Thoroughly dig deeper FTISLAND! Delivering Zepp Teo's Setri & Repo from the latest information of the current member♪What is the truth of the prohibition of Japanese activities?


FTISLAND, which has been loved for a long time since his debut in 2007!

Speaking of FTISLAND, it is a group that has established the popularity of Korean bands in Japan and has created a number of legends ^^.

This time, we will dig deeper into FTISLAND in the midst of Zepp tours in Japan!

What kind of group is FTISLAND?

We will also deliver the information of the Zepp tour and the settlement & repo with spoilers, so please enjoy it.♪

Finally, the truth about "FTISLAND Japan Activity" is also ...! !

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FTISLAND is a three -person male band group that debuted in June 2007!

Speaking of FNC, a band!It is said that FTISLAND has established a solid image!

The members debuted at an average age of 15.7, and they have been popular and popular from the beginning ^^

Under such circumstances, in order to study music, all members were studying abroad for a short time in Japan!

The direction of music has been greatly influenced by Japanese rock bands such as ONE OK ROCK, and he says that activities in Japan have started!

I was active in Japan and gained explosive popularity in Japan.♪

With Japanese proficiency and humor as if it were native, "It's too interesting!"

It is a group that is still being toured and live activities, and has been loved for a long time ^^

There are three current members of FTISLAND! Introducing detailed profile & latest information♪

Lee Honggi

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  • Date of birth: March 2, 1990
  • Birthplace: Korea Gyeonggi -do
  • Height: 174cm


Honggi is a member who is active as the leader and main vocal of FTISLAND!

It is not an exaggeration to say that the word vocal is the most suitable ^^

It's impressive even if you look at the video, but the live song of Hongi, which you can see live, is overwhelming!

In addition, Honggi is also active as an actor, and appears in famous works such as the drama "I'm a beautiful man" and "Hundred Years of Bride"!

My hobby is golf and I often raise golf on individual Instagram ^^

Lee Jae -jin

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  • Date of birth: December 17, 1991
  • Birthplace: South Korea Tadayoshi Kitamichi
  • Height: 177cm


Jejin is in charge of FTISLAND's bass and vocals ^^

It's like an idol -like visual and it's really cool (;;)

Of course, he is blessed with talent as an artist, and is also known for its large composition among the members!

Jejin said when he was a traineeDebut as a vocal!I heard that I heard the singing voice of Hongi that came in later.Such a person singsI thought ...

Still, I have the ability of a song comparable to the main vocal,At the FNC Kingdom held last year, it was a hot topic♪

Choi Min fan

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  • Date of birth: November 11, 1992
  • Birthplace: Korea Seoul Special City
  • Height: 171cm


Min -fans are in charge of drums in FTISLAND Mannne ^^

Since the pronunciation of Korean is "Minan", it is called "Minan" or "Minari" by Japanese fans.♪

The youngest group, Minju, debuted when he was only 14 years old!

I have already spent more than half of my life as a member of FTISLAND! !

Min -fan has a genius drum ability, but at the beginning of his debut he had only learned drums on his own.

Min -fan is the only married person who got married in 2017 and currently has a face as a father of three children ^^

spoiler alert! FTISLAND ZEPP Tour 2023 information/setri/repo is released!

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FTISLAND holding the first Zepp tour in 2023!

The title "Route23" is "FTISLAND, who has chosen the various "Door" of life in front of you, and "Route" so far and in the futureofmeaningI am ^^

Click here for tour information!


Tuesday, April 25, 2023 18:00 Open / 19:00 Start

Wednesday, April 26, 2023 18:00 Open / 19:00

[Nagoya] Zepp Nagoya

May 9, 2023 (Tuesday) 18:00 Open / 19:00 Start

Wednesday, May 10, 2023 18:00 Open / 19:00 Start

[Nagoya] Zepp Nagoya

May 9, 2023 (Tuesday) 18:00 Open / 19:00 Start

Wednesday, May 10, 2023 18:00 Open / 19:00 Start

[Yokohama] KT Zepp Yokohama

May 22, 2023 (Monday) 18:00 Open / 19:00 Start

May 23, 2023 (Tuesday) 18:00 Open / 19:00 Start

[Tokyo] Tokyo Garden Theater (Ariake)

2023Year6Month4Sun (Sun)17:00Opening / 18:00Start

After finishing the Osaka performance in April, it seems that both members and fans were very enthusiastic for the first time in a long time ^^

From here"God setriI will introduce the set list of this tour that is said!

Note spoilers⚠️

FTISLAND ZEPP TOUR 2023 set list
  1. Flower Rock
  2. Beat it
  3. Shiawaseoryory
  4. Satisfaction
  6. Puppy
  7. Inexperienced FUTURE
  8. A right in the forest
  9. In the room
  11. Pretty Girl
  12. Go again
  13. Shinin 'on
  14. Sunriseyellow
  15. AQUA
  16. Hourglass
  18. Door
  19. Arigat

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From the fans who went to the live"Oh, Live is fun"After all, the live of FT is the best", etc. !

However, in the Osaka performance, there was a repo that Hongi's throat was a little bad ... (;;).

I hope you can meet with a healthy appearance at the Nagoya performance ^^

Is it true that FTISLAND's Japanese activity is banned?

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FTISLAND has been focusing on activities in Japan, but in March 2012, there are rumors that "FTISLAND Japan activity is prohibited" ...!

The rumor seems to have begun a blog entitled "FTISLAND Japan".

On the blog, the message received from Korean fans was written!

Good evening, the Korean PRI world.

This time, I came when there was a PRI who went to Japan, who was banned from coming to Japan.

It is said that Japanese activities will be gone if the manners of the day PRI continue as it is among PRIs in Korea.

It is when the office will not be able to protect the FT anymore when liability liability comes to FT or office.

It is said that Japanese activities will be gone.

For example, if you have a PRI in a traffic accident, you may be liable. 

If you have a person who has been watching and has violated manners, please think well.

Your actions will be sad to PRI, who keeps other manners

I want you to know that the members are sad and repent.

Even if you are not in the pen club, FT pen is PRI.

Please cooperate so that you can support you without manners.

In summary, "If the manners of Japanese fans are bad, FTISLAND will not be able to work in Japan anymore" (;;).

However, "FTISLAND Japan Activity" was not a formula, but a rumor among some of the fans!

Since I have been working in Japan since then, I was not actually banned ^^


This time, I sent a special feature on the legend band FTISLAND ^^

FTISLAND celebrates its 16th anniversary this year, but it is very nice for Japanese fans to be active in Japan a lot!

I think the tour being held and probably the FNC Kingdom will be held this year, so there seems to be a chance to meet you.♪

Let's support together so that FTISLAND can be active for a long time!

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