The public video before the debut exceeds 1.2 million views in 2 weeks! What is the topic K-POP idol Tempest? Details such as members/popular album/official website!


Do you know the topic of rookie idol Tempest now? ^^

Speaking of Tempest, there are many members from the audition program, and it is a 7 -member boys group with excellent visuals and ability.♪

Since its debut in March 2022, Tempest has become a hot topic in various nice news, such as winning the rookie award and winning the first place on music programs!

This time, we will send you a special feature of hot new idol Tempest now!

We will introduce 3 popular albums and official SNS information at a stretch, so please enjoy it to the end ^^

I would be glad if I could further excite Tempest, which celebrates its first anniversary of its debut in March, with IE.♪

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About Tempest

Tempest is a Korean 7 -member boys group that debuted on March 2, 2022 with "Bad News"!

His office is YUE HUA Entertainment, a junior group of Iz*One and Everglow.

How to read the group name "Tempest" is "Tenpest"^^

"Tempest"Violent storm""Seat the song world with bright energy and powerful performance"The meaning is included♪

The fan club name is "IE", compared to the typhoon in the center of the typhoon (Tempest).

I always have fans at the center of Tempest, and I want fans to always smile like a peaceful typhoon.I was attached with the wish of!

The biggest feature of Tempest is that many auditions from the i-Land and PRODUCE 101 Season 2 belong!

There are many members who have a long underneath era, and their specialty fields are clear, so they have high ability dance, songs and laps.

Also, because of the gathering of popular members, it became a big topic at the beginning of the debut decision ^^

The K-POP cover dance video released before the debut has exceeded 1.2 million plays in two weeks!

It covers the dance of senior idols, such as "Hero" of NCT127 and "Hit" of SEVENTEEN.

The popularity after the debut was tremendous, and the award ceremony such as AAA and MAMA held last year won the rookie award and appealed to the presence!

Also, in the "DRAGON" released in November, it attracted attention because he won the first place for the first time in less than a year after his debut!

Tempest has not made a debut in Japan yet, but he is also coming to Japan, so his activities in Japan may increase in the future.

It is a rookie group that can be expected to be more active in the future.♪

Digging the members of Tempest!


  • Real name: Go Gok Hun
  • Date of birth: January 19, 1998
  • Birthplace: Vietnam Yenbai City
  • Height: 176cm

Hanbin in charge of Tempest's lead vocal and lead dancer!

I love singing since I was a child, and I was active in Vietnam as a leader of the K-POP cover dance team "C.A.C"!

You will be cast from Belift Lab who knew about Hambin and will travel to Korea!

Appeared on the audition program "i-Land" where ENHYPEN was born, and captivated the hearts of fans with a dynamic yet beautiful dance ^^

It was not debut as ENHYPEN, but it became a topic as soon as the debut as Tempest was decided!

It attracts people with a soft smile and innocent figure♪

Hyun Sop

  • Real name: Anne Hyun Sop
  • Date of birth: August 9, 1999
  • Birthplace: River, Gyeonggi, Gyeonggi, Korea
  • Height: 173cm

Hyun -Sop, who is active as a Subbocal of Tempest and as a lead dancer!

My dream was ""PrinceI loved Snow White!

Hyun Sop has been aiming to be a singer after covering Taemin's "DANGER" at a junior high school festival, and has been spent as a trainee for Bighit Entertainment.

After transferring to the current office, appeared on the audition program "PRODUCE 101 Season2", which produced Wanna One!

Unfortunately, he did not reach his debut, but he achieved a good performance of the final 16th place.

In 2017, he also debuted with Tempest members Roux and the unit "HYEONGSEOP x EUIWOONG" ^^

We are grabbing the hearts of the fans with a comfortable and comfortable singing voice!


  • Real name: Ku Bon Hyuk
  • Date of birth: April 17, 2000
  • Birthplace: Gyeongnamichi, South Korea
  • Height: 177cm

Hyuk in charge of Tempest's main vocal!

Hyuk began to dream of a singer when he was in high school, and went to a vocal school!

Speaking of Hyuk, it is known for having overwhelming vocal skills and a wide range of ranges, but he is a considerable effort.

At the time of joining the company, Hyuk was not the main vocal position, but as I practiced, my longing for the song increased, and I was practicing vocals for 10 hours every day!

He was also studying the main vocals of the group he debuted.

In addition to the current office, he has passed the audition of a major office, such as JYP entertainment and BIGHIT music ^^


  • Real name: Choi Byung Sop
  • Date of birth: February 27, 2001
  • Birthplace: Gyeonggi -do, Gyeonggi -do, South Korea
  • Height: 187cm

Unchan in charge of Tempest's sub -vocals!

Speaking of Unchan, it is a member who has a particularly visual and tall look like a model.♪

I was enrolled in the fashion model department of Han Rim Art High School, and on the day of the graduation ceremony, I was scouted by the current office and became a trainee ^^

The calm singing voice of the middle and low -pitched is attractive, and when it comes to Unchan part, the atmosphere of the song changes drastically.

In front of Jena who came to see the practice, he had a natural aspect, such as wearing his clothes on the other hand, and his adorable personality is one of the charms of Unchan!


  • Real name: Lee Wiun
  • Date of birth: April 5, 2001
  • Birthplace: Korea Incheon Wide Area City
  • Height: 171cm

Lou who is the leader and leidrapper of Tempest!

The gap between the lovely visuals and the lap voice wrap is a very attractive member!

He appeared in Pudu 2 and has been active in Hyun Sop since 2017, but debuted as a member of Tempest last year.♪

Lou, who was originally aspiring to be an announcer, came to see the Block B Jiko and became interested in rap.

He is also involved in the lyrics of Tempest's songs, and participates in six songs including the title song "Bad News" and "Dragon"!


  • Real name: Song Jae -won
  • Date of birth: April 23, 2001
  • Birthplace: Gyeonggi -do, Korea
  • Height: 178cm

Farang, who is active as the main rapper and main dancer of Tempest!

Farang has been a trainee in the DSP media for about six years and has appeared on the audition program "UNDER19" ^^

In under19, it was already attracting attention as a performer with a sharp and refreshing dance!

After debut as Tempest, it has been highly evaluated for a unique lap with a unique tone and rhythmic.♪

The group is a mood maker and is known as a charming member ^^


  • Real name: Kim Tele
  • Date of birth: May 9, 2002
  • Birthplace: Korea Seoul Special City
  • Height: 181cm

Manne telephone in charge of Tempest sablapper♪

In high school, he belonged to the theater department and had experience in the movie "Yunhi to Yunhi".

Tele was a former trainee of StarShip Entertainment, but he joined the current office after being scouted in a high school where he left the company and attended!

My parents were opposed to becoming a singer, but the current office has been scouting many times and has supported my dreams ^^

It is a beloved manne that is popular with the charming appearance and is just loved by everyone.♪

Three popular albums of Tempest♪

1st mini album "It's me, it's we"

"It's me, it's we"
  • Release date: March 2, 2022
  • Included songs: 1.Bad News
  • 2. Just a Litte bit
  • 3.find me
  • 4.To You
  • 5.Bad at love

"It's Me, It's We" is a Tempest debut mini album♪

The title song "BAD NEWS" is a song that is suitable for making a debut, with the lyrics and performance full of confidence!

The initial sales exceeded 75,000 copies and won the first place in the Boys Group's debut album that debuted in 2022!

In the debut showcase, it was a topic to show off all the five songs recorded ^^

It is an album where you can enjoy Tempest, which shows various expressions depending on the song!

2nd mini album "SHINING UP"

  • Release date: August 29, 2022
  • Contained songs: 1.Young & Wild
  • 2.Can't Stop Shining
  • 3.only one day
  • 4.Start Up

"SHINING UP" is the second mini album of Tempest!

The title song "Can't Stop Shining" is a song that is attractive with a refreshing concept with a dance pop song.♪

All four songs included in the album have choreography, and music programs also showed "only one day" and "START UP"!

It's just a refreshing song, led by the title song.Album that you want to hear in the summer
Is now ^^

3rd mini album "on and on"

"On and on"
  • Release date: November 22, 2022
  • Contained songs: 1.Taste The Feeling
  • 2.Dragon
  • 3.Loving Number
  • 4.Raise me Up

"On and on" is the third mini album of Tempest ^^

The title song "Dragon" is a music genre called a hybrid trap, and is an impressive song with a strong rust.♪

Tempest is a comeback on the album, winning the first place on the November 30 broadcast of the music program "SHOW CHAMPION"!

It became a memorable album for both Tempest and both fans ^^

Including all four songs, including the title song, "Taste The Feeling", which was also shown on music programs, is a bright and cute song like enjoying a party!

Deliver official SNS information such as Instagram/Twitter!


Tempest Official

This is Tempest's official Twitter ^^

You can get official information as soon as possible, so if you are worried about Tempest, it is recommended to follow.♪

Check out information on Yonton and face -to -face signing sessions on Twitter!

Tempest Member

This is the official Twitter of Tempest!

A lot of self -portraits and photos of members will be uploaded, so please follow up.♪ 

Tempest Japan Official

This is Tempest's official Twitter♪

I think that information will be uploaded on the official Twitter in Japan when there are activities in Japan in the future, so let's follow it now ^^


This is Tempest's official Instagram♪

There are many things that are not found on other SNS, such as videos and photos on Instagram ^^


Tempest's official Facebook♪

On Facebook, official information and photos uploaded on Twitter are uploaded!

I want to see the photos that have been raised so far!"I recommend checking the" photo "item on Facebook ^^


@tpstofficial_ 법 의 안무 용용 댄 댄🎶 #TEMPEST #템페 트 #Dragon #Dragon_Challenge #빈 #혁 #LEW #화랑 ♬ Untouchhable Kpop I am the Original --mieom_ee

Tempest's official TIKTOK account ^^

There are plenty of tiktok, from videos that members are playful to dance videos!

Video that seems to have been taken when I came to Japan is also uploaded.♪


This time, we introduced the topic rookie boy group Tempest.♪

Did the charm of each member with various backgrounds be transmitted? ^^

Tempest was a super idol that could handle everything from cool concept to refreshing and adorable concept!

The official SNS has a lot of attractive appearance, so please try to follow!

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