[Wait] Way V is finally a comeback! We will deliver the latest information and Kamba information of the members on Twitter and Instagram♪

【待望】Way Vがついにカムバック!ツイッターやインスタを深堀りしメンバーの最新情報やカムバ情報をお届け♪

What a NCT derivative unit "Way V"!

On December 28, I will come to Kamba for the first time in 1 year and 9 months♡

The previous 3rd mini album "Kick back"Camba since then! !

The name of this 4th mini album is"Phantom"(How to read: Phantom) ^ ^

So this timeWayzenni(How to read: Wayzni) (Wayv fans) and Way V have recently liked itA must -see!

Recommended to like Wayv moreWe will dig deeper into content, photos, and Kamba information.♪

Please take a look ^ ^

About Wayv

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First of all, I will briefly introduce the basic information of Wayv.♪

Wayv (how to read) is a 7 -member boys group that made its debut from SM Entertainment on January 19, 2019 ^ ^

If you are a K-POP fan, you have heard of the Boys Group NCT derivative unit that you have heard once!

The affiliation is SM Entertainment, but I am working under the management of the Chinese label "Label V"!

NCT sometimes works as a whole, but the basics are divided into NCT127, NCTDREAM, and Wayv,

Each has a group activity♪

The group name of Wayv is "Denjin V (reading: Waishen V)" in Chinese.

The meaning is "power like God" ^ ^

And it is famous that NCT is composed of multinational members!

Wayv is composed of members from China, Thailand, Hong Kong, and Germany.♪( ´▽`)

After all it is multinational because it is a derivative unit of NCT ^ ^

Wayv's debut song is "REGULAR"♪

This song is a song that covers the "REGULAR" of NCT127 in Chinese.♪

The debut song is a cover song! ? I think it was, but when I was singing in Chinese,

The atmosphere is completely different from the REGULAR sung by NCT127! !

Please listen to two sets of REGULAR and compare it.♪( ´▽`)

[Way V version]

[NCT127 version]

Deep on Twitter and Instagram! Introducing the latest information on Wayv members♪

From here on, we will introduce Wayv members along with videos and Instagram photos.♪


Kun was born in 1996 and is the eldest son of Wayv!

KUN is overwhelming everyone's mother♪

And among the NCT fans, NCT127's Jan, Tal, and Kun are said to be the members who want to get married ^ ^

As a man who wants to get married, there are content that three people are collected, so please see here.♪ During the blank period when Wayv's activities were not, they frequently perform Instagram and tell the fans about the status.

It is a very gentle kun for fans, such as collaborating with the members.♪​​


Ten is the first Thai member of SM Entertainment born in 1996!

I am also active as a member of the 7 -person Boys Group SUPERM that debuted in 2019 at SM Entertainment ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^

Speaking of Ten, it is a main dancer of Wayv, and the long cat face is attractive (´∀ `).♪

Ten from Thailand can speak Thai, Korean, English, and Chinese!

Wayv is a group that is mainly based in China, so Ten is a hard worker who studies Chinese on his own while talking with Chinese members!

Recently, I was studying Japanese, and I also performed Japanese on Instagram ^ ^ ^ ^

Contrary to the cut -out appearance, there are many charms, and his personality is very cute, so he is the most gap!

TEN's solo songs were released in October, so please take a look.♪


Winwin was born in 1997 and is a lead dancer, Redrapper!

Winwin is characterized by this overwhelming visual.♪

This visual is 180cm tall (*▽*)!

He was an actor in China, and appeared in two dramas and variety programs in China for about a year and a half until September this year, and performed in China!

I will also post the official poster of the drama "25 Hours Love" starring Winwin.♪

This is a love drama!♡

Let's look forward to the release♪( ´▽`)


Lucas is a Ladrapper born in 1999!

Lucas, like Ten, is also active as a member of the 7 Boys Group SUPERM!

The style and the visuals are the best, but Lucas is the most attractive.♪

It is a must -see for Wayzenni because the support of Lucas when men and women quarrel during a part -time job of a florist with Superm's stunning project.♪( ´▽`) Now that we are suspended, we are looking forward to Lucas who has returned ^ ^


Xiao Jun was born in 1999 and is the main vocal of Wayv♪

Xiao Jun, as well as beautiful visuals that came out of the anime, are still attractive to the beautiful singing voice!

Please take a look at the videos in South Korea's singer cover song and the content of singing your own songs.♪( ´▽`)  In addition, NCTU's "Make A Wish", which is also participating in Xiao Jun, is singing solo as it is solo!

Xiao Jun is bright and interesting, but the dog Bella fails the toilet on the floor in his room,

When the handle of the cupboard trying to open, it is often attacked by the misfortune, and the fans are being tampered with as "pitiful handsome" ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^

There is a gap with the visuals and the pitiful place is also interesting, and it is also the charm of Xiao Jun (*゚ ▽ ゚*).


Hendri is a Leidrapper born in 1999!

It was released in 2018 as SM Rookies (SM trainee) and made his debut in less than a year!

Hendry is a mysterious child among fans, so there is a nickname called "Dolly" (*゚ ▽ ゚*)

The fun is far beyond expectations, and the cuteness that is warm when you look at Hendry is attractive.♪( ´▽`)

It is a content of the concept of a workshop that NCT as a whole, and Hendry is very active and very interesting, so if you haven't seen it yet, it's a must -see!


Yan Yang is the main rapper born in 2000 and is the youngest of Wayv♪( ´▽`)

Yan Yang is a "THE Seno", which is loved by all the members!

I wonder if the singing voice is cute because of her cute appearance and personality, Yan Yang is a rapper and is really different on the stage ^ ^

The unit song "LOW LOW", which was released by Ten and two people, has the best compatibility between Yan Yang's rap and ten.♪

Introducing recommended content recommended♪


In this content, all members of Wayv are Disney Princess

It is the content of the concept that was invited as a princess to a member Winwin's birthday party ヽ (´ ▽ `)/♡

Disney Princess costumes that are too high quality, the members are the cuteness of the real princess class (T. T)♡ (Some princesses are too masculine, but lol)

In this content, each has become your character,

Everyone has a conversation as a princess all the time, but it's really interesting because it's a contest!

You can definitely laugh, so please take a look♪

There is a video that Wayzenni is edited with Japanese subtitles, so please look for it ^ ^

I will also post a cute photo of Wayv Princess.♪( ´▽`)


In addition, it is preparing and waiting for a pledge to become a princess separately from the main part! 

And there is also a dance video in the dress -up state, so please take a look at it ^ ^

NCT 24HR Relay Cam

This is the content conducted throughout the NCT, and all 23 NCTs are sorted 24 hours a day for 1 hour (23 people are in charge of 2 hours),

It is the content of turning the camera by turning the camera by individual ^ ^

The recommended point of this content is that you can see the members' daily life!

Moreover, since the time zone divides 24 hours by 23 people, there are naturally members who are in charge in the middle of the night or in the morning ^ ^ ^ ^

The appearance of the members in the morning is rarely seen, so it's also interesting.♪( ´▽`)

In addition, there are cats and dogs in the wayv dormitory, so even if you have pets, how to make music, eat a night snack, and how to brush your teeth, scenes and mustaches.

You can usually see a figure that you can't easily see♪

The place to shoot and what you do is completely different, so I'm worried about what kind of personality and way of speaking each member of Wayv!

If you are, please check out the Relay Cam of the members who are interested in ٩ ('ω') و








Hounter! Deliver Wayv comeback information!

Have you already checked the album Detail? ^ ^

This album includes six new songs, 8 songs, including Back to you and Lowlow, and are two forms of OVERTURE and Opera version!

The title song "Phantom" expresses "the will to win the adversity and difficulties in Phantom and win without being piloted by it!"

The enclosed items are CDs, postcards, bookmarks, clear mask cards, envelopes, and photo cards.♪

Postcards and photo cards are random for each member ^ ^

The opening of the album is exciting to see if you can push it or who will come out (゜ ∀ ゜)♡

This thrilling is also one of the real pleasures to buy an album.♪( ´▽`)

You can check the details of the album on the following official Twitter♪

And I will put the schedule poster up to Kamba and the TEASER image photo released one by one!

TEASER photos alone have a good visual, so you can expect more about the contents of the album ^ ^

Schedule poster

Teaser: Ten

Teaser: Xiaojun

Teaser: Yangyang

Teaser: Winwin

Teaser: Kun

Teaser: Hendery

 Finally, both members and Wayzenni have been waiting for the first comeback in one year and nine months!

Thanks to Wayv's Kamba, it seems that you can spend the best New Year holidays.♪

Everyone at Wayzenni and everyone who are concerned about Wayv are all this time.PhantomLet's enjoy the activity!


This time, I introduced Wayv that is a kamba after a long time.What did you think? ^ ^

 The blank period and the period when members worked in China for a long timeWayv,

With this Kamba, China, not only in Korea, but also in Japan next yearI hope you hold a concert!

I want Japanese fan clubs to open as soon as possible ^ ^

WAYV, which will be active in the future, and this Kamba"Phantom"EveryoneLet's excite and support you ٩ ('ω') و

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