November birthday TWICE Momo Special feature! Popular peach hairstyles and cute Instagram dance videos summary♪

11月誕生日のTWICE モモ特集!話題になるモモの髪型集や可愛いインスタ・ダンス動画まとめまで♪

TWICE is a multinational girl group with Japanese members and Taiwanese members other than Korean members!

Its popularity is not limited to Korea, but the TWICE boom is caused around the world.♪

Momo, the main dancer of such a popular girl group!

This time, I will explain the hairstyles, Instagram, and dance videos that have become the topic of peach in detail!

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About peach

 Momo is a Japanese member born on November 9, 1996!

The dance video posted on YouTube caught the eyes of the JYP staff and was auditioned and joined JYP.

Momo's dance, which started dancing at the age of three, was overwhelming since the appearance of the audition program "SIXTEEN" that produced TWICE!

However, the fourth screening of "SIXTEEN" dropped out.

It was a shock to the audience because many fans were acquired through the program.

In the last episode of the absence of peaches, Nayoung, John Young, Sana, Ji Hyo, Mina, Chae -yeong, and Dahyun were selected as members of TWICE.

The surprise here will be announced!

The content is to increase the number of members from seven to nine!

One of the selected as the additional members was peach♪

The attitude of peaches and dancing skills that would not neglect every time were evaluated, and I was selected as the ninth member of TWICE (^○^).

Momo's hairstyle collection & cute individual Instagram collection

Momo leads as a TWICE main dancer, but he is also a member who is gaining popularity due to its cute visuals.♪

Recently, an Instagram peach personal account has been created, and you can see more cute peach photos than before!

There are many fans who are fascinated by the impression of the stage that show a powerful dance with a cool expression and the cute visual gap that makes you want to protect (^o^).

In addition, every time Kamuba is attracted to the cute peach hairstyles, many fans have the same hairstyle as peaches.♪

From now on, let's take a look at the cute Instagram photos of peaches and the hairstyles that have been talked about so far!

Momo hairstyle collection that became a hot topic

Long black hair

Momo that appeals to mature with long black hair!

If your hair is long, the small face of the peach will stand out.♪

Long blonde

Speaking of peaches, many people have blonde hair.

The compatibility between peach and blonde with a clear eyes and nose is outstanding.♪

Never cut Bob

Cut Bob is one of the most popular hairstyles among fans!


Wolf cut

A peach that appeals to the front of the cool charm with black hair wolf cut!

It's a hairstyle that is perfect for peaches that make you think that there is no other person who looks like a wolf cut.♪

Two -tone hair

An unusual hair with two -tone black hair and blonde!

It's a hairstyle that looks good because it's a peach.♪

Cute individual Instagram collection

Post a photo of memories in the city!

If there is such a beautiful woman, I will look back♪

We have also posted a bad photo with Japanese sweets "Gabrichu" on your head!

This photo, which is very cute even with a do -up, will have surprised the fans with the beautiful peach skin and the size of the eyes (^o^).

Carefully selected! Momo dance video recommended collection

From here, we will carefully select and introduce three videos that understand the ability of peach dance!


The first is a dancepractis video of "Fancy"!

It has been played more than 20 million times, so you can enjoy sharp and powerful dance.♪

I Can't Stop Me

Next, I would like to recommend the fancome of "I Can't Stop Me"!

Please pay attention to the dance skills of peach as well as facial management (^o^)


The third is "performance video"!

It is a valuable video that you can see dancing in songs other than TWICE.♪

Introducing plans around JYP office♪

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① Convenience store GS25

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Next, you can install a large banner at the entrance of a cute gelato shop!

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This cafe is an idol belonging to JYPStray Kids"or"ItzyIt is a cafe that members often visit!

Stray Kids member Hyun JinIt seems that he ate the "Pioni Jelato" at this cafe and distributed the V log at the time of Kamba last year (^○^)

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③ Bakery Paris Baguette

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This time, we have introduced the cute hairstyles and dance videos of Momo, the main dancer on TWICE!

Momo becomes more attractive as you get older.

I'm a fun member of what kind of appearance you will see from now on.♪

Let's continue to support the activities of Momo (^o^)

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