Thorough explanation of NCT Hechan in the stage! Deliver the precious collection of family structure and don -don incident/Makudon! There are also plans where you can celebrate your birthday grandly♪

ステージの神童NCT ヘチャンを徹底解説!家族構成やドンヒョク事件/マクドンの尊いエピソード集をお届け!誕生日を盛大にお祝いできるプランも♪

Hechan who attracts many people with a unique singing voice!

Not only singing voices but also performances are fascinated by many Shizuni (the name of NCT fans).Indeed the stage of the stage!

We will also introduce the episode of the popular Chemi "McDon" in Hechan's family structure and NCT.♪

We will also introduce a plan to celebrate Hechan on June 6th, so please take a look to the end!

Click here for details

Read the article and "I want to release Hechan's Senil!」「I want to release an NCT support advertisement!If you say, please contact us anytime ^^

First of all, please register as a LINE friend ^^


About NCT Hechan! Introducing the latest information♪

Introducing Hecchan, a mood maker that makes you enjoy the surroundings like the sun.♪

Quote source

  • Real name: Lee Dong Hyuk
  • Date of birth: 2000.06.06
  • Birthplace: Korea
  • Height: 173cm
  • Blood type: AB type


Passed "Saturday Audition" of the difficult SM Entertainment, and in the trainee era, "Dong Hyuk" is the real name.I was active^_^

Hechan, the stage name, was given in the sense of "shining correctly"!

HechanThe role model is "Taemin" of SHINee in the same office as Michael Jackson.(6v6)

AccidentallyI was in love with SHINee's music videos and heard K-POP and answered in an interview that I came to have a dream of becoming a singer!

You can see from Hechan's expression when he actually co -starred with Taemin ((❁´◡`❁)

An individual Instagram is also opened, and the origin of the account name is the English name of "Hechan"^_^

Instagram:Click here for details

Currently, there are about 6.7 million followers, and they have posted off -shots and members.😊

Quote source

 This is a photo of coming to Tokyo on a family trip using a holiday in March of this year!

It seems that my sister took the photo :)


Quote source

Recently Hechan purchased a camera, which is whyI wanted to keep the members and wanted to leave it on the camera (● '◡' ●)

I'm glad I can see the photos of the members who can only shoot in Hechan.♪

the currentHechan is on the world tour until the end of May as NCT DREAM!

Quote source

 There may be additional performances because it is described as And More.♪

Introducing Hechan's family and siblings! A twin theory?

Hechan's family structure isIt is a family of six: father, mother, Hecchan, sister, younger brother, and brother!

It is the image of the youngest among NCT members, but it is surprising that the eldest son in the actual family structure (⊙o⊙)

Quote source

My parents' occupations are not revealed,It seems that you are going to eat together when you have a good time with your mother^_^

My sister of the same year was a few months different, and there was a twin theoryIs it a remarriage? There is a rumor.

There is no official statement from Hechan, so I can not affirm it and it is speculation, but it seems that there is a high possibility of remarriage!

Hechan who participated in the brother's entrance ceremony in March of this year (❁´◡`❁)

According to the person I encountered, I felt an adult man with a slight drift of perfume! Hecchan is good ...

He seems to have participated in the entrance ceremony of a 7 -year -old younger brother, because he is 7 years old and is 10 years old!

Did Hechan give a chocolate cake to the fans? What is the Dong Hyuk incident?

Hechan is the most popular in NCT, but did you know the Dong Hyuk incident that happened in the past?

Quote source

The beginning of the matterTweet around 2017, "A certain Sasen got a chocolate cake from NCT Hechan"It was.

I saw that tweetAnother Sasen published a cocoa talk screen and audio, saying, "I was also in contact with Hechan."

NCT Hechan was suspected that he had contacted multiple SasenChocolate cake caseIt is also called.

Sasen is not a very good fan that goes into the idol's private life, but it may be a hoax.

However, the truth remains a mystery because the office has not officially announced.

* Sasen= A person who acts too much on the idol's private life in the Korean language "Sasenfal" of "private life".

Field of stage? ! Delivering Hechan's cool performance!

 Once on the stage, it will be a topic that everyone will become a fanHechan's performanceI will introduce♪

Vocal edition

Hechan is famous for its sound source from the mouth as the main vocal!

Please listen to a nice honey voice👏

Hechan sings "Good person" who was singing a drama OST in solo!


We announced Doyon and Indonesian songs :)

You will be healed by the sweet voice of the two!

Dance edition

It is the main vocal, but it has a skill that does not dance!

HechanI have played ballet, jazz, and modern dance since I was young, so it is characterized by supple movements :)

It is a "hero" that was shown on a weekly idol, but the core is completely elegant!

In addition, since it is a video of one person, you can concentrate on Hechan's dance from the beginning to the end.♪


It is a popular song "Boom" of NCT DREAM!

The sex appeal of adults is so amazing that the costumes and the song are so irresistible that they want to be called "Hechan Oppa" ...


Hechan also has dance skills"Various expression management"Please take a look at it while paying attention!

Although it is Hechan, which has more white eyes than the black eyes called "Sanpoku Eyes", it is also worth noting because he is also challenging makeup utilizing three white eyes!


It is a stage that became a hot topic when Hechan, a free SMTOWN live distribution held on New Year's Day, is unusual.♪

Both costumes and hairstyles are perfect> "<


"Cool Hechan" is also wonderful, but please enjoy "Cute Hechan" (❁´◡`❁)


Not only the suppleness but also the skills to learn dancing seem to be very high, and all the random dances that we did with the week idol!

Hecchan, who can learn a lot of songs while many groups belong, can be said to be the stage of the stage.😊

Too precious ... McDon's good friend episode collection♪

Popular among NCTMark and HechanChemi "McDon"I will introduce about!

Tsundere mark for Hechan and Hechan who gets a mark on the mark!

The two have two groups of NCT127 and NCTDREAMs, and there are many episodes.♪

Episode ① The man who taught "anger" to the mark

Mark said in a trainee era, "I was a child who didn't know the feeling of anger, but Hechan told me" and "I thought about quitting the company!"

Now he talks as a laughing story, but at that time he seemed to really hate Hechan, and the mark told Hechan, "I hate you!"

It looks like Hechan who taught the "anger" for the first time (laughs)

Episode ② WE Young case

It is handed down among McDon fansWe Young caseDo you know?

In 2017, I stood on the stage of an outdoor concert at NCT DREAM.

When standing on the stageIsn't it a bit of a quarrel when Mark tells Hechan?I can see it.

againHechan originally did not choreograph the shoulder of the mark, so the fans who saw them were McDong. I made a rumor.

Regarding the misconduct theory, it seems that it was a misunderstanding of Shizuni :)

The choreography on the shoulders is actually“Putting your hand on the shoulder of the mark is not the choreography, but what Hechan was doing with ad -libWas explained!

The fans seemed to be relieved that they had a quarrel but were not unfamiliar!

Episode ③ Hechan🐻💚>>> Mark 🦁

fundamentallyMark is passive in McDon style^_^

The members who were kissed from Hechan were innocent ... one of them marks (laughs)

The thoughts from Hechan are transmitted :)


Mark is a gentle image for other members, but for some reason it is sloppy for Hechan ... (laughs).

Did Hechan jealous of Longjun, who has received free love from the mark? (⊙o⊙)


 Even if you often express affection, the mark is wonderfully through (laughs).


It seems that it is often frustrated by the mark, but when you see Hechan who goes without being sorry, you can tell that you really like the mark.♪


Episode ④ Hechan's tears

Hechan has a lot of mischief, but there are also scenes where the mark was tearful!

at that time,NCT DREAM debuted with the concept of "graduation" when he was 20, and Mark turned 20 and graduated.

In the solo concert from 7Dream to 6Dream, I was crying during the comment on a big entity called mark.😢

Perhaps because I was with me since I was a trainee, I thought that this group could not do it together.😭

Currently the members and Shizuni's thoughts are communicated,Hechan may be the most pleased to be able to work on 7Dream.♪

Episode ⑤ Mark 🦁💚>>> Hechan🐻

The same group is the same and McDong meets almost every day!

McDong is dedicated to McDong in front of people in the world that even if you are two days away, you will be told in front of people in the world at the time of the isolation period of the Japanese concert ... (laughs).


Hechan cannot participate in NCT127 concerts due to long restMark, who heard Hechan's cheerful voice at Instagram, was shedding tears😭


Recent Mc has become a sweet and gentle mark about Hechan, and the feeling of pair of empathy is increasing.


Episode ⑥ Video message to each other

Because they are long, they are alwaysI'm sending content that I can't say with embarrassing with content 🦁🐻

🐯Mark →🐻Message to Hechan


🐻Hechan →🐯Message to the mark


Extra edition

Introducing the scene of singing in McDon, not an episode as an extra edition.♪

Mark & ​​Haechan | Billionaire | NCT DREAM SHOW

It seems that he performed a song performed in McDon during the trainee after his debut^_^


Cover: EXO "THE FIRST SNOW"/ Justin Bieber "Mistletoe"

Hechan seems to want to be a unit with the mark, but it is said that the mark has been refused, but it would be nice to realize it someday.💚

Hechan and Mark seemed to have been the same room in the dormitory before^.^

At the time of the room, it seems that he was singing a song on a daily basis with the guitar of the mark.♪ 


Introduced McDong, which I have been with since the trainee days!

The relationship between the two is very nice because we trust each other.😊

Keep an eye on McDong in the future (⊙o⊙)

Let's enliven Hechan's birthday with Senil Crafan!

Hechan, a mood maker and active as the main vocal, will celebrate its birthday on June 6!

Fans are conducting crowdfunding to celebrate Hechan's birthday on June 6th!

This project will be proceeding through the crowdfunding service called "Senil Crafan" ^^

Here, we will introduce "Senil Crafan" and the "Haechan birthday project" launched this time in detail!

What is "Senil Crafan"?

What is Senil Crafan?Launched a project to issue a support advertisement for individuals and plannedServices to realize support advertising by exchanging support money for those who agreeIs ^^

There is an advantage that recruiting support money through Senil Crafans can give out large advertisements that are difficult for individuals!

again,"I don't have time to prepare and plan, but I want to give a support advertisement!I think there are many people.

By becoming a Senil Crafan's "supporter", you can participate in the support advertisement! Because it is a great strength of Senil Crafan ^^

For those who support the project, we will give you a return product produced in a part of the support.♪

I want to know more about Senil Crafan!Please see here too!


What kind of project is "Haechan's birthday project"?

Click here for details

This is a Senil project launched by fans with the desire to celebrate their birthday together from Japan, "Hechan, who has a wonderful dance and a unique singing voice!"♪

I am going to the following ads for this project♪

・ STEP1 [Tokyo] Unica Vision

Unica vision, which is installed in Shinjuku, Tokyo, is becoming a standard for Senil advertising/support advertising!

The video flowing from the screen 3 is powerful♪

・ STEP2 [Osaka] Dragonfly

Speaking of Senil advertising/support advertisements in Osaka, dragonflies are famous!

It is installed in Shinsaibashi, which has a lot of people, and it is sure to be seen by many people!



There is also a tower and you can see the video in a wonderful landscape.♪

・ STEP4 [Korea] SM convenience store GS advertisement

GS ads near the SM office!

It's close to the office, so it's highly likely that the idol himself can see it.♪

The number of visions that can be advertised by increasing the amount of investment is an increase.😊

The target amount of "¥ 320,000" has already been achieved,The broadcast of Unica Vision and Dragon Bomb Trystation has been decided♪

We look forward to your cooperation so that you can advertise in Nagoya in STEP3!

1,000 yen ~ We are accepting support money, and the support fee recruitment period"April 30th (Sun)"It is up to you!

Why don't you tell Hechan that you are supporting you from Japan? ^_^

If you have any concerns about the Senil Crafan or Senil advertising we introduced this time, please feel free to contact us anytime!

We also provide free consultation on LINE♪


Hechan who has a strong image of the youngest child!

There may be expressions of members who only show Hachan because they express their affection for the mark and express their affection for members!

On the stage, I am looking forward to the stage of "Hechan" on the stage that will listen to various expressions, dances, and songs.♪

In addition, we have introduced a Senlu project to thank Hechan, who will have a birthday on June 6!

I hope many people will participate and excite Hechan's birthday ^^

Leave it to Senil Advertising Agency JAPAN!

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