Thoroughly dig into NCT Gemin! Introducing your beloved cat & family structure/precious pizodes of Nomin!


Good face, good personality, 4 -dimensional, good dance idolNCT "Gemin"

Gemin stage that melts Cizni like ice creamIntroducing the cat's name and Instagram that Gemin is doted!

Rumors that I have never quarreled since the trainee era, NCT SuiichiGood friend "NominUntil the episode!

NCT's first Japanese stadium performanceIt has been decided, but read this article before entering the stadium and learn more about gemin.♪

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Basic information of NCT Gemin

Introducing the profile of "Gemin" that attracts Shizuni (the name of NCT fans) with a neat face♪


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  • Real name: Na Gemin (재민)🐱🐰
  • Nickname: Nana
  • Date of birth: August 13, 2000
  • Blood type: AB type
  • Height: 177cm
  • Special skill:Badminton, cooking
  • hobby:Music appreciation
  • Brothers: only


I was a speed skating player when I was young2nd place in the whole countryGemin who has the ability to have become!

The gemin with outstanding motor nerves isI was scouted when I was doing volunteer activities^_^

After that, he was auditioned and joined the office (SM Entertainment) in 2013.

What is the followers of Gemin's Instagram, which was released as a trainee in 2015 and was popular since the practice era.Approximately 13 million people


The posting content is not only Gemin himself, but also members (Geno More)!

The origin of the account name was combined with the real name "Na Jemin".It seems♪

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It is a post at "HOT SAUCE" released in 2021, but the bangs are noticeable and the sex appeal is increasing!



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It is a post when traveling on the world tour!

It looks like a good shot between Geno and Gemin, but if you look closely ...? O.O

Gemin's family structure/What is a cat who is doting?

The family structure of gemin isParents, gemin, grandparentsis!

Gemin was the only child and said that he grew up with a lot of family love.♪

I don't have the information of my dad, but I guess I'm probably there because I sometimes answered my parents in the interview!

I will add it as soon as my father's information is confirmed!

Mom's profession is"School teacher"What is it!


There is a song that says "42" in Gemin's costume., Grandma's birth yearThat's right!

It's the best grandson for grandma^.^

Gemin has recently increased the number of new families!

I started to keep three cats, and the cat's name was「🐱LUNA 🐱LUCY 🐱LUKE "is!

The origin of the name is also nice and nice (● '◡' ●)

We are also making Instagram count for cats that are doting, so please check it out!



I have only posted only one, but I'm looking forward to the future posting^.^

What is the past when Gemin has stopped working?

It is a bright and mysterious gemin, but there is a past that has stopped performing arts in the past.

CHEWING GUM "was debuted and active,I had been suffering since the trainee eraDisc herniationIt worsened and the activity was suspended"

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Returned by "GO" released in March 2018He performed a wonderful stage^.^

NCT DREAM has a lot of intense dances, so there is a good chance that it will get worse.

It's getting better now, but I want you to try not to overdo it> <

Stage collection of natural idol gemin

It's an interesting and mysterious gemin in private, but on the stage to another person!

Introducing the stage of the natural idol "Gemin"♪

NCT U "Make a Wish"

Silver hair looks good, and the stomach is also a point!

What a chicchem here4 million timesIs also played!


"GO" which is the first stage after returning from the suspension of activities

The glasses look good, so keep an eye on the suppleness of the dance.♪


The gemin with the bangs is also cool^_^

Gemin often changes hair color, but what hair color do you like?

I personally like silver hair and brown hair ...! (smile)


Please be careful as you will be drawn into your beautiful eyes from the beginning ...!

Gemin looking for your own camera at around 4:00 is also recommended because it is cute^_^

NCT DREAM "Boom" ice cream collection

Please see the ice cream collection of BOOMs that everyone loves!

It's too genius to let this part sing this part ╰ (*° ▽ °*) ╯

Gemin and Geno's "Nomin" episode that makes the world peaceful

"Nomin", which has gained huge popularity in NCT DREAM!

It is called "Nomin" from Geno's "No" and "Min" of Gemin as "Nomin".♪

"Nomin", which has a lot of things in common with the date of joining the company, height and shoesIntroducing precious episodes!

Episode ① "Have you ever quarreled?"


NominI have been living together since I was a trainee, but I have never quarreledThat's it!

It's like a family that has lived together for a long time and never quarreled!

Episode ② "Comfortable gemin"


Geno and Gemin have been together since childhood, so the comfort of Geno is Gemin! (smile) It is the strongest video called Gemin that comforts Geno, who does not know why, but does not know the reason in high school!


Geno who appeals to Gemin without being able to turn to the mark at "CANDY" at "CANDY" at an overseas concert ...


Episode ③ "Nomin's distance"


Introducing two people, two people, who express the feeling of air and distance when they have been together for many years!

I'm taking a picture on the board, but the distance is strange!

ThisFor many years, "Nomin's distance"You can say! (smile)

Episode ④ "Do you want to throw away your phone?"

Geno's answer to the question of whether to throw away the smartphone of daily necessities or abandon gemin is too cool!

"Gemin's Polaroid" vs. VS "Mobile" In the ultimate question, I thought I would choose a mobile phone ...

I thought Gemin himself would be thrown away, but it looks like a manGeno who chose Gemin Polaroid!

The reason is that there is only one Polaroid in the worldAnd it's quite romantic^.^

Episode ⑤ "Nomin content"


Introducing content that allows you to enjoy the atmosphere of Nomin!

Content that you can enjoy the official Nomin released on NCT's official YouTube!

actually,Geno has been convincing and implementing Gemin!


How was NCT Gemin's unusual charm?

He is not only a face, but also a frugal person who thinks about the future with fans.

The more you know, the more attractive you know!

Such a gemin will also celebrate its birthday on August 13!

Let's celebrate grandly♪

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