Thorough explanation of ENHYPEN Sonu in 5 minutes! Introducing recommended photos, videos and cute episodes for Sonu's basic information and illness! There is also a plan that can celebrate your birthday grandly♪

ENHYPEN ソヌを5分で徹底解説!ソヌの基本情報や病気について、おすすめ写真、動画&かわいいエピソードをご紹介!誕生日を盛大にお祝いできるプランもお届け♪

ENHYPEN was decided for the first comeback for the first time in 10 months in May.

Speaking of Sonu, in ENHYPENOverwhelmingly cute, princess positionSo, it's a happy aura (´ ▽ `)♡

It's such a Sonu, but it's actually a very difficult person until it debuts (;;)

So this timeIncluding episodes until Sonu's debut, recommended images, videos, bruise and cute episodes, and on June 24, Sonu's 20th birthday, Currently holding crafan information.We will deliver it with a variety of♪

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Basic information of ENHYPEN Sonu!

  • Real name: Kim Son (김선)
  • Birthday: June 24, 2003
  • Blood type: O type
  • Born: Korea Gyeonggi -do
  • Family structure: parents, sister

This year in 2023, Sonu turned 20 years old.

I like singing and dancing since I was a child,It seems that he was auditioned by the entertainment office after casting on the street (the entertainment office scouted on the street)!

After passing the current office, "Belift Lab", as a trainee,Appeared on the audition program "i-LAND", which was born in 2020 ^ ^

"I-LAND" has a large number of participants who have a trainee period of one year or more, and Sonu is.10 months since I became a traineeI participated in the audition! !

In i-LAND, Sonu spent a pretty difficult audition program period and decided to make a debut (^ ∀ ^ ∀ ^ (^ ∀ ^ ∀ ^ ∀ ^ ∀ ^ ∀ ^ )!

Please take a look at this video of the process until Sonu's debut.♪

 In high school, I entered a local high school, which is not an entertainment high school, but after my debut was decided, I transferred to Han Rim Entertainment Arts High School, where many idols and idol trainees attend, and graduated in 2022.♪

What kind of illness is Sonu? The past after undergoing surgery?

When BTS, a senior in the office, consulted with the trainees on the audition program "I-LAND", Sonu's surprising troubles were confused.

That is, one year before appearing on the program, he had a major surgery.

The harsh schedule of trainees who repeat songs and dance practiceI was surprised that I had surgery a year ago ...

Pan Shi -hyuk, the representative producer of the program,

"I wanted Sonu to participate in this audition, but I was very worried that I would get sick and drop off."Was speaking in the program.

Even if you have been sick in the past and have a big surgery, it is very cool that you do not think negatively that you are sick, "It doesn't matter, it's okay!"

Recommended images of Sonu and video collection♪

From here, we will carefully select and introduce the recommended photos and videos of Sonu.♪

First from the photo♪( ´▽`)

Speaking of Sonu, Serka is famous for being good (´∀ `).
I shoot these four on the same day, but the poses and angle of view are all different are professional.

Sonu is fair -skinned and has very cute behavior and personality, so from Engenee (ENHYPEN fan)"Princess Sonu"It is said, but contrary to such an image, such a good costume looks good ... (´ ▽ `).♡

Next is a recommended video♪

 This is,In 2022, members Jay and Sonu are VLOG on the day of high school graduation ^ ^

The recommended point isWaking up in the morning, preparing at home, taking a school, taking four commemorative life, and from school to two people to eat, the day of Sonu on the day of graduation.It is a place where you can see ٩ ('ω') و

In addition, the exchange between two people, like a couple, is also a highlight!

 This video isIt is VLOG's Sonu edition where each member of ENHYPEN wants to do one by one ( ^ ∀ ^)

The recommended point isIt's a place where you can see Sonu eating for 15 minutes lol

Sonu, who has eaten the famous champon, where he is worried, goes to a gelato shop that he was worried about, and also eats rice at the hotel at the hotel, is very cute.

Recommended for those who want to be healed♪( ´▽`) 

Sonu's bruise and cute episode collection!

 Next, it is not an exaggeration to say that it is a bruise representative in the idol world, Sonu's bruise and cute episodeI will introduce it with a video ('∀ `)!


This is,After the schedule overseas, one frame at a Korean airport.

The moment you find that your camera is suitable for you, you are tilting your head from the camera ... ('⌓)! !
I'm a professional♪(´ε `)

Yonton (video call)

This is, Yonton, an event where you can make video calls with idols by lottery from the fans who bought the CDEvents in.

Just before the call ends, regrettable,

I'm saying "Nuna, we'll definitely want to meet you again (T ^ T)" (・ ∇ ・) lol

The bruise, the way of saying is cute, it's already a swamp, lol If you say this, you'll like it more.

Sonu swamp is deep (° ▽ °)!

Individual live distribution

This is,Before eating desserts in live distribution by Sonu alone, he said, "It's for thumbnails, squashes!"is♪

The poses and angles are all brutal, isn't it?

And what I'm eating is also cute🍓♪( ´▽`)

Way of delight

This is Sonu when I received a letter from a fan on i-Land (´∀ `)

Pyon Pyong jumps and is so cute that the car car is happy!♡

Sonu's joy and good reaction are likely to be a girl's model lol

Let's excite Sonu's birthday with Senil Crafan!

From now on, I will introduce Senil Crafan in detail, and in detail about Sonu's Senil Crafan ٩ ('ω') و

What is "Senil Crafan"?

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What kind of project is "Sonu's birthday project"?

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"To Sonu -kun, who always delivers cool performances and cute appearance, I want to convey a lot of love and thoughts from Japan Engene, and since I started a project on my own, I would like to ask for the cooperation of many Engene. I want to"The fans were launched with the thought.

In this "Sonu's Birthday Project", we aim to implement advertising with the following three visions.٩ ('ω') و

Shinjuku Unica Vision

Speaking of the vision of broadcasting Senil/Supporting ads, Shinjuku Unic Vision is a representative!

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・ Osaka Dragon Bowl

A dragonfly beside the sightseeing spot Glico Sign in Osaka.

There are many people and there are many people who are sightseeing, so many people can see it! !

・ Hakata dart vision

Dontaku vision in front of Hakata Station at Hakata Station.

Because it is in front of Hakata Station, it is easy to see and the location of the vision is easy to understand.♪

To realize these three vision ads
Target amount ¥ 255,000 yenI am aiming for ^ ^

The support money is accepted from 1000 yen,The recruitment period is "Wednesday, May 3"Until! 

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This time, we delivered the crafand Sonu.♪

I'm usually cute, it's cool on the stage, and I would be glad if I could tell you the charm of Sonu, who gets hooked on the swamp as you know ( ^ ∀ ^)

Let's excite Sonu's birthday and ENHYPEN's Kamba in May♪

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