Thorough explanation of the super hot topic & Team! Deep deeply on how to read, members, and height!


Do you know the junior group "& TEAM" of the Nine Boys Group "BTS", which has been exploded around the world?

A large rookie idol group born through the audition program "& Audition"!

This time, I will introduce the members and group names of such & Team in detail (^○^).

As of November 2, 2022, "" "& Team Celebration to celebrate the debutAlso introduces!

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About & Team

What is the & Team entertainment? Hybe Labels JAPAN Global Debut Project Audition Program "& Audition --THE HOWLING-It is a 9 -person boys group formed through!

The way to read is "& Team"Entertainment"is♪

& Audition --THE HOWLING-Was the goal of creating artists who are active in Japan and other worlds, and most of the participants were Japanese.

It became a hot topic that famous idols belonging to HYBE, such as BTS and SEVENTEEN, rushed to support (^o^).

& Team (It is a group that has attracted attention before the debut, including the participation of BTS creator, Pan Shi -hyuk, who produces BTS!


Introducing members!

Next, I will introduce the members of & Team! You will surely find a recommendation men!


  • [Date of birth] October 21, 1997

Kay with an overwhelming style of 186cm and a prince -like visual.

Pay attention to dancing that makes use of long limbs!


  • [Date of birth] June 29, 1998

Funa, who has been taking lessons in Korea since the age of 19, has a high Korean language ability!

Isn't there a lot of people who have become fans after seeing them to practice with & Audition?


  • [Date of birth] July 9, 2002

Nicholas is a member from China and is fluent in Chinese, English, Japanese, and Korean!

There is no doubt that it will be an important member for Team who aims to be active globally (^○^)


  • [Date of birth] September 7, 2002

Wiju is a member who is known for being good at fencing!

The high motor nerves will be utilized in the performance of & Team.♪


  • [Date of birth] February 7, 2004

Yuma is a member who has a unique background that he belonged to Kansai Johnny's Jr.

What a king & prince's Hirano Shioya!

After leaving Johnny's office, I also belonged to "AVEX ARTIST ACADEMY (AAA)"♪

I'm looking forward to the potential as an idol!


  • [Date of birth] July 8, 2004

A jaw with a very small face and a model -like style.

& Audition has gained popularity with a pure and obedient personality!


  • [Date of birth] May 1, 2005

Halua is so cute.

There are a lot of people who fit into the charm of Halua, who remains a boy!


  • [Date of birth] May 4, 2005

Taki has learned dancing from the age of 10 and is good at street dance.

Pay attention to the dance performance that makes use of the good style!


  • [Date of birth] February 17, 2006

Maki, a father, is a member of the charm point with the big eyes shining brilliantly!

I'm also a member who is good at charming, so I'm looking forward to seeing what kind of expression you will see in the future.♪

What is the charm of & Team?

Style like a model

& Team (entertainment) has a tall and outstanding style of models!

Dynamic performance with long limbs will captivate the world♪

Global members

The Japanese, Chinese, and Taiwanese gathered & TEAM (entertainment) also speak multilinguals!

It will work in an advantage in promoting activities in the world (^o^)

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By all means, everyoneLet's celebrate the debut of & Team grandly (^○^)


 This time, we have explained how to read & Team, which was born from & audition, how to read, and the charms, but did you enjoy it?

& Team has the potential to become a boys group that is active around the world.♪

Let's focus on future activities!

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