Thoroughly dig deeper of NCT's first unit "Dejeon"! Delivering the video information and the situation♪What is the topic song that three people sang?


It has attracted a lot of attention since its debut as the first three -person unit of NCT!

What is the origin of Dajejon? Introducing the profile of each of the three people♪

If it becomes a promotion of successive -class classes, please look forward to the thorough depth of the popular debut song!

In addition to this debut song, I will introduce songs that have been sung by three people before, so Shizuni (the name of NCT fans) is an article that can be enjoyed by those who still do not know "Dage Jon". increase!

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What is NCT's first unit "Dojeong"?

finallyNCT's first fixed unit "Daje Jon"April 17th (Monday)It was announced that it will debut^_^

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The members will be "Doyoung", "Jae -hyun", and "Jong -Woo", which are also active in NCT127.♪

The unit name is threeFrom the initials of the membersDJJWas attached^_^

As a NCTU, various members have announced songs, but this is the first debut with fixed members!

I will explain in detail about the rookie idol "DJJ".♪

Introducing Dejeong's profile & latest information!

We will also deliver the latest information along with the basic information of the three!


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  • Real name: Kim Dong -yeon
  • Date of birth: February 1, 1996
  • Birthplace: Korea
  • Height: 178cm


Doyoung has a beautiful singing voiceNCT127 is also active as a vocal♪

Also, with my family, I am very close to the real brother actor "Konmyung"^_^

NowadaysSing the Japanese drama insertion song "Cry" aloneThe range of activities is expanding!

He was praised for NCT127 members that the Japanese Yuta was pronounced that his pronunciation was really good, and he seemed to have made a considerable effort!

Jae -hyun

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  • Real name: Jung Yuno
  • Date of birth: February 14, 1997
  • Birthplace: Korea
  • Height: 180cm


"Jae -hyun", which is said to be the highest peak of male, is fluent in singing voice, face, height, and English!

Because there is no drawback, "the highest peak of male"I came to be called by Shizuni♪

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Taking advantage of his beautiful appearance and height, he is an ambassador for PRADA and is often attended overseas collections!

John Woo

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  • Real name: Kim Jong -Woo
  • Date of birth: February 19, 1998
  • Birthplace: Korea
  • Height: 180cm


It is said to be difficultIt is a talent that passed the SM Entertainment's "Saturday Public Audition"♪

At the time of his debut, he seemed to be a crying insect without confidence in his debut because he joined as a member on the way!

Quote source

Recently, I have been active in Rino of Stray Kids, Soryun of NMIXX, and MC of music.♪

In NCT127, I am close to Mark and I love Japanese members Yuta (laughs).

Delivering debut information of Dejeon! For successive promo?

Come back information has been released, and we will introduce it in detail including consideration!

🔽Schedule up to comeback

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According to the scheduleThe title song is "Perfume" and there are 5 other songs included.♪

In Korean idols, I would like to consider based on commonly published teasers!

Consideration (important points)

On April 17, the release date of the album, the day when Apollo No. 13 returned

◎ Probably because it is a light dress when landing in the teaser moonStory of a dreamIsn't it ...

◎ In the black -and -white photo of the organization, Jae -hyun is likely to be a song centered on Jae -hyun because only Jae -hyun was wearing white clothes!

Kao "evokes memory"It has such a meaning, and is using a scent to evoke the memory of dreams?

◎ Created by membersThere is a teaser inspired by perfume.

◎ The content isIs it related to "Dream Launch" of the NCT group, the Dream Launch, so it's a 2023 flag?

 It seems that the consideration will continue until the MV is released and the MV is released! (⊙o⊙)

Music film

A total of three music films that combine a part of the recorded songs and the story have been released (● '◡' ●)

Each member is in charge of the main character of the music film one by one!

With the theme of love, it is composed of three subjects: "passion, intimacy, dedication".♪

"Jahyun🍑" passion

・ Kiss/후유증 (can we go back)



・ Dive/후유증 (can we go back)


"John Woo🐶Intimacy

・ ・Strawberry Sunday



There are 10 types of albums, including SMINI and digital packs.🌍

Album Details (Photobook Ver.)

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Album Details (Box Ver.) Members

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Album Details (Digipack Ver.)

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Album Details (SMINI Ver.)

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Beyond Live on April 16thIt seems to be held♪

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📅4/16 (Sun) 7pm

📍Beyond Live:Click here for details

Live with 3 peopleI'm looking forward to what the content will be♪


Not only Beyond LiveIt seems that a countdown live will also be performed on 4/17 (Monday) of the MV release date (● '◡' ●)

📅4/17 (Mon) 5pm

📍YouTube NCT Channel, Tiktok NCT CHANNEL, IDOLPLUS

In the countdown live, there are plenty of contents such as the highlight medley and point dance of the album ().❁´◡`❁)

By all means, let's celebrate your debut by countdown with Dajejon.♪

Pop -up store

It seems that "Pop Store" will also be held, and a large object has been built in 'Under Stang Avenue' near the office!

Quote source

Three people according to the comebackParticipated in the perfumingIt is scheduled to be released in all four types including 3 kinds of perfume :)

Each perfume composed in the video

"Doyon" ...Fewbruary to APR (fragrance that combines winter and spring)

"Jahyun" ...UNTITLED (scent like in a forest)

"John Woo" ...Mood Street (refreshing, sweet, scent that is memorable by many people)

The perfume, which has the individuality of the three, is scheduled to be released soon, and the album BOX ver. It seems that a fragrant Paper is randomly!

Official account (Instagram)

To match the debutThe account of Instagram "NCT DJJ" has been opened♪

Click here for details

 It is said that the official account will sometimes have an Instagram :)

 It's almost time to make a debut, but I will also pay attention to future activities.♪

Delivering the state of Dejeon's Instagram♪The greetings of the three are also released!

It seems that I had an Instagram in Bangkok, Thailand, so I will introduce the contents.♪

MV is taken in Bangkok, Thailand⁉

The MV shooting was done in Bangkok, Thailand around March this year!

Around 00:30, Doyoung says "I shot MV", and there was no specific sports, so I have more expectations for MV!

There is a possibility that you will be "sports" on Instagram in the future ... (laughs)

* Sport =Abbreviation for "spoiler", spoiler

Promotion of successive class?

Quote source

He said that this song was connected to one from the promotion to the album!

There is no doubt that it will be a promotion of successive classes (● '◡' ●)

Shooting content?

He said that John Woo's face was red, so he said that he had taken a drink there in Shizuni's comment, "Did you drink alcohol?"❁´◡`❁)

The content taken in Thailand was released the other day :)

Greetings of Dajejon


 Official greeting? I don't know if it will be,

Introducing the original greeting at Dajejon!

Introducing the topic songs sung in Dojeong♪

This time, the song will be released as a new unit, but in the past, the song festival and three people have also released cover songs.♪

Can We Go Back (후유증)

The "sequelae" sung at the song festival is a legendary song that was performed only at the Korean NCT127 encore concert!

You'll be very drawn into the sexy dance and the transparent voice of the three, right?♪

The "sequela" was sung only at the NCT127 encore concert and the song festival, but it was not a sound source, but it is finally included in this mini album!

Maybe the debut of Dajejun has been decided from this time (⊙o⊙)

Cover song: Christmas Carol Medley

It is a cover song with three people released on NCT official YouTube!

The original song is also a good song, but when Dijejong sings, it sounds like another song and you'll want to hear it every winter.♪


Introduced about NCT's first fixed unit "NCT DJJ"♪

Come back is expected because it is a successive promotion!

Among the NCTs, the three people were born in February and happened to be in the NCT!

I'm excited about what kind of song it will be :)

what kind"Please look forward to the comeback on April 17th, please show me "Perfume" (❁´◡`❁)

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