Thorough explanation of Korean Idolie Billie Tsuki in 5 minutes! Carefully selected popular chimms and cute make -ups! Don't miss the truth and information information of Billiee theory♪


BILLLIE, which finally has a Korean comeback!

Billie has finished the preparation period of about 7 months and will release his fourth mini album on March 28.♪

moreover,Japan's debut was decided on May 17thThe nice news! !

This time, we will send you a special feature on Tsuki -chan, a Japanese member of Billie, to commemorate the comeback and Japan's debut ^^

Speaking of Tsuki -chanFacial expression managementIt became a hot topic!

We will introduce the chickem where you can enjoy Tsuki -chan's facial expression management, and the points of the topical makeup if it is too cute.♪

In addition, it has become a rumor in the streetsThe truth of Billie's misconductAlso ...!

Finally, there are plenty of contents that deliver comeback information, so please enjoy it ^^

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About Billie Tsuki


Quote source

  • Real name: Fukutomi Tsuki
  • Date of birth: September 21, 2002
  • Birthplace: Osaka Prefecture
  • Height: 165cm


Tsuki is a Japanese member of the Korean girl group Billiee!

It is an idol that has become famous for the expression management of "Gingamingayo" and has become famous.♪

Since the real name is "Tsukizuki", it means the moon in Korean.Tal"It is also called ^^

Now, Tsuki -chan, who is famous as a Korean idol, is also performing in Japan!

The story that was active as a model of the fashion magazine "Popteen" is famous!

In addition, he made his debut as an idol in Japan in November 2020 through the Popteen girl project "7 + Me Link"!

He appeared as Tal -chan in his debut song "MAGIC"♪


At this time, Tsuki -chan was doing training in Korea and performing arts in Japan together.

However, it has become difficult to go back and forth in Corona, and it has been revealed that it has been squeezed into one trainee in Korea ^^

Following the dream of becoming an idol in Korea, he made his debut as Billie's main dancer and sub -vocal on November 10, 2021!

A genius of facial expression management! Billie Tsuki's 3 popular chicchem selections



First of all, it is Chicchem of "Gingamingayo", which made the name of "Billie Tsuki" informed.♪

In addition to the sharp dance that seems to be the main dancer, Tsuki -chan's "Facial expression management"is!

The expression changes 20 times in 1 second"The expression that changes from the korokoro is a big topic!

Currently (March 25) The number of views has exceeded 12.15 million times, and it seems that many fans repeat repeatedly saying "It will be addictive!" ^^

"Ring X Ring"


The "Ring X Ring" Chicchem is about 1 million views.♪

Tsuki -chan's expression management, which became a hot topic in "Gingamingayo", had excellent expression!

In the comments sectionI'm full of talent!」「Tsuki is raising the idol hurdle!"And praise ^^

As expected, I have a firm gaze on Chicchem's camera (;;)

Ayu Kuddo Banking Dance


It is Tsuki -chan's Chicchem who appeared in the dance sports event of the "2022 autumn evening special idol star championship (Ayukade)" held in August 2022 ^^

Dance Sports is a new competition from 4 groups of men and women who have a reputation for dancing!

You can see a new Tsuki -chan who challenges social dance, which is a bit different from the time of Billiee!

You can also enjoy a beautiful dance with a solid core and a change in facial expressions, which is the characteristic of Tsuki -chan.♪

Tsuki -chan not only shows dancing, but also tells him that he is enjoying the most ...! !

Isn't that the appeal of Tsuki -chan's performance (: :)?

Introducing Billie's cute makeup! Makeup points♪

Dolly makeup like a doll


Speaking of Tsuki -chanLarge cat eyesIs featured♪

In makeup, Tsuki -chan's charm point is fully utilized ^^

The point of the makeup around the eyes is ""Eyelash with a bunch"and"Eye line"is!

The eyeline is thin, and if you draw it with a brown pencil, you will get an impression that is not too strong!

By using a brighter colored color control, the doll feeling will increase at a stretch, and it will be a dolly face like Tsuki -chan.♪

Odtey is an attractive individual makeup


Tsuki -chan's odd eye makeup, with pink and blue colored contacts one by one, is also cute!

Eye shadows and teak are also pink according to the costume!

In addition, it is the point of Tsuki -chan makeup to apply plenty of eye shadow not only on the upper eyelid but also on the lower eyelid ^^

Doing so will make your eyes look even larger and shorter the middle face!

If you look at the second photo, you can see it, but it is also important that you put a large glitter on the outer corner of the eyes.♪

Soft natural makeup


The soft natural makeup Tsuki -chan is also cute (;;), which is a bit different from stage makeup (;;)

By using orange for eye shadows and lips, it gives a gentle atmosphere ^^

The eyeline is shorter than usual and is discreet!

Tsuki -chan's natural makeup that is usually helpful for makeup.♪

Is Billie a bad relationship? What is the truth of the mischief?

It seems that Billie, which looks very close to the members, has a misconduct ...

Let's get close to the truth if Billie is really bad!

Rumors of misconduct are Munsua and Tsuki -chan.

MBTI's compatibility is the worst ISFP Musua and Tsuki of ENFP.

When we talked about the world where Songbi is located in a certain project, there are scenes where the two people do not match at all.

Both of them have a clear personality, so they don't give up on their opinions!

Isn't it like two people like water and oil? And the misconduct may have come out!

However, if you look at the video, there is an atmosphere that you can honestly say each other because you are close friends ^^

The possibility of Musua and Tsuki -chan seems to be quite low!


Deliver Billie's comeback information♪

Quote source

Billie will return on March 28 with the 4th mini album "The Billage of Perception: Chapter Three"! !

I guess there are many fans who thought that it was the first Kamba in about seven months!

Teaser videos are being released one after another, and Billie's Kamba is increasingly excited.♪

In this Kamba, it has become a hot topic that six kinds of concept photos have been released!

・ Reflections of B # 1
・ Reflections of B # 6


Which concept do you like? ^^

I'm looking forward to seeing a variety of Billiee, from the uniform concept to the concept of a cool costume (;;)

This album includes all 6 songs including the title song "EUNOIA" ^^

Following the previous work, the story that deepens Billie's view of the world! !

The MV will be released at 6:00 pm, so if you have time, don't miss it in real time! !


This time, we sent a special feature on Japanese members of the Korean idol group BILLLIE.♪

Not only is it a cute and adorable visual owner, but also a hard worker with a core is also the charm of Tsuki -chan!

Did you enjoy Tsuki -chan's chicchem who is impressive and Tsuki -chan's makeup, which is cute and cute? ^^

Let's support Billie's activities, which will be more exciting, with the comeback and Japan's debut in the future.♪

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