Tanaka special feature that enhances the parent day! What is the identity of a Japanese host who is also attracting attention?


 Japanese? Korean? At first glance, you will always get lost and you will be addicted to "Tanaka"

Introducing the trigger of "Moe Moe Kyun" that Tanaka was popular and a key person to enhance the pro -Japanese boom!

In Korea, Tanaka's first concert in Japan, which was sold out in "5 seconds" after sale, has been decided!

There is also information on tickets, so please see it to the end.♪ 

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What is the identity of the Japanese host "Tanaka"?

Introducing the Japanese host "Tanaka" in detail!

"Tanaka Yukio"

Profile of "Tanaka" which made Tanaka pose popular!

Quote source

  • Name: Yukio Tanaka
  • April 26, 1994
  • Birthplace: Shinjuku Kabukicho, Tokyo
  • Nationality: Japan
  • Family structure: Father "Tanaka Cabejin" mother "Tanaka Otasan"
  • SNS:InstagramYouTube
Tanaka's life was "inherited the family business and hosting it, he traveled to Korea to fulfill the dream of rock musicians, and carried debt in a contract with a vicious performing arts office ..."
And there is a fierce past: (
What is worrisome is the Japanese or Korean, but the identity is the character dressed by Gakuman in Korea!
Then, I think that the person inside is also concerned, so introduce your profile!

"Kim Kyung Wook"

Profile of the person inside "Kim Kyung Wook"!

Quote source

  • name:김경욱 (Kim Kyung Wook)
  • Date of birth: April 26, 1983
  • Height: 175cm
  • Educational background: Seoul University of Arts
  • SNS:Instagram

The contents Kim Kyung Wook are Korean Gakuman (a comedian in Japan)!

It seems that Gakuman was recommended by Cho Seho, a senior in high school.

Cho Seho, who has seen the fun since school days, is also amazing!

Why is Tanaka popular? Key person to enhance the pro -Japanese move!

Tanaka has been stacking for about 5 years until it becomes famous!
What is a key person who has enhanced the pro -Japanese boom!

Thorough character

Characters can generally become ambiguous.
Tanaka has a lot of thorough family names and housing.
It seems that Tanaka has been there for five years!
Sometimes I wanted to give up, but I continued this because I wanted to do it!
It seems that it was finally exposed to light in the fourth year♪


Tanaka became famousMopan!

I started Moppan as a Japanese host who eats Korean food for the first time.

It became a hot topic among Korean youth in this case and became famous♪

* Moppan is a video that makes food delicious. I eat it in Korean, but it was attached from "빙송" on "먹다".

The first nomination "Yuka -san"

Tanaka has become the cheapest host because no one has been nominated since he started the host.
There is a Japanese "Yuka" who nominated the cheapest Tanaka for crushing the popular host!
This encounter changes Tanaka!

By being nominated by the Japanese Yuka, I should be happy, but I have a hard time because I can't accept it.

If you compare it in a drama or anime, it looks like a heroine! (smile)

Did Tanaka make Moe Moe Kyun popular? ! Korean idols are also hot!

"Tanaka" who made Japan's "Moe Moe Kyun" popular!
It seems that there are many fans in Korean idols♪
KARA, Junsu, etc. are professing fans!
Here is the video that is said to have been popular with Moe Moe Kyun!
Since the release of this video, a video of ordinary Koreans and idols using Moe Moe Kyun was buzzing.♪
Here are some idol videos that are too moe Moe you choose!


The pronunciation is also easy p♪

The last heart and good destructive power are not odd ...!

Kumjun -hyun, who was appearing on voice, is also showing♪

Tanaka holds the first concert in Japan! Deliver live information!

The concerts held in Korea will be sold out in 5 seconds, and a hot concert will be held in Tokyo and Osaka in Japan.♪

Quote source


🌹Place / schedule🌹

August 11, 2023 (Friday / Holiday) Osaka Orix Theater
1st part 13:30 Open 14:15
2 copies 18:00 Open 19:00

August 13, 2023 (Sun) Tokyo of the Garden Hall
1st part 13:30 Opening 14:15 Start * Changinaga guest appearance
2nd part 18:00 Open 19:00 Start * Changinaga guest appearance


Fee: Osaka Orix Theater * All seats are designated / Tokyo The Garden Hall * All seats are free
With benefits ¥ 9,900 (tax included)
General ¥ 8,800 (tax included)
Appearance: TANAKA * Special guests (released later)

🌹Ticket sales schedule🌹

Pia fastest first: Tuesday, May 30th, 18:00 to June 20th (Tuesday) 23:59 * lottery
Pia Prelisive Advance: June 24 (Sat) 12: 00- July 9 (Sun) 23:59 * Lottery
Pia Pretal Preliminary: Thursday, July 13, 18: 00- July 17 (Monday) 23:59 * Creca payment only only
General release: Friday, July 22, 10: 00-
* There is a wheelchair
* Preschool child admission is not allowed
* Photo video shooting / recording prohibition
[Question] Ticket Pia Information 0570-01-7230 (12? 00-15: 00)


Let's enjoy the first concert in Japan in Japan!

Special guest Tokyo has been announced, but Osaka seems to be yet!

I'll be happy! O.O

I will add it if the information comes out♪


 Japanese? I introduced Tanaka, but how was it!

In fact, I found that it took about four years for Tanaka to become popular!

As an existence that enhances the pro -Japanese boom, let's have a Tanaka boom in Japan.♪

 It is an unprecedented person who uses Japanese culture to perform Korean moppan!

We will also hold concerts in Japan for the first time, so let's support you!

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