Thorough explanation of Hayate, which became a hot topic in the audition program & Audition! Basic information such as age, information that can celebrate the birthday of Hayate with Senil advertisements!

オーディション番組 &AUDITIONで話題になったハヤテを徹底解説! 年齢などの基本情報やインスタ写真集&ハヤテの誕生日をセンイル広告でお祝いできる情報も!

This time, I will introduce Hayate (Hayate), which has been active in the audition program "& Audition -The Howling-".♪

Speaking of Hayate, it was a Japanese trainee who attracted people with beautiful visuals and talented performances ^^.

In addition, the humorous gap that you could not imagine from the appearance was also loved by trainees and fans around you!

Unfortunately, it wasn't a debut, but there are still many fans who support the attractive Hayate!

In order to let everyone know more about Hayate, this time we will approach the profile, Instagram photos, and the charm of Hayate!

In addition, we will also introduce a project for Senil Advertising, which is currently ongoing, to celebrate Hayate, 22nd birthday next year!

What is Senil Crafan?Launched a project to issue a support advertisement for individuals and plannedServices to realize support advertising by exchanging support money for those who agreeIs.

I want to celebrate Hayate's birthday!Please see the projects of Senil Crafan and support advertising ^^

About Hayate 

  • Date of birth: January 25, 2001
  • Birthplace: Japan Kansai
  • Hobbies: Watch anime, human manet

Hayate attracted attention with a clear face with a clear eyes and nose!

& Audition I got the hearts of many fans even in the dance I'm good at ^^

In addition, Hayate is the owner of a treble voice that can sing a female singer song.♪

During the audition, it was impressive to sing well while in charge of the difficult high -pitched part of the BTS Japanese song "Film Out"!

He was 21 years old born in 2001 and played an active role in & Audition as an older brother line!

In 2019, he appeared on the Korean Global K-POP challenge program "STAGE K"!

It is Hayate who wears a yellow shirt on the right ^^

IKON's "Beautiful" cover dance is dancing with a four -member Japanese, such as Keiju, which was decided on the audition program "LOUD".♪

Hayate began to become a singer because of BTS's "DNA" and "FAKE LOVE" at a school festival when I was in high school ^^

I want to live an unusual lifeHayate, who thought, said that he began to aim for an artist from this time.

Also, the trainee was a scout on SNS!

Unfortunately, it was not a debut as & Team, but I am glad if you are still working hard to become an idol ^^

Hayate photo book on the official Instagram!

We will introduce photos and videos of Hayate released on & Audition's official Instagram ^^

Please enjoy Hayate's photo book that has a beautiful look that you will never get tired of watching.♪

This is a photo of Hayate, which was first published on Instagram with & Audition participants.♪ 

Fans who were supporting Hayate from STAGE K have been surprised!

The beauty of CG does not change in photos or videos!

The carving is deep, and each face part is large ^^

The published Bohehot is ""too cool!"And topic!

It's a beautiful profile like a sculpture (;;)

A behind video of Hayate's profile photo has also been released!

From the fans, "Anyway cool!"And the highly acclaimed voice!

Dance clip of the Signal Song "THE FINAL COUNTDOWN"♪

The last heart pose is cute, so please check it out on the video!

Further be -warned photos are also available♪

It is beautiful from any angle!

We are also challenging a balance game to choose what you like from 2 choices!

You can see the taste of Hayate, so please check it out too ^^

In addition, videos of emoji challenge♪

You can see Hayate with various expressions, so check it out!

The last is Hayate who decides various poses!

The charming pose is very cute♪

Did you enjoy Hayate's photos and videos? ^^

In the photo, coolness is transmitted, but the cuteness is transmitted in the video, and the impression is quite different, but both are full of charm!

What is Hayate's charm?

Anyway, interesting Kansai Boy!

Hayate, who has a lot of words and loves talking anyway, is also good at making people laugh ^^

Among the traineesInteresting in the endWas said, and the humorous appearance was loved!

At the fan event, you will be performing high -quality imitations, such as one -piece Frankie and Pokemon's Meiers!

However, at the end, I laughed with Taki's imitation and put it on my punching ^^

While everyone is nervous just before the stage, there is also a scene where you can imitate the taki that you are good at and soften the atmosphere!

Even so, it looks very similar to Taki!

In addition, he shows off his own treble voice, and everyone is laughing!

It was Hayate, whose brightness and fun of the trainees were brighter ^^

Performance that attracts people!

Hayate who was in charge of Jung -guk's part at the high school cultural festival!

He watched the dance videos many times and studied how to cut up his hair ^^

& Audition I felt particular about how to attract the stage!

In "THE FINAL COUNTDOWN", the fans are captured with a refreshing smile ^^

The facial expression management is so perfect that you can not think of a trainee!

It is transmitted that you do not forget that you are always seen even after the standing position.♪

In MONSTA X's "HERO", a cool stage full of talent!

It is one of the reasons that Hayate's performance is high because not only is good at dancing, but also not missing the decision point when it comes out.

The gap with the usual interesting Hayate is irresistible!

Participate in Hayate's Senil Crafan and celebrate your birthday greatly!

I would like to issue a support advertisement, but I'm worried about the cost and I'm very ready to prepare ...Isn't there a lot of people?

What I recommend for such people is ""Senil Crafan"^^

Fans who want to celebrate Hayate, 22nd birthday next year, have already planned "Hayate Senil Planning".I'm launching♪ 

This time, we will introduce "Senil Crafan" and "Hayate Senil Planning" in detail!

What is "Senil Crafan"?

What is Senil Crafan?Launched a project to issue a support advertisement for individuals and plannedServices to realize support advertising by exchanging support money for those who agreeIs ^^

The big advantage is that people who agree with the project can give a large -scale advertisement that is difficult to put out alone!

We will help you with the planner from launching the project!

In addition to advertising arrangements, we also support payment management and delivery management.♪

I don't have time to prepare and plan, but I want to give a support advertisement!I think there are many people.

By becoming a Senil Crafan's "supporter", you can participate in the support advertisement! Because it is a great strength of Senil Crafan ^^

For those who support the project, we will give you a return product produced in a part of the support.♪

I want to know more about Senil Crafan!Please see here too!

What is "Hayate Senil Planning"?

Hayate Senil PlanningIs a project of Hayate's Senil advertisement by Hayate Fanbase JP-Senil Branch ^^

Hayate Senil PlanningThen, we are aiming to post Senil advertisements at dragonflies in Osaka!

The dragonfly station installed in Dotonbori Ebibashi has a lot of people and has a chance to see many people!

Popular advertising medium in the Kansai area♪

We are currently conducting Senil Crafan so that this Hayate's Senlill project will be realized!

¥ 100,000 yenWe are aiming to achieve, and we are accepting support money from 1,000 yen.

The support fee recruitment period is ""Wednesday, November 2nd -December 5th (Monday)Is now!

 We plan to provide return products according to the amount we have supported.♪

In addition, the logo scheduled to be used for the return product has been released ^^

This design is "Combination of three concepts: Baseball, Hairstyle, Smile"It seems that it is ^^

again,"Fanbase can play a role as a home where Hayate -kun and fans return by applying home base and Fanbase.The wonderful wish is included.

please! Let's realize the Hayate advertisement of dragonfly through the Senil Crafan!

Senil Crafan,Hayate Senil PlanningIf you have any concerns about it, please feel free to contact us!


This time, I introduced the Japanese trainee Hayate who appeared in & Audition.♪

Did you enjoy Hayate's profile and official Instagram photo book? ^^

The high performance and humorous appearance gained the hearts of many people!

The current situation has not been revealed, but the support of the fans will surely be a great help.

After & audition, why not excite Hayate's Senlill, which is your first birthday? ^^

Let's not only celebrate Senil through Hayate Senil Planning, but also further send out the charm of Hayate!

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