TWICE special featured by Kamba & Tour! Deliver the latest information on albums and live♪Deeply digging about personal Instagram and Misamo that started full -scale!


It is no exaggeration to say that the KPOP Girls Group's Whirlwind has been a nine girl group TWICE.

In 2023, a comeback on the 12th mini album, and the activities of three Japanese members, Mina, Sana, and three peaches, "MISAMO".

Furthermore, the fifth world tour, ONCE (TWICE fan) announced a lot of fun until the announcement of the first stadium performance in Japan ('∀ `*)♡

So this timePersonal Instagram established by all members in May 2022, TWICE's first unit "MISAMO", and even the details of comeback and world tourWe will deliver it with a lot ( ^ ∀ ^)!

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What is TWICE?

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Here is a brief review of the basic information of TWICE♪

This is a nine girl group debuted from JYP Entertainment on the audition program "SIXTEEN" broadcast on Mnet in 2015 ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^

TWICE is not an exaggeration to say that all the songs to be released are popular.

The latest song from the debut song "Like OHHH-AHH" (as of March 2023) "TALK THAT TALK",

To 3 Japanese songs, to the first English single "THE FEELS"A total of 21 MVs have exceeded 100 million views! !

Updated the records of "100 million MV Most Most Most Most Most Most Most Operations" in women's groups worldwideAnd achieved a achievement!

 And in July 2022, twice ...

There is a temporary suspension of the members,While many ONCE (Twice fans) were thrilledIt was announced that all nine people had a re -contract ^ ^

It is a group that does not stop gaining momentum eight years after its debut ٩ ('ω') و

TWICE Member: There are also articles that focus on the charm of individuals.HerePlease check out♪

Deeply digging the personal Instagram of TWICE members

From here on, we will introduce recommended photos one by one from the individual Instagram of the members opened in May 2022 (´∀ `*).


"Idol world" "Rabbit face representative "It is not an exaggeration to say that, but in this photo, the rabbit feeling is emphasized with pink cheeks and fluffy hats.♡


John Young is the strongest visual with cute and coolness.

John Young often posts Celka on Instagram, but it's true that the entire screen is made up of the face (´ ▽ `)


Momo isThe first Japanese to exceed 10 million Instagram followersDid!

It will post cute photos frequently, so it is an Instagrammer of TWICE ^ ^

This photo is also "Ice and shopping shopper and peach" that shines alone lol

Sana (SANA)

This isPhoto when I went to Miyakojima on vacationIt seems♪

It's delicate whether it's a good or natural makeup, but it's simple to dress and makeup, and it's truly a resort that shines so far ('∀ `).


This is,The photo visited by Jihiyo's Senil Cafe and a photo shown with Senil advertisingis!

It's too nice to go to the Senil Cafe that fans are holding for themselves (T ^ T)

It's also cute where you are participating in the bingo of Senil Cafe Event in the second photo.

Mina (mina)

The point of the notable point in this photo isVertical line of beautiful abs(゜ ∀ ゜)!

Mina has become a hot topic of the beautiful abdominal muscles taken during the concert for a while, but even where this beautiful vertical line is always maintained, I want to say "Mina".


Dahyun has many simple and cute style clothes, but the rough style of a sweat, cap and sneaker is also fresh and suitable.♡

Of course, on the stage, idols feel that the goodness of the material is even more prominent when making such rough clothes and thin makeup ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^


The hairstyle changes frequently, and the clothes are always unique and cute, but this photo also has a unique style of Cheyoung.♪

Print T -shirt with cropped length knit with blonde ponytail and floral embroidery.

Even with a flashy combination, Chae Young's clothes are always fresh and fun ( ^ ∀ ^)♡


The goddess visual tsuwi is always visual.
The autumn leaves are also beautiful, but the Tsuwi in the foreground is too beautiful lol

This visual is true ^ ^
There is no doubt that the combination of beautiful scenery and idol ('▽ `)!

The first unit debut! What is TWICE's Japanese unit "MISAMO"?

From here, TWICE's first unit "MISAMO" has been released.Opening Trailerphotograph, I will introduce it by incorporating videos.♪

First of all, the origin of the unit name of "Misamo" is

The nickname that the trio of Mina, Sana, and Momo is usually called is the unit namebecame!

The song "BOUQUET", which was announced in January 2023 under the name of MOMO, SANA, and Mina from Twice

It was announced as an insert song for the drama "Liaison-Children's Kokoro Clinic-" broadcast on the TV Asahi ^ ^ ^ ^

In the announcement of this song, it was exciting, "Do you want to work in the Misamo unit!?"♪( ´▽`)

And how,July 26, 2023The release of the 1st mini album in JapanWas decided! !

Opening TrailerOpening Trailer PhotoIt was released, so please check it out.♪




       eachOpening TrailerThe concept is different and cute (´ ▽ `)♡

      And on the mini albumIncludes all six songs including "BOUQUET", and in addition to the enclosed items such as travers, the first limited edition also includes making images and benefits.It will be done!

      In addition, ONCE JAPAN OFFICIAL SHOP has many forms such as OnceJapan limited edition, first limited mina version, SANA version, and MOMO version.

      HerePlease check it out ^ ^
      There is also a buyer privilege party ('∀ `)!

      I'm looking forward to the activities of "MISAMO" in Japan.♪( ´▽`)

      TWICE is a comeback!
      Deliver the latest album information♪

      From now on, we will deliver the latest album information of TWICE that will come back for the first time in 7 months ^ ^

      The album title this time is"Ready to be", the date and time of the comeback is March 10, 2023, 2:00 pm Japan timeis!

      Prior to the release of this album, on January 20thEnglish single"Moonlight Sunrise"Is advance publicIt was done ^ ^

      Please check before the 10th comeback♪

       The title song is"Set me free"So two types of TEASER are also released, so I will put the first one ^ ^

       In the first TEASER, the scene of removing the makeup is impressive, and I'm very worried what kind of MV it is.♪

      If you are worried about the second, please see it on Twice Official SNS and YouTube ^ ^

      The album is a regular board 3 form,Digipack is 9 forms by memberis!
      Details are here♪( ´▽`)

      In addition to treka, postcards, stickers, etc., there are also unit trekas (° ▽ °)!

      The content of the album is full, and I want to see the songs and the contents of the album as soon as possible (● ˃ ロ ˂) ꠥ

      TWICE live is decided!
      Check the information on the first stadium performance

      On the fifth world tour "Ready To Be",
      HowThe largest tour in TWICE history, 17 times in 14 cities, including a total of 6 stadium performancesIt will be done!

      The schedule is here♪

      in Japan,May 13th, 14th, Osaka's Yanmar Stadium, May 20 and 21, Tokyo Ajinomoto StadiumWill be held by♪

      It is a stadium performance in JapanKPOP Girls Group's first historyThat's right (゜ ∀ ゜)!

      I'm really looking forward to the concert at a large venue ( ^ ∀ ^)♡


      Camback, TWICE's first unit "MISAMO", announced the largest world tour.

      8th year of debutWe also delivered TWICE with a variety of activities in 2023, how was it? ^ ^

       Overcoming the "7th year of the Devil" in 2022, let's excite the future activities of TWICE with ONCE in 2023, which is just fun.

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