Thorough explanation of the topic new star XG! members are? where are you from? Introducing the profile you are interested in♪



Do you know the rookie group XG (XG), which is expected to attract attention from all over the world now?

You may have appeared on a Korean music program the other day and watched YouTube and said, "Who is it?"

Actually, XG is a girl group composed of Japanese members!

Highly completed performance and overwhelming singing skills have been talked about, and it is expected to be successful in the future (^○^).

What kind of group is XG?」「Who are the members?」「What is attractive?

This time, the author who is already addicted to the XG swamp will introduce the points that are such anxious!

About XG

XG is a HIPHOP / R & B girl group composed of seven Japanese!

Actually, all members are from AVEX♪

Avex and Korean entertainment office jointly held,5 years of private auditionIt is composed of 7 people who won (^o^)

They are talented groups with outstanding dance, vocal and wrap skills.

And with a sophisticated visual, it has attracted a lot of attention since the beginning of its debut!

Debuted in March 2022, and the other day, on June 29, the 2nd single "MascaraIs the first comeback.

The performance was performed for the first time on the Korean music program "M COUNTDOWN", which became a hot topic!

 It is a hot girl group that gains more momentum and is expected to be in the future.♪

Introducing the profile of members!

From here, we will deepen the members of XG, which is still wrapped in mystery!

Let's re -discover the charm of the members and support future activities.♪


  • Real name: Asaya Julin
  • Date of birth: June 19, 2002
  • Birthplace: Kanagawa Prefecture

JURIN is the leader of XG.

She is a former Pros No Borderer and "Ginza"And she has also been a model of a popular magazine!

The charm of JURIN is the overwhelming presence and high -precision performance.

She is a member who is particularly unusual among the high -level XG ( ^ ^)

However, when I get off the stage, her soft atmosphere and gentle smile are wonderful.♪

Please pay attention to her gap!


  • Real name: Senya Kondo (Kodo Chisa)
  • Date of birth: January 17, 2002
  • Birthplace: Osaka Prefecture

CHISA is a vocal in XG.

She has a relaxed and powerful singing voice, and her 2nd single "MASCARA" shows her stable treble!

 In the past, she had been awarded the semi -grand prix in the artist category of "Tokyo Girls Audition 2016", and has been active as a reporter for models and high school girls.♪

Namie Amuro triggered her to be a singer.

I longed and got a dream after watching Amuro's video, so next time I want to give a dream on the longing side

And in her past interview!


  • Real name: Hinata Munemihara (Hinata Sara)
  • Date of birth: June 11, 2002
  • Birthplace: Unknown

HINATA has a clear white skin, big eyes, and beautiful blonde her transparent skin.

Her appeal is her charm, taking advantage of her long limbsAnd her 2nd single "MASCARA" also shows her core singing voice!

In fact, HINATA, which has a small amount of information published among XG members,

Her hometown and her past career have not been disclosed in detail at this time.

I'm looking forward to knowing her through her future activities (^○^)


  • Real Name: Harvey Emi (Harvey Emi)
  • Date of birth: December 18, 2002
  • Birthplace: Tokyo

HARVEY is impressive with her small face and a well -equipped eyes and nose.

She is a half with her father, Australian, and her mother who is a Japanese!

She also participated in "Tokyo Girls Audition 2016" like CHISA and has a background who won the highest award in the model category.♪

After that, she expanded her place for her success, including model activities in famous magazines and MV appearances of AVEX artists.

Her HARVEY is the most attractiveHer characteristic voice quality and tight wrap

She has gained a lot of popularity with an addictive rap that can't be imagined from a lovely look like a doll ( ^ o ^)


  • Real name: Juria Ueda (Juria Ueda)
  • Date of birth: November 28, 2004
  • Birthplace: Osaka Prefecture

JURIA is a vocal with CHISA.

Her expressive singing voice, from delicate voices that she is likely to disappear, to her powerful voice is her most attractive!

It is a baby face especially in the XG, and a lovely member has a lovely smile ◎

JURIA also has her experience as a kids idol and child.♪

When she was young, "She loves to make herself shine on the stage and appeal to myselfSo she aimed for an idol (^○^)


  • Real name: Maya Kawachi
  • Date of birth: August 10, 2005
  • Birthplace: Unknown

A versatile all -rounder MAYA who can handle all of vocals, dance and laps.

The two songs they released are all starting from her part, and she feels the trust of the director of MAYA.♪

She has high language skills, and she is fluent in the official videoShe shows English and Korean

Like HINATA, Maya has not been revealed about her hometown or her background, so I'm looking forward to seeing her language skills in the future (^○^).

I look forward to the bright and mood maker Maya's success!


  • Real name: Akiyama Hibiki
  • Date of birth: December 6, 2005
  • Birthplace: Unknown

Cocona is a group manne (youngest).

The dance and wrap level released before her debut were too high, and she had a big topic of aura and power that did not feel the youngest.♪

Cocona is the "Kiracale VOCAL section" sponsored by AVEX held in 2017Awarded the Jury Special AwardI'm doing it, but this award was not originally planned!

It is said that she was prepared in a hurry to her so much ability.

Cocona, which can tell her of her ability from childhood, is noteworthy what kind of performance will be fascinated in the future (^○^)

What is the charm of XG?

Speaking of XG's charm, after allSophisticated visuals and performance power that can be used in the worldis!

Average age 17 years oldThe young girls are still young, but XG has a sophisticated appearance and presence that does not feel it.

After a long and harsh audition period, it may be due to the fact that each member has a certain confidence (^○^).

 In addition, XG dance is combined with feminine supple movement and masculine powerful movement.

It is a choreography that requires advanced skills, but it is clean up to one finger tip, and you can see the skills of everyone!

I hope that you can see great performance in Japan in the future.♪


After appearing on Korean music programs, I have introduced XG, which has attracted a lot of attention, but how was it?

It's no exaggeration to say that the most expected girl group is now expected!

Although the number of appearances in the media has increased, they have not yet been published and have a lot of mysteries.

Through future activities, it will surely attract the charm of XG members (^○^)

By all means, let's excite your future XG activities together!

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