Thorough explanation of TWICE Sana on December birthday in 5 minutes! Introducing cute Instagram photos and plain clothes collection♪

12月誕生日のTWICE サナを5分で徹底解説!話題の可愛いインスタ写真や私服集までをご紹介♪

TWICE born from Mnet's girl group project "SIXTEEN"!

Beginning with the brilliant debut in "Like OHHH-AHH", various hit songs such as "Cheer Up", "TT", and "Feel Special" have been released.♪

It is Sana, a Japanese member, is said to be the most charming of such TWICE!

We are healing many fans with cute behavior outside the stage, as well as performances that are fascinated on the stage (^o^)

This time, I will explain in detail about cute and beautiful Sana's Instagram and plain clothes!

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About Sana

 Sana is a Japanese member born on December 29, 1996!

Grandma's "I wish Sana appears on TVSana, who aimed for the entertainment world with the word, spent days taking lessons aiming to be a singer.

Meanwhile, JYP staff scouted Sana who was shopping at a shopping mall one day, passed the global audition and joined JYP!

SixteenSana has appealed to various charms.

What was particularly talked about was the dishes that were performed in the primary screening!

Sana's performance in which other members showed special skills directly to idol performance, such as dance and songs, were more impressive than anyone (^○^).

I can't forget the moment when the fresh spring roll is completed according to the cute shout of Sana, and the atmosphere of the studio is dyed in Sana.♪

Even in the subsequent missions, I appealed to the skills of singing and dancing and were selected as TWICE members!

Sana has been very popular before her debut with such an adorable character, but its popularity has accelerated.Cheer UpKing part of ""SHY SHY SHY"is♪

The choreography was also established as a standard charm ^ ^

Now he is active as one of TWICE's popular members!

Summary of the topic that is too beautiful!

TWICE, who started his personal Instagram this year, celebrating his 7th anniversary of his debut!

It was a big topic at the beginning of the opening.♪

The number of followers in Sana is now over 8 million, proving that there are many fans around the world!

The opportunity to see cute photos of Sana has increased at a stretch due to the establishment of a personal Instagram (^o^).

From here, I will introduce some beautiful Instagram photos of Sana.♪

This is one piece that stands out with the goodness of Sana's style.

With a full -body photo, Sana's small face stands out more!

Posing is also fashionable and helpful♪

This is Sana through the mirror!

Even if you don't see your face, the cuteness will be transmitted♪

This is a big friend (g) -Idle two-shot with Mi-young!

It is also a characteristic of individual Instagram that you can see many photos with members of other groups (^o^).

This is a photo that looks like Sana, and it's a pretty photo that makes you shy.♪

We upload photos with members, Chae Young, and appeal their good friends!

Sana's too cute airport fashion collection!

KPOP idol where plain clothes are shown in various situations such as airport photos.

It is famous among fans that Sana's plain clothes are cute and fashionable!

Therefore, I would like to introduce some cute coordination among the plain clothes that we have shown so far.♪

Summer adult outfit

 This is a summer adult outfit!

It's a coordinates with aura, matching the colors well.♪

Simple outfit

The simple coordination of white T -shirts and jeans has the goodness of Sana's material on the front!

YSL bags are accented and very fashionable♪

Winter cute outfit

Sana with an atmosphere that makes you want to protect!

White coats and knits are perfect for Sana's cute atmosphere (^o^)

PRADA outfit

One piece of departure in Paris, France to attend "PRADA 2022 Ladies Fashion Show"!

Sana's aura wearing a whole body PRADA is also transmitted from the photos.♪

Introducing plans around JYP office!

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 The positional relationship of the advertising medium is as follows.

There are three stores in front of JYP, so it seems that the idol himself will see it!

I will introduce each details♪

① Convenience store GS25

Speaking of Korean convenience storesGS25You can install a banner on the wall of the famous convenience store chain in Korea!

If there is an idol advertisement at a convenience store used by many people, it will surely attract many people's gaze.♪


Next, you can install a large banner at the entrance of a cute gelato shop!

The inside of the store is simple and very cute, isn't it? ♪

This cafe is an idol belonging to JYPStray Kids"or"ItzyIt is a cafe that members often visit!

Stray Kids member Hyun JinIt seems that he ate the "Pioni Jelato" at this cafe and distributed the V log at the time of Kamba last year (^○^)

In this way, by issuing Senil/ support ads around JYP, the probability that idols will be able to take authentication shots will increase.♪

③ Bakery Paris Baguette

Third, you can install banners on the walls of PARIS BAGUETTE, a famous bakery chain store famous in Korea!

PARIS BAGUETTE can also distribute cup holders♪

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This time, I introduced in detail about the cute and cute Sana, how was it?

Sana, a social and bright Sana, is a member who is loved by TWICE members with cute visuals and charm.♪

I would like to look forward to my future activities!

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