[Topic] TWICE Momo's super luxurious Senil advertisement to a real appearance and authentication shot! Introducing Senil ads of peach praise♪

【話題】TWICE モモの超豪華センイル広告にまさかの本人登場&認証ショットまで!モモ大絶賛のセンイル広告をご紹介♪

TWICE peach just has just reached its birthday on November 9!

Speaking of peaches, as a TWICE main dancer, you are a member who has greatly contributed to the group's performance.♪

A little natural and charming peach is loved from all over the world, and many fans celebrated Senil this year ^^

Momo visits the Senil event prepared by such fans and publishes a certification shot!

Among the uploaded photos, there was also a Senlie advertisement of Mercury, a popular YouTuber known as a pomopen!

This time, we will introduce the luxurious Senil advertisement prepared by the fans and the fans.♪

About peach


  • Real name: Momo Hirai
  • Date of birth: November 9, 1996
  • Birthplace: Kyoto
  • Blood type: type A
  • Height: 163cm

Momo who is active as the main dancer of TWICE!

Momo has been to a dance school called "STEPOUT Dance Studio" in Osaka since the age of three and has cultivated dance skills.

When I gave a dance video to YouTube with my sister who was also dancing, it was the beginning of being scouted in the eyes of the JYP entertainment staff ^^

In the audition program "SIXTEEN", which created TWICE, it became a hot topic with the ability of dancing that sets it, but it dropped out in the fourth screening.

However, there is an announcement that the number of members will be increased in the last episode!

Momo was selected as an additional member due to the evaluation of dance and sincere appearance, and will debut as TWICE.♪

In the dance video of the performance project released in February 2021, it showed a different appearance from TWICE peach and became a hot topic!

It seemed that I learned all the swings in 2 hours, and it was a storm of praise from the choreographer while practicing ^^

Momo shows a powerful and cool performance on the stage, but the fans are captivated by the gap between the usual and lovely appearance that is natural and charming.♪

The Instagram, which was opened in March this year, has a lot of cute peaches!

At present, Momo's Instagram has the second largest number of followers among Japanese, and it has become a hot topic that it has exceeded 8.9 million!

The Instagram is also broadcasting dance, so please do not miss it.♪

No way peach himself appears! Introducing super luxury Senil ads♪

Momo has just reached the birthday of 26 years old (Japanese age) on November 9 this year!

Momo's birthday was very exciting this year, and many fans in Korea and Japan were held ^^

And how! On the day of the birthday, peaches uploaded the authentication shot taken with Senil advertising on Instagram!

The ads prepared by the fans are all nice, and the affection for peach is very well conveyed ^^

In the photos uploaded by the peach, Momopen's Mercury's Senil advertisement on the popular YouTuber!

It seems that he made a design over 12 hours to make a cute Senil advertisement himself!

The design of the parody of the Disney movie "Monsters Ink", which I love peaches, is very cute ^^


This was also a very detailed design, and it was outstanding impact.♪

Momo taking pictures according to the design of Senil advertisement is very cute!


This is a peach Senil advertisement prepared by our customers who helped.♪

The sense of the photos used is also outstanding, and the beauty of peach is enhanced!


This Senil advertisement based on pink colors, which loves peaches, has increased more presence due to night lit up ^^

Fans love the twin tail peaches, right?♪


In addition to posting, the story has also been released in Stories!

In fact, peaches have a certified shot every year, and last year, we present videos around Senil advertising to fans with cover songs!

It is a wonderful idol who visits the advertising and events prepared by the fans and shoots even a certified shot ... (;;).

Momo is

Thank you very much for celebrating your birthday

I saw all of the photos and videos that they were doing a lot of Senil events in various countries.

He expressed his gratitude to the fans who celebrated his birthday around the world ^^


This time, we sent a special feature on peach that welcomed Senil on November 9 ^^

The peach, who went to Senil advertising and Senil events on his own and publishes authentication shots, was very impressive!

Dance and cute appearance are of course popular, but one of the attractions of peaches is that they have such a fan of fan!

The Senil advertisement prepared by the fans with affection was really nice♪

By all means, why don't you send Senil advertisements and support ads and send out the appeal of pushing?

Let's continue to support you so that peaches are loved by many people ^^

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