Thorough explanation of SHINee Minho on December birthday in 3 minutes! Introducing in detail from basic information such as height and family structure to events and solo songs in Japan.♪

12月誕生日のSHINee ミンホを3分で徹底解説!身長や家族構成などの基本情報から日本でのイベントやソロ曲までを詳しくご紹介♪

SHINee runs the top of the K-POP scene with a global activity as well as Korea and Japan.

Currently, Manne's Taemin is working with three people for military service, but it doesn't matter if he talks about his success.♪

SHINee's Minho is a member who is not only an artist but also an actor (^O^)

This time, we will introduce SHINee Minho's profile, solo activities, and events visiting Japan!

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About SHINee Minho

  • Real name: Choi Minho
  • Date of birth: December 9, 1991
  • Birthplace: Korea Incheon Wide Area City
  • Blood type: B type
  • Height: 181cm
  • Position: Main rapper vocal
  • Family structure: parents, brother
  • Hobbies: Soccer, basketball, sports in general

Even after 10 years of debut, SHINee has a sparkling shine and performs a performance that attracts fans.

Currently, Manne's Taemin has stopped working due to military service, but Onu, Key, and Minho, who have completed their military service, are not only SHINee but also their personal activities!

Minho, also known as the "charisma of flame," boasts a crisp, neat face and a small face tall style like a model.

Drama"To you in the flowerMinho, who starred as an actor, is still in various dramas and is still active as an actor!

My dream of Minho was a soccer player.

In fact, Minho's dad is a former Korean professional soccer player and former coach Jeju United FC, Choi Yun -gyeong.

Minho wanted to be a soccer player like a father, but his father's teaching that he shouldn't inherit his father's glory is opposed to becoming a soccer player.

When I tried to give up the soccer player's dream, Minho was auditioned by the SM Entertainment!

However, Dad told me to quit the trainee if I did not work well, and I was living a trainee while keeping my higher grades.

Minho's efforts were recognized and made their debut as a member of SHINee in 2008!

Speaking of Minho, the bright characters that are now appearing on variety programs are familiar, but in fact there is an unexpected past that it was silent at the time of its debut.♪

This is from SM Entertainment Lee Summan.Minho doesn't speakIt seems that Minho stubbornly protected the silent character.

However, he said later that he wanted to talk and couldn't help it, and that he often talked about the members on stage.

It seems that Minho's serious and hot -blooded personality has pierced the silent character for a while, but the bright personality cannot be hidden for a long time, and it has become a silent character (laughs).

Looking back on the first visit to Japan in three years!

Minho has a good solo activity as well as SHINee.

In May 2022, the solo event in Japan for the first time in about three years.SHINee World J Presents "Best Choi's Minho" 2022"has been held♪

Minho's solo event, where comedian Dori Anzu was in charge of MC, will show off two solo songs "Romeo and Juliet" and "Falling Free" for the first time!

There are plenty of content, including questions and game corners to Minho, and video corners to handle missions with Dorianzu Tsutsumi.

And at the talk corner, Minho's best friend, SUPER JUNIOR Kyuhyun, appears!

In connection with the talk of a curry shop called "Coral Reef" that I visited in Enoshima, which I visited for a photo of the mission.Blue coral reefFans along with Kyuhyun singing♪

And from the side of Kyuhyun, it appeared in a surprise that Pajama packed on his face!

In addition, Kyuhyun noticed the existence of Rie Nemoto, who was an interpreter at Minho's event.Why is Nemoto there? !I will ask the venue.

In fact, it is known that Nemoto is a big fan of SUPER JUNIOR, and Minho and Kyuhyun say "" "Nemoto is my woman!The fans are also laughing in the exchange to interact with!

Minho's kindness and bright characters were solo events that lived the events and ended a great success (^○^)

About Minho's solo song

I'm home

Minho, the main rapper in SHINee, has a high ability as a vocalist!

In 2019, this is the ninth song of "Smooth" Season3, a digital single platform for SM Entertainment.

The first solo song, "I'm Home", has been released to hear about mellow singing and smooth rap.

I also participated in the lyrics, and Minho, who sings about adult love, is very cool, with a different atmosphere from SHINee's songs.♪


In 2021, the solo song "HEARTBREAK" was released!

This song, which sang a passing with a lover and hurt my heart, was a song released to a fan from Minho to fans.

Romeo and Juliet / Falling Free

Japan's first solo song "Romeo and Juliet" and "Falling Free", which were performed at the solo event in May, are also moist and moist slowing.

Many fans have been fascinated by the performance of Minho, who can do anything with songs, dance, rap.♪

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We introduced SHINee Minho's profile, solo event held in May 2022, and Minho's solo songs!

As is called the charisma of flame, Minho is not only full of hot -blooded people but also has a versatile sports nerves.

Minho's serious and hard work, and the gap of a cute smile that makes you unintentional is irresistible for fans.♪

Minho, who will continue to work as an actor as an actor as an actor, will be checked in the future!

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