The first dome holding SEVENTEEN Fan Function! Introducing at once from Pengu information held in May to past penguin contents! Don't miss the information on the topic new album double title song♪


SEVENTEEN, who held the first dome tour in 2022, how! !

In MayKyocera Dome, fan meeting at Tokyo DomeWill be held ٩ ('ω') و

moreoverThe 10th mini-album "FML" released on April 24 has about 4.55 million initial sales, and the first-year sales of K-POP.It shines🎉!

So, what is the fan meeting of SEVENTEEN, which doesn't stop momentum, and the fan meeting of the Korean idol?

 Review of the past Cebchi fan meeting, introduction of the double title song "SUPER (손 공)" and "F*CK My Life" of the latest album "FML"We will deliver it with a variety of♪

There is also an article about the members of Cebuchi, soHerePlease check it out ^ ^

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What is Korean idol Fanmi/Penmi?

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 Here, I will briefly explain what a fan meeting is.♪

In Korea, fan meeting is abbreviated,"Penmi (fans in Korean are 팬 pen)"It's called.

So, when Korean idols have a fan meeting in Japan, it's also called Penmi (´∀ `).

In the concert, a few minutes of talks are sandwiched between song performance.

But in PenmiMainly to talk and games, perform song performance at the beginning and endThere are many flow!

 Penmi is the most attractive because there are fans -type games and the distance between the fan and the idol is short ^ ^.

Penmi tickets in Japan areBasically, you will apply for fans club members priority and lottery will be performed!

If you want to go to your favorite K-POP idol Penmi, it is essential to join the fan club! !

There is also a general release, but we recommend that you join the fan club (´∀ `)♪

Dome for the first time!
Deliver SEVENTEEN Penmi information!

From now on, we will deliver the first dome information in the history of Sebchi in 2023.♪

Performance information

  1. May 17, 18★ Kyocera Dome Osaka
  2. May 27, 28★Tokyo Dome

The title of this Penmi, which is held four times in the first dome, is "LOVE" (´ ▽ `)♡

On SEVENTEENJAPAN official Twitter
#CARAT and the best party wrapped in love Because the hashtag is attached, you can expect a cute concept!

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Goods information

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In this goods, the performance title is "LOVE", so pink is the main and the members' costumes are cute (´ ▽ `).


What I noticed in this goods is "Love Letter Towel" ^ ^

I also purchased and confirmed because I was Carat, but it was too cute with messages and illustrations from the push! !

It seems that the clear pouch with a towel can be used everyday and convenient♪

and,There are three ways to purchase this goods below.I have!

Goods purchase method
  1.  Online sales on Weverse Shop (finished)
  2.  Popup store ★Tokyo No. 9SY Building 1st floor ★Osaka: Shinsaibashi OPA 4th floor (5/11-5/28)
  3.  Weverse SHOP JAPAN venue receipt

 CARAT (Sebchi fans), "I'm going to Penmi, but I couldn't go to the Popup store that wasn't in time for sales on Weverse SHOP ..."♪

If you register as a member of Weverse SHOP, you can use the venue receipt service even if you are not in the fan club!

It seems that there is no regular venue sales, so if you plan to purchase at the venue, advance reservations are required.💡

Review the past SEVENTEEN Penmi♪

From here, the penmi "HANABI" held in Japan from May 7 to 8, 2022.

We will review the most recently held penmi in Japan and South Korea of ​​Penmi "SEVENTEEN IN CARAT LAND" held in Korea from March 10 to 12, 2023.♪( ´▽`)

Nippon Penmi "HANABI"

The first event in Japan "HANABI" was held at Saitama Super Arena for the first time in about two and a half years!

It was an impressive reunion because the time I couldn't meet due to the corona was long (;;)

Click here for the performance of "HANABI" ↓

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 At the performance of Auras on May 8, members sang "VERY NICE" and "CALL CALL CALL", which had been sent off at the end of the encore.

The venue and SNS were exciting, saying "Infinite Encore is finally back!"

 In the above DVDPlease also see Spot Video♪

Contains a lot of making videos and bonus videos that can only be seen on DVD.♪( ´▽`)


Korean Penmi "SEVENTEEN in CARAT LAND" held in 2023

In the YouTube content "GOING SEVENTEEN" in Cebchi, members will have a hot discussion on interesting agenda such as "If you take it to an uninhabited island".

Popular project"Logic Knight"Was unveiled for the first time in front of CARAT!

Click here for the 2023 setri♪

Speaking of the long -standing highlights of South Korean Penmi in Cebuchi"Unit Reverse"That's right!

Cebuchi is divided into three teams: vocals, hip -hop and performance.Penmi specially shuffles the team and performs songs from another teamI'll do it♪

Isn't the stage where the performance team was particularly exciting this time, where the performance team showed the hip -hop team "Back It Up"? (´∀ `)

 In addition, it was very popular with CARAT at the Korean Penmi in 2022, and it was expected this year.Corner of the biggest highlight project "Songs that don't look good"But it was held again this year.

 What is the "song that doesn't suit you", which became the annual Penmi in Cebuchi?

The songs of other artists, each of the 13 people, "The atmosphere doesn't match, this person is absolutely interesting, you can't imagine the performance."It is a corner where you can select and show each song one by one ٩ ('ω') و

Click here for this lineup ^ ^

Girls group songs were particularly exciting! All members remembered choreography and songs perfectly (´∀ `*)

This video is a video of the "unsuitable song" corner for everyone.♪

Especially recommendedPart that danced the NEWJeans of Uji and Wonwoo(´∀ `)
Uji: 12: 30 ~, Wonwoo: 09: 53 ~♪

The concept is "Son Goku"! ? Introducing SEVENTEEN's new song double title song!

The title song of this 10th mini album "FML" is "Lingering공 (Son Goku)] "F*CK My Life" was the first double title in Cebchi history!

As I introduced at the beginning, the 10th mini-album "FML" has a initial sales of about 4.55 million copies, ranking first in K-POP.

In addition, we finished 2nd in Billboard 200 and 1st in Billboard Artist 100!

I will introduce each of the two songs♪

"손 공 (Son Goku)"

This song is "Son Goku", what kind of song? ? I thought!

Looking at the published MV, the performance impact and the song were addictive and shocking! !

The title song "Son Goku" isInspired by "Son Goku", who upgraded himself while overcoming trials and setbacks,

Express "SEVENTEEN, which continues to grow infinitely" to Son GokuI am ٩ ('ω') و

 Son Goku, the main character of the Chinese classic novel "Saiyuki", picks his hair and wiped it with his mouth, the alter ego appears as the number of hairs and follows the instructions of Son Goku.

In this title song "Son Goku", many dancers and members seem to embody Son Goku's alter ego!

The lyrics also incorporate Son Goku in the lyrics, such as "I feel like I'm like Son Goku" in the chorus, "Riding here and there".🐵

Please see the 200 dancers and the powerful MV for 13 members.♪

"F*CK My Life"

 When this song name was announced, maybe the album name "FML"

"F (a) CK My Life? I'm attacking!"

 This song says, "Let's fight for yourself in a shit -like world."Message "Fight for My Life"Is included ٩ ('ω') و

 The album name "FML" says "F*ck my life "and"Fight for My Life "Both meanings (° ▽ °)!

It is a song with a message to those who survive each life in a difficult world.

The lyrics of the song start with "fucking -like world", but not only negative,

There is a positive message to do your best in the difficult world, and it will make you positive (T ^ T).

MV also has a Japanese translation, so please check it out.♪


This time, we delivered a fan meeting at a dome in Japan ^ ^

Penmi at the dome is the first time, so I'm looking forward to what kind of corner there is on a big stage!

I hope there is a performance of the new album (´ ▽ `)♡

 This year's SEVENTEEN activity is also expected ٩ ('ω') و

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