The unique ATEEZ event special feature! Introducing the popular performance of each member! Delivering information on Neta Bare Caution Soul Performance & Japan Live Information♪



After appearing at Kingdom, it is growing in popularityPossid idol ATEEZ!

The only powerful performance is fascinated by ATiny (the name of the fan)^_^

We will carefully select and introduce the hot topics for each member.♪

againWe will introduce the soul control held on April 28 and April 29 faster than anywhere else!

* Please note that it also includes spoilers> <

If you don't want to see spoilers, skip and see the information on the latest world tour Japan live.♪

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What is ATEEZ?

ATEEZ is a 8 -member male idol group that debuted on October 24, 2018♪

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The group name ATEEZ is derived from "A Teenager Z".

The group name means "teen A to Z", and it includes the wish that a group with all things (A to Z) that can be enthusiastic for teens will be enthusiastic.

Fans are also popular with the name "Achizu"♪

Fans are called ATINY.

ATEEZ + DESTINY = "ATEEZ and fans were destined to meet"♪

I belong to the Korean office, KQ Entertainment.

ATEEZ isTraining era "KQ FellazWe have a group, and their existence has become a hot topic before their debut (● '◡' ●)

Block BIt was also attracting attention as a group of younger brother, but before I worked as an ATTEZ, I had a fan with that look and ability^_^

During the KQ Fellaz era, nine people were active, but a member of Jun -yeon left the group from among the members, and the remaining eight people were formed.

In addition, the members are good friends with the representatives of the office, and the members are called "Avoji (Dad)"!

The relationship is very nice, such as giving a gift for the members' birthday!

Introducing the popular performance of ATEEZ members!

ATEEZ that attracts many people with overwhelming performance!

We will carefully select and introduce the performance of each member.♪


Achizu's reliable leader!

It also plays a role as a producer who writes the songs of ATEEZ songs.♪

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  • Real name: Kim Hondeen
  • date of birth:November 7, 1998
  • Height: 172cm


Not only performance but also facial expressions are wonderful and fascinated♪

 The stable singing ability while doing intense dance is amazing!

The song is addictive and the wrapped figure is very cool.♪


Songfa, the oldest group in the group and is a "mother"!

I am in charge of the vocal and the delicate singing voice is attractive.♪

When I was a student, I was the director of the dance club, so I also have a very high dance skill :)

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  • Real Name: Park Sung Hwa
  • Date of birth: April 3, 1998
  • Height: 178cm


 It is a popular song in ATEEZ, and the voice of Song Hua matches!


I fell in love with the expression in the dance with a gap with a gap^_^


 It's cute all the time♪


The tallest in the group!

It seems that the same name is the same as Dong Bang Shin Ki's "Yunho".♪

Before the debut, I have enough dance to give a solo dance video!

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  • Real name: Jung Yunho
  • Date of birth: March 23, 1999
  • Height: 186cm

  The movement that makes use of long limbs is characteristic♪

It is very fascinated by the intonation of the dance!

 It's a pretty difficult choreography, but the gap between the beginning and the end is wonderful!


Yosan who is in charge of visuals with a beautiful face!

It is also called "Princess Yosan"♪

In the past, there was a time when I was a trainee on BIGHIT!

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  • Real name: Kang Yosan
  • Date of birth: June 15, 1999
  • Height: 173cm


You will be overwhelmed by the sex appeal after beautiful visuals and intense dance> <

I'm just stalled by my abdominal muscles from my costume> <

It is a perfection that you can not imagine as a debut song!


Sun is said to be the most possessed on the stage with a cool face!

Actually, it is a hobby to collect stuffed animals, and there are many people who are addicted to the stage ...> <"<"

I'm good at Japanese and I'm in charge of Japanese!

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  • Real name: Choi Sun
  • Date of birth: July 10, 1999
  • Height: 175cm


The masterpiece management of the highlight and the dance that is possessed is too amazing♪

Sexy hair is doubled with smooth hair!

From the beginning of the first sun, you will be grabbed your heart!


It is an impact on ATEEZ songs with the bass voice wrap!

It seems that you are scared from the appearance, but in fact there are many cute aspects of insects.♪

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  • Real name: Song Mingi
  • Date of birth: August 9, 1999
  • Height: 185cm


 Sexy dance with sunglasses!

The bass voice wrap makes your ears happy :)

The wrap with a ribbon on my head is cute♪

Wo -yeon

It is an all -rounder with high skills in dance and singing skills.♪

It seems that among the members, they have a lot of friends and have many friends (● '◡' ●)

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  • Real name: Jung Wo -yong
  • Date of birth: November 26, 1999
  • Height: 173cm


 Pay attention to a powerful dance!

 The trunk is very beautiful without blurring♪

 Please see the collaboration with the Boys Chara Wooyoung> <"<

John Ho

The youngest of Achizu is the main vocal!

4 The treble of octaves is quite shocking and talked about♪

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  • Real name: Choi Jongho
  • Date of birth: October 12, 2000
  • Height: 176cm


It is a performance that I don't think is the main vocal.♪

At Kingdom, we show a threat 4 octave!

It is a song called "GOODBYE BABY" of the woman's group Miss A that was performed at MAMA!

Although it is a woman's song, sing it brilliantly and the volume is too great, so please be aware of the volume!

( * Note spoilers) Deliver the Seoul performance of the encore concert "ATEEZ WORLD TOUR [THE FELLOWSHIP: BREAK THE WALL]"!

Introducing the state of the encore concert held in Seoul♪

I will introduce it earlier than anywhere else; it is a must -see;)

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Friday, April 28, 19:00

April 29 (Sat) 18:00



set list
  • Halazia
  • Answer
  • Hala Hala
  • Dazzling light
  • MIST
  • Aurora
  • Sunrise
  • Illusion
  • Wave
  • Win
  • Wonderland (Symphony No.9)
  • Cyberpunk
  • Fireworks
  • Rocky
  • Say My Name
  • Guerrilla
  • STAR1117
  • Celebrate
  • From
  • The Real

It seems that "Answer" and "AURORA" have been added to show off all 23 songs.♪

In Japanese performances, there is a high possibility that Japanese songs will come in in the same set list as the encore concert!

This time, the costume seems to have been changed, so I'm looking forward to the performance in Japan^_^

Wooyoung's trained body has finally been shown ...✨


Unlike the previous costume, I was surprised at the fans by showing white costumes.♪


Also, at the concert venue, there was a sign that seems to be the next comeback notice!

The signboard has been broken after the performance on the second day, and it's novel to make a comeback notice at the concert venue ^^ I'm excited from now on what kind of comeback♪

Deliver information on Japan Live "ATEEZ WORLD TOUR [THE FELLOWSHIP: BREAK THE WALL] Anchor in Japan"!

A concert that ended with great success in Seoul will be held in Tokyo and Kobe in Japan!

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■ Schedule / venue

Tokyo: Tokyo Ariake Arena

Tuesday, May 2, 2023 Opening 17:00/Starting 18:30

May 3, 2023 (Wednesday/Holiday) Open 15:30/Start 17:00

Kobe World Memorial Hall

May 6, 2023 (Saturday) Opened 17:00/Start 18:30

May 7, 2023 (Sun) Opening 15:30/Starting 17:00

The Kobe performance on the last May 7 (Sun) seems to be broadcast live on "WOWWOW".♪

Click here for details

It is said that live broadcasts will also be broadcast, so you can enjoy ATini, who can't go to the site.♪


Introducing ATEEZ that attracts many people with the highlight performance.♪

It has become even more popular since the appearance of Kingdom, and we carefully selected the charm of each member^_^

Other attractive videos are published on the official YouTube, so if you are a little concerned, please check them out.♪

Please enjoy ATini, who will participate in the Japanese performance (● '◡' ●)

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