not be forgotten if the lyrics are very unique and listening once♪




Pentagon, who debuted in 2016, has all members worked with lyrics and composition, and all 10 works are completed with all 10 works from debut!

The survival audition program "Produce 101" aired in MNET last year was also a topic that the member's Hui worked on the writing song "NEVER"♪

Besides, Hui is a wanna one debut single "ENERGETIC (2017)","Composed dollar" (composition idol)It became a topic as a topic!

Also, her member's Kino is centered and thinking of dance of dance, and creates her unique world view with a story with a story that matches the song (^ ○ ^)



Difference between Japan and Korean Idol Group

So far, I have been looking for Korean idol produce, but what is different from the production method of Japan?

From now on, I would like to see the difference between Korean and Japanese idol produce♪

Global group existence


 In Korea, in order to create a group that can be active around the world, we will recruit from countries other than Korea and create a global group in an audition program.

By doing so, it is not only to make use of the strength of language, but can earn fans around the world, and may not be close to the group that will be worn more (^ ○ ^)

on the other hand,Japan is not much audition programs, and the small global group is also mentioned as a difference from KPOP idol.

Therefore, in Japan, if there is a group of Japanese members who belong among the K-POP idols, there may be a sense of closeness and it may be stronger (^ ○ ^)

How to think about idol


 The way of thinking about Korean idol"Professional Entertainment"There is a strong awareness.

Therefore, there are many practice spending and spending a lot of practice time and won the debut.

 "Because it is an idol, it's good if you're cute," in practice life, practice to be a professional level in all aspects such as songs, dancing, mental and coordination, etc.!

That's why not lead to perfect performance and fascinate fans around the world ^ ^

On the other hand, in Japan for idols"Still, immature and not perfect personnel"There is a trend to seek.

Even if you look at the fans, you will be able to support the idol with "amateur" in a good sense that you want to support the idol with a good sense, and it tends to have a lot of fans who want to support them together!

Japan's idol is"Friends" and "individuality" are required,The song is good at singing but I am not good at dancing, etc.

In this way, Japan and Korea are different from idol, so the attraction and performance of their debuts will also change (^ ○ ^)



Idol Culture of Korea brought to Japan

So far, Korean idols have been born, and what promoting people are attracting people around the world, this Korean idol culture is a little bit of Japan's idol birth It has an impact!

For example, "Nizi U" born in the "JO1", "INI", JYP entertainment and Sony Music, which were born in the Japan series of popular series Survival Audition "Produce 101" in Korea, and the Global Audition "Nizi Project" co-communicated Each of Japan, also increases the idol to debut through audition programs (^ ○ ^)

"Produce 101JapanIn ", the viewer and fans"National producer" Called, and producers in audition programs are expressed largely if they are viewers.

in this way,Even with audition programs in Japan, the mechanism was incorporated and converted into a mechanism that wins fans since before debut and won debut♪

In addition, the largest in JapanOne of the audition programsJYP Entertainment Representative J. Y. Park (Park Jignon) is not the Japan-Korea Joint Audition Program "Nizi Project" (^ ○ ^)

In "Nizi Project", Japan has been a topic that in Japan has come together with idle candidates before debut.♪

This will be ahead, and some audition programs are broadcast in Japan, and idols are born.

 As idle candidate students, a harsh practice training camp, the appearance of candidates is growing, and the audition programs that draw a variety of things, such as falling off the rivals, and many in Japan People are nailed and are topiced!

In this way, it will be appreciated that Korean idol culture has greatly influenced the process of idol's birth♪





 So far, I have been looking for Korean idol produce, but how was it (^ ○ ^)

You can see that you are attracting fans around the world with Korean-unique idol production methods such as the practice student system, audition programs, and self-produced!

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