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"TNX" isA 6 -member boys group who became a trainee of the entertainment office P NATION on a survival audition program "LOUD" sponsored by PSY, famous for "Gangnam Style" and JYP representative Park Jin Young, which is famous in Japan!

Fans who have been supported since the audition have finally come to the long -awaited debut day! (^O^)

They made their debut on May 17, 2022, and released the 1st mini album "WAY UP" and the title song "Move" at 18:00 on the same day.♪

Therefore, this time, I will explain the origin of the name "TNX", the meaning of the included, and the members (^○^)

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What is "TNX"?

Survival audition program that triggered "TNX" debut"LOUD"Is a large boys group project held by TWICE and JYP's representative Park Jin Young, which is very popular in Japan, who is famous for "Gangnam Style" and TWICE and NIZIU, which are very popular in Japan!

thisSurvival auditionIn the program, 75 participants performed a powerful performance with the aim of creating two Boys Groups belonging to P NATION and JYP.

As a result, seven passengers (one withdrawal) on the P -NATION side, and five successful applicants on the JYP side.

ThatBorn from the P -NATION side"TNX" consisting of Koreans, all members

At PNATION, it is the birth of the first male boy group, and it has attracted much attention since its debut.♪

P -NATION has super famous artists such as JESSI, Hyona and Crush, and "TNX"P NationI'm the first idol group!

This time, I will introduce the origin of the name of such a hot boys group "TNX", the name of the fan club, and the debut song (^○^).

What is the origin of the name?

Do you know the meaning of "TNX"? ?

"TNX" is "The NEW SIXTake the letters fromThe meaning is "six people who grow together with the same generation with the same generation with powerful sensitivity!"

What is the fan club name?

"TNX" fan club name"THX"It was announced!

"THX (Tense)" shows "TOgether WitH TNX"(With TNX)" is included♪

It's a nice name that makes the relationship between idols and fans closer (^○^)


What is your debut song?

"TNX" released his debut album "WAY UP" on May 17, 2022 and made his debut!

The debut song "MOVE" included in the Ambum is included in the composition of Yoo Gon Young, who was involved in the composition and arrangement of Gangnam style.

The songs have a clear start -and -passing and rust part, and the directly strong lyrics leave a strong impact, and once you hear it, it will remain in your head.♪

It has been played more than 1 million times in just 20 hours since the MV release, and you can see how much attention is attracting.

Also, "TNX"On the official YouTube, members actually call on the support method of the debut song "Move"!

By all means, let's watch this video and practice so that the fans can enliven the debut songs (^○^).

 And on the afternoon of the 17th, the Blue Square Card in Hannamdon, Hannam -dong, Seoul.In the hall, a media showcase was held to commemorate the release of TNX's 1st mini album "WAY UP"!

So, the leader Che Taehun

"I worked hard for the moment of my debut. I worked hard, so I want to be a TNX that grows every moment. I don't really feel it. It's a place I've dreamed of, but I'm too nervous and believe. I can't. Become a TNX that will do your best every moment. "

He talks passionately about his debut.

I would like to look forward to my success in the future (^○^)

What is the official SNS of "TNX"?

From here, we will introduce the official SNS of "TNX"!

Please follow the official SNS and get the latest information.♪

  • ・ Official YouTubeHere
  • ・ Official Instagram isHere
  • ・ Official TwitterHere
  • ・ Official FacebookHere


Members Introduction

From here, we will introduce the members of "TNX" in order of age!


  • Real name: U Kyung Jun
  • Date of birth: August 30, 2002
  • Blood type: B type
  • Position: Rapper

Gyeongjun, the oldest member of TNX, has lived in Australia for about 10 years, so she enjoys English!

Her future dream was a surgeon, but she started to be interested in KPOP because she was scouted ^ ^

The number of times I returned to Korea and was scouted 12 times! !

I'm looking forward to my future activities ... (^o^)


  • Real name: Choi Tehun
  • Date of birth: November 19, 2002
  • Blood type: type A
  • Position: Leader Dancer

Tehun, the leader of TNX!

He is the first idol trainee of PNATION and has the talent to handle vocal dance laps!

In addition, since childhood, I have a sports talent such as soccer, swimming, and archery.♪


  • Real name: Chang Hyunsu
  • Date of birth: September 16, 2003
  • Blood type: O type
  • Position: Dancer

He is playful,Hyunsu, a group mood maker!

In the group, I am in charge of dancing, but vocals and wraps are high quality and are a talented member.♪

He is also known for agricultural lovers, and is famous as an agricultural idol, such as helping his parents' house from an early age when he was young.


  • Real name: Jung Jun Hyuk
  • Date of birth: September 20, 2004
  • Blood type: O type
  • Position: Vocal

Junyok, who has been saying "Ace" since he was all high and highly ability and appeared in "LOUD"!

He enjoyed English because he was studying in the Philippines when he was 13 years old♪

Junyuk, who was good at ballads when he joined the P -NATION company, had never done HIPHOP, but he worked hard on dancing and grew to be called an ace as a result of effort (^○^).


  • Real name: Unfu
  • Date of birth: November 11, 2004
  • Blood type: B type
  • Position: Composition / rapper

The main rapper of TNX!

She was a ski player before she aimed to be a singer♪

After that, she quit skiing and woke up to making music.He learned composition on his own, and was evaluated his most produced skills in "LOUD"!

He has a solid personality, such as becoming a class committee from school days.


  • Real name: Oh Song Joon
  • Date of birth: August 30, 2005
  • Blood type: B type
  • Position: Vocal

Song -jun, the youngest member of TNX!

 Song Jun, a talented group, such as passing the two offices of SM Entertainment and P -NATION in 2019♪

It seems that it was difficult because I was not good at dancing at first because I became a trainee with vocals, but after repeated practice, it has grown so much that I can do almighty (^○^).

In addition, when you laugh, you will get a charming cuteness, and there is also one side that seems to be Manne (lowerest)!

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So far, I've introduced "TNX" in detail, how was it?

Because it is an audition program that two super famous producers tagged, a high -level boys group has been born.♪

There are only members who have a rich personality and high talent, so I'm looking forward to the future activities (^○^).

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