Thorough explanation of Japanese member rental rental (Nishijima Rena) of TO1! Deep the official Instagram & Twitter, approach the cool photo book and surprising face!


Rental rental (Nishijima Renuta) debuted as a Japanese member of TO1 last June!

Speaking of rentals, it is a member who is gaining popularity with a performance that makes you look at it as a neat visual.♪

Rental rentals have made their debut clear, but they have a past that has survived various experiences to fulfill their dreams of becoming an idol.

This time, we will send you a special rental bicycle that is about a month later!

Let's get closer from the basic rental information to the past, the detailed background of the past, and the surprising real face ^^

In addition, you should definitely see a photo book for cool rental rentals on the official SNS! We will also introduce the recommended rental chicchem, so please enjoy it to the end!

Such a bicycle will be the first member of TO1 in February and will celebrate the memorable Hatachi birthday.♪

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Is it a surprising real face? ! Introducing Japanese member rentals of TO1!

  • Real name: Nishijima Rhoda
  • Date of birth: February 16, 2003
  • Birthplace: Nagasaki Prefecture
  • Height: 180cm

Dynamic and carefully eye -catching performance♪

The rental rental has appeared on the audition program "PRODUCE 101 JAPAN SEASON 2 (Sunday Pu 2)" broadcast from April 2021 ^^

At that timeThe owner of rap and dance that is not 17 years old", And attracted attention as a topical trainee!

Although he always kept his ranking within his debut area, he dropped out of his debut member with the final result of 16th place that no one had expected.

However, there are many fans who have been waiting for the rental debut, and a happy announcement!

In June 2022, the bicycle joined as a member of the Boys Group TO1 and became a big topic!

Speaking of rental rentals, there should be many fans who have a powerful performance and well -equipped visuals, while others are captivated by the soft speaking style and the charming figure with excellent healing effects!

It is a rental that is full of healing elements, but it is actually known as a hard worker.

I want to be an idol with the ability to fight a major Korean groupRental rentals that have been polishing rap and dance skills, with the goal.

After graduating from junior high school, I went to Fukuoka School of Music College of Music and worked hard on dance and song lessons!

From 2018, work as a member of the dance vocal unit "DANSINGPROJECT" for about one year ^^

In 2019, I received dance lessons in the famous dance studio "1 Million Dance Studio" and "X Academy" and have studied abroad in Korea!

In addition, the past, which was a trainee at the Korean entertainment office ATEAM Entertainment, was also a trainee.

However, he has left the office because he is undecided when the Boys Group will be debuted.

After returning to Japan in December 2020, we decided to challenge Pu 2!

It can be said that he worked hard to fulfill his dream and became an idol.

Deeply digging the official Instagram & Twitter! Rental cool photo book♪

Currently, there is no personal account for TO1 members including rentals!

However, there are many photos of rental rentals that have various expressions on the official Instagram and Twitter of TO1.♪

This time, we will deliver the cool photo book of the rental rental on the official SNS ^^


First of all, it is Selka uploaded near Christmas.♪

From the photo of the door -up to the photos with the Christmas tree, it is a photo with the fans' "I want to see!" ^^

The eyes are shining, and it's exactly the idol itself!

This is a photo when I appeared in KCON Saudi Arabia♪

If you raise your bangs, you will be more masculine than usual!

Which do you like better, when you are raising your bangs or rental when you are lowering it? ^^

Rental rentals dressed in blue sparkling suits!

The suit looks good because the style is good ^^

It is not a charming shot as usual, but many people may be in the appearance of deciding a cool pose!


First of all, four luxurious do -up Selka!

It's exactly the beauty of a sculpture.

The rental is "cheeks are like marshmallow", so "To1 fluffy marshmallowIs in charge ^^

For postingCharismashamaroThere is a cute word.♪

Twitter also has a photo like off -shot ^^

"Idol"Weak to Hoody ...There are many people!

Even off shots are outstanding coolness♪

In addition, a do -up shot where you can enjoy the beauty of the rental face!

The appearance of a heart on the cheeks is also very cute♪

I'm glad I tweet in Japanese ^^

Carefully selected! 3 recommended rental Chicchem!

220728 DRUMMIN

Currently, the most rehabilitated number of views is Chicchem of "Drummin" on July 28, 2022.♪

It is the first stage after debut as TO1, so it seems that many fans are watching.

From the fans who saw Chicchem, "I'm glad to see the dancing happilyA lot of comments are received ^^

Please enjoy the dignified dance and room performance that you can not imagine as a debut stage!

220728 Boom Pow

"BOOM POW", which was also performed on the first stage after his debut, is also a popular rental Chicchem ^^

More powerful and sharp rental dance has become a hot topic than "Drummin"!

"" "Dance is better!Some fans are impressed by the efforts of rental rentals.

Finally, I don't miss my chicchem camera and I'm looking cool♪

221123 Freeze Tag

Chicchem of "Freeze Tag", which welcomed the first Kamba as TO1, is also popular!

It's a pop song, but you can see a cool dance like a bicycle.♪

Looking at the rental dance, ""It will be fun and I want to see it again!"It seems that some fans are repeating!

The highlight of the dynamic dance that makes use of the tall and debuts has been the highlight of the wonderful expression management that is unlikely to be a few months ^^


This time, we sent a special feature on rental rentals ^^

You can see that rentals have made considerable efforts to fulfill the dream of becoming an idol!

I think there were many fans who continued to support rentals and were waiting for their debut.

Let's pay attention to the future of rentals that are not only achieved their dreams, but also increasing their power.♪

In addition, the rental rental will be the first birthday as a member of TO1 in February!

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