What is the Got THE BEAT where the strongest members such as BoA and girls have gathered? ! How to read? What is the greatness of each member? Up to Instagram information and album songs♪

BoAや少女時代、aespaなど最強メンバーが集結したGOT the beatとは?!読み方は?メンバーそれぞれの凄さとは?インスタ情報やアルバム曲まで♪

Girls Avengers in the K-POP worldDo you know Got the Beat?

Fans are excited about Got THE BEAT, which debuted from SM Entertainment in January 2022 and returned for the first time in about a year!

The high -level performance of the members who have both ability and charismaticity must be said to be an artist of SM Entertainment ^^

This time, we will send you a special feature on Got THE BEAT with a comeback.♪

Please enjoy the debut song "STEP BACK" from the introduction of each member!

In addition, don't miss the shooting scenery and the latest mini album songs on Got THE BEAT's Instagram!

Let's approach the charm of Got the Beat!

What is Got The Beat?


GOT THE BEAT is a 7 -member girl group that debuted from SM Entertainment on January 3, 2022.♪

The members belong to Boa, girls' Taeyeon and Hyoyoung, Sulgi and Wendy of Red Velvet, Karina and Winter of AESPA.

Because the legendary members are in line, "Girls Group Avengers"The nickname!

The group name "Got The Beat" is said to be derived from Boa's "Girls on Top".

In the debut song "STEP BACK", it is a hot topic by showing a strong performance that has to be said to be one of the best members of SM Entertainment!

Also, for a woman trying to put his hand on him, "It is impossible to be reborn」「Go down, stupid woman!"And the lyrics with impact have also become a hot topic!

Let's take a look at how they came back in January this year.♪ 

Introducing the members in detail!


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Boa, the oldest member of Got THE BEAT and the center!

Many people may know that they were very active at the forefront of the KPOP boom in Japan since their debut in "ID; PEACE B" in 2000!

Due to the active Japanese activities, Japanese celebrities seem to be close to Aya Matsuura and Crystal Kay!

It is also famous for the outstanding ability and talent in any field of vocals, dances, and performances so that you have been jealous of others for a long time ^^

Because it is the oldest in Got The Beat, there is also one aspect that the members are playful so that they can easily understand.♪

Recently, it has become a hot topic to donate 100 million won to organizations that support the independence of protection children, and become a member of the "HONOR SOCIETY" gathering of expensive donors!


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Taeyeon, the leader of Got THE BEAT!

Taeyeon is a member of the girls' generation and is known as the highest vocal in Korea ^^

I often do solo activities, and the ephemeral worldview that can be created only by Taeyeon is popular.♪

Taeyeon has reached its 16th year of debut this year, but I don't know that its popularity will fall.

Taeyeon's "Killing Voice" released on YouTube recorded the second place in "2022 YouTube, the best popular video in Korea"!

After all, you can trust and listen to TaeyeonMany praise was received ^^

Hyo -yeon

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Got The Beat and Hyo -yong who are active as girls' generation!

In girlhood, he served as a main dancer, has a reputation for dancing since he was in elementary school, and appeared on TV ^^

I often conduct music activities and are also active as DJ HYO.♪

At SMTOWN, it became a hot topic to show off DJs before the performance!

Hyoyoung has a larger love for girls' generation than a person, and when he revived in a complete body last year, he seemed to be tearing with SMTOWN LIVE.

It seems that one of the members remained until the end of the dormitory, so I really love girls' age ^^


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Surugi is active as a member of Got The Beat and Red Velvet!

The topic is dancing, but it is an all -rounder with high ability as a vocal ^^

In addition, he is very good at painting and has a wealth of knowledge of painting!

Last year, we released the first solo album "28 Reasons" to show off its charisma.♪

It seems that he traveled to Sapporo for three days recently, and it has become a hot topic to share the trip on a personal Instagram!


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Wendy is active as a member of Got THE BEAT and Red Velvet like Surugi!

It is said to be the highest vocal among the third-generation K-POP idols, and the group is in charge of the main vocal!

Wendy, who has dreamed of a singer since he was 6 years old, can play musical instruments such as piano, guitar, flute, and saxophone!

Also, because it is bright and humorous, it is like a mood maker ^^

Wendy has a reputation for his personality, and the behavior that makes you feel a fan -thought -out aspect is also a hot topic!

At one point, he was worried about the fans who buy a lot of albums and said, "Don't buy many albums."

It seems that many fans were impressed by the words after understanding that the fans were buying multiple albums in order to apply for signing sessions and collect albums with different versions ^^


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Karina who is active as a member of Got The Beat and AESPA!

Speaking of Karina, it attracts fans with powerful dance and overwhelming charisma.♪

Too beauty of Karina with a different dimension visual "Is it CG?And rumors!

Such Karina is known for becoming a singer longing for her girlhood, and she is now active in the same group as her longing.Successful nerd"It is said that!

Fans who saw the reaction of Karina in front of her seniors from girls' age said, "The geek itself!"


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Winter is a member of Got THE BEAT and AESPA!

It is characteristic of a clear singing voice that passes well, and is in charge of the main vocal of the group.♪

When the debut member of AESPA was released, "Too cute!I am also a member who became the top topic ^^

There is a famous episode of fans in such a winter!

Winter handed a handwritten letter at the airport, spelling out his gratitude and letters to fans who always give a letter!

Fans who received a nice surprise letter share on SNS and have become a legendary episode among fans ^^

Looking back on 1st. Album "STEP BACK"! A practice secret story? !

"STEP BACK" released on January 3, 2022 is a debut song for Got THE BEAT.♪

It was unveiled for the first time at the SMTOWN LIVE in 2022, and the cool and impactful performance was focused on!

In addition, the stage is decorated with the aura and power that seems to be Girls Avengers, and many fans are captivated ^^

While the newcomers gathered for large veteran idols, the practice of practicing seriously while playing with Taeyeon's dog was also a hot topic!

There is a scene where BoA, the oldest, jokes and sofits the air, and the atmosphere during practice seems to be good.♪

In addition, it was impressive that everyone was having fun with the vocal practice and playing together!

Because it is a form of a new group different from the newcomer, I feel the dignity of the idols who have gained experience ^^

Digging Instagram! What is the background behind the shooting? !

The official Instagram of Got the Beat also has a photo behind the stage in addition to the concept photo of the album.♪

Let's also look at the valuable MV behind!

First of all, it is Taeyeon's behind -the -box photo dressed in unusual makeup and costumes!

There is an aura that is transmitted from the photos ^^

It ’s a two -shot of Boa and Hyo -Young♪

Are Hyoyoung trying to kiss? ! From the photos, you will be able to convey your good friends ^^

Furthermore, it is a photo of the Red Velvet pair.♪

In the group, Wendy and Surugi are young, but you can feel the dignity as an idol somewhere!

The last is Karina and Winter of AESPA who decides the pieces cute ^^

The atmosphere changes with costumes and makeup!

There are still many photos that I couldn't introduce this time on the official Instagram, so please take a look.♪

Camba for the first time in a year on January 16! Delivering the topic of album songs♪

Got The Beat came back on "STAMP ON it" on January 16, 2023!

I performed a new song on the SMTOWN LIVE broadcast on January 1st, and came back with power -up ^^

R & B hip -hop -based songs that make you feel the 90's, making it a cool song.♪

MV Commentary Video also talks about the situation during practice ^^

The practice room was a little hot because the BoA was very cold, and Surugi was practicing with a bright red face! (smile)

Since then, BOA has begun to wear long -sleeved trousers, and other members have said that they have been wearing sleeveless!

I'm glad to hear these precious beehind secret stories, right?♪


This time, we introduced Got the Beat, a project unit for SM Entertainment.♪

It is a group that is formed by a veteran to a rookie singer, so you can feel the history of SM Entertainment!

How was Got THE BEAT, which returned for the first time in a year?♪

You will fall in love with the concept of a group that symbolizes a strong and cool woman ^^

It is a fun group to see what kind of appearance will be shown in the future!

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