THE BOYZ Eric Special feature that the return has been announced! Introducing basic information such as nationality/height, and plans that can jack chicchem/Ikebukuro parco with Eric♪

復帰が発表されたTHE BOYZ エリック特集!国籍/身長などの基本情報やチッケム/池袋パルコをエリックでジャックできるプランもご紹介♪

This time, we will send you a special feature on Eric, which will celebrate your birthday on December 22!

Speaking of Eric, it is loved by members and fans as the youngest -full of energy ^^

The activity has been suspended for health reasons for health, but the announcement is that it will return with a fan conditioner in December!

I guess many fans were waiting for Eric's return.

We will discuss the profile of Eric, the very popular Chicchem, and the charm of Eric.♪

again,A very popular event held only in August "Ikebukuro Palko Jack PlanIs also revived in December! !

Therefore,"I want to celebrate Eric's birthday, 22 years old!""Ikebukuro Palko JackI will also introduce the details of "^^

Why don't you fill the Ikebukuro Parco with Eric and celebrate Senil with your fans?

By all means, if you are planning to celebrate Senl, please refer to it.♪

About Eric 

  • Real name: Song Young Jae
  • Date of birth: December 22, 2000
  • Birthplace: Seoul
  • Blood type: type A
  • Height: 174cm

Eric is the youngest member of The Boyz and is in charge of sub -vocal and leidrapper!

Eric has a reputation for performance and is one of the members who are particularly good at facial management.♪

In the group, you can often see the members who are playing with the members ^^.

Eric was born in Seoul and moved to California, USA in the lower grades of elementary school!

Eric's nationality is Korea because he was born in Korea ^^

Eric has a long period of time in the United States, and Eric speaks in both Koreans and English.♪

At one point, Eric decided to receive an audition in the United States, but a little interesting secret story!

The mother who got a phone call from the office recommends Eric to audition.

Eric says, "I can't dance!"Why don't you take it for the time being? It will definitely fall, but please try itI said (laughs)

At that time, Eric was inexperienced in singing, dancing, and lap, but passed the audition!

To be a trainee, I came back to Korea alone when I was a junior high school student!

My family still lives in LA and "I want my mother to perform at LA someday and see itI was talking with tears.

High school is famous for its oblown uniformsSeoul performance art high schoolHe was far from the dormitory, so he woke up at 6:00 every morning and went to school.

There is also a diligent aspect that I was taking classes without sleeping while doing a trainee life that is said to be difficult!

Eric's Chicchem Summary


"REVEAL", which is included in the 1st full album released on February 10, 2020, is a song that showed the sexy and charismatic of The Boyz ^^

Eric's Chicchem, which was broadcast on Muka on February 13, 2020, has exceeded 200,000 views!

What became a hot topic is that it strokes the jaw of the queue from 1:13!

At that time, "I can't forget this!」「Even if you are not an Eric fan, you were done here!"It was a great excitement♪

Many fans think that Eric is perfect for this concept, making it a popular chicchem!


"THE STEALER", which is included in the fifth mini album "CHASE" released on September 21, 2020, is an icon -like song that symbolizes the Boyz group!

Muka's Chicchem, which was broadcast on September 24, 2020, became a hot topic when Eric's high dance ability!

The expression during the performance has also become a hot topic, and some fans say "I was done!"

It is a chicchem where you can enjoy Eric's overflowing charisma who is growing more and more every time Kamba is growing!

Thrill Ride

The sixth mini album "Thrill Ride", released on August 9, 2021, is a representative summer song of The Boyz!

Muka's Chicchem on August 12, 2021 has become a hot topic of Eric's performance!

Even if it is not the center, it is always indispensable to make facial expressions.Thanks to Chicchem, you don't have to miss Eric's expression!""

It is a perfect chicchem without getting tired, so please check it out.♪


"Salty", which is included in the 1st full album, is from the fans.I want to see it live onceIt is a popular song with a reputation!

Every time Eric has a variety of expressions, the camera work that gets up is irresistible♪

This is a legend among Eric's Chicchem ..."" "

Please look for your favorite expression ^^


This is a chicchem when I covered Taemin's "DANGER" broadcast on "Road To Kingdom" on May 14, 2020!

In this Chicchem, you can fully enjoy Eric's talent and charisma!

From the fans, "The dance is good, the expression is really good ... the future of KPOP ..."" "

In particular, it seems that many fans were fascinated by Eric, who slide smartly under the desk ^^

What is Eric's charm?

THE BOYZ's energyer!

Eric is very active and looks like a group mood maker ^^

From the member HannyonE -jaizer"" He himself said, "Energy, bright, mischief!"♪

Suddenly, the members will be "hugged me ~", and the members will come together to combine them, and the activity and innocence of a child are one of the charms of Eric!

Just looking at the healthy Eric makes you feel bright ^^

God -class fan support!

Eric is a member who will be talked about if the fan service is too good♪

After the event, I fell in love with Eric's good response, "Do you become a fan one after another? !"Is also said ^^

Introducing Eric's god -class fan -compatible episodes that have become a hot topic!

When the fans who are signing sessions are holding their hands because they are hyperhidrosis, "are you OK"Eric reached out and held me.

Furthermore, to the fans who are grasped and shyLook at my eyes!"It seems that he told me ^^

It is a fan that can be said to be a professional, but it is surprising because it is an episode of the first year of debut!

Celebrate Eric's birthday with Ikebukuro Palko Jack!

Why don't you jacked Ikebukuro Parco and celebrate Eric, a 22nd birthday on December 22? ^^

This time,"I want to celebrate Eric's birthday from Japan.I will introduce Ikebukuro Palko Jack, which is perfect for those who say!

"Ikebukuro Palko Jack" is from Ikebukuro Parco4Let's fill the place with Senil advertising support advertising! It is a jack plan♪

How! Due to the popularity, Ikebukuro Palko Jack, which was held in August this year, will be held in December!

I will introduce in detail about 4 places where you can jack.♪

① Exterior wall vision

You can give Senil advertisements extensively to the outer wall vision installed in front of the Ikebukuro Parco Main Building!

It is a place with many passers -by, so it will definitely stop many people.♪

Usually, it is an outer wall vision that can only be posted on an ad for one week, but with this plan, it can be broadcast for one day specially ^^

② Cup holder distribution


Ikebukuro PARCO PARCO Main Building B2F "Tokyo Makapresso" can also distribute cup holders, the classic of Senil event ^^

It is possible to decorate not only the cup holder, but also the side of the cash register.♪

Why don't you take a photo of your recommended look with your friends?

③ P-Wall


You can also release Senil advertisements to the digital signage installed in the front entrance of the Ikebukuro PARCO main building!

It is usually a place where advertisements cannot be posted, but the Ikebukuro Palko Jack plan makes it possible to Special Senil advertisements!

You can play plenty of recommended ads for 30 seconds ^^

④ Step gallery

The step gallery installed on the landing of the stairs in the hall can post up to 14 Senil ads.♪ 

It is a place where advertisements from the hall shop are usually issued, but I will be able to jack specially ^^

In August, support advertisements were posted by fans of OWV, INI Kyosuke Fujimaki, and Rito Ikezaki INI, and many fans visited.♪

When advertising on Eric's birthday,

time limit"[3rd phase] December 19th to December 25thIs perfect ^^

Each periodLimited to one setIt will be so as soon as possible! !

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This time, I introduced THE BOYZ's manne, Eric, who will celebrate its birthday in December.♪

Did you enjoy Eric's profile and chicchem? ^^

There is also a notice that it will return to activities in earnest in the future, so I am just happy.

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