Stray Kids to refrain from adding an additional performance in Japan at Kyocera Dome! Why is it popular? Members' Instagram photo books and the latest live information!

京セラドームでの日本追加公演を控えるStray Kids!その人気の理由は?メンバーのインスタ写真集や最新ライブ情報まで!

This time, it is a special feature of Stray Kids, where the first dome performance was decided!

STRAY KIDS is one of the most popular among the 4th generation boys groups, and many fans are enthusiastic in Japan.♪

Such STRAY KIDS will be performed at Kyocera Dome at the encore concert!

Many fans are looking forward to the music and performance of Stray Kids that are not seen elsewhere ^^

Let's approach the popular reasons of hot stray kids now!

In addition, the cool photos of the members posted on the official Instagram♪

We will also provide information on additional performances and live viewing in Japan, so please enjoy it to the end!

Let's excite Stray Kids, the first dome performance!

About Stray Kids

Stray Kids is a Korean 8 -member boys group that debuted on March 25, 2018!

All the original addictive music is self -produced!

We are writing lyrics for all album songs, mainly in Vanchan, Chanbin, and Han, called "3racha" ^^

Its popularity jumps over Korea and Japan, and fans around the world are captivated.♪

The world tour "Stray Kids 2nd World Tour" Maniac "held last year succeeded in concerts in South Korea and Japan!

Additional performances will be decided, and in February will return to North America and Japan in addition to Indonesia, Thailand, Singapore and Australia.♪

In Japan, the first dome performance in Kyocera has been decided, and many fans are convinced of the popularity of Stray Kids!

It is not an exaggeration to say that it is the hottest now.♪

This articleThen, we also introduce the detailed profiles and live shows of members of Stray Kids, and the Senil ads of Stray Kids published in the past, so please check it out ^^.

Sukiz that accomplished the world tour! What is the popular reason?

"Always judge and move" self -produced idol

Stray Kids is known as a self -produced idol that makes music on its own!

The members of 3racha are writing lyrics for album songs, focusing on their music.

Stray Kids's music is said to be a "mushroom genre" and is a hot topic as a spicy, addictive and addictive music!

It is gaining popularity with "Stray Kids -like music" that is clearly different from other groups.♪

In addition, it can be said that self -producing is a group that makes use of the characteristics of each member well.^^

Pride for live songs

STRAY KIDS is the strength of STRAY KIDS that he is particular about singing in Korean and Japanese.

No matter how hard the performance is, it is cool to see the pride for live songs, saying, "I had many efforts of the members" and "We've been live for a long time."

The members of Stray Kids are always discussing their energy.

He says he has always pursued what he wants to show!

Many fans are looking forward to live songs, as well as sound sources or more skills in live songs.^^

Powerful and unique performance

The performance by STRAY KIDS is utilized by each person's personality.

Not only the powerful and overwhelming performance is popular, but above all, it is praised that they are enjoying their music!

A glimpse of a different charismatic character for each member will complete a unique performance.

Fans who like their performance and have come to like it are one after another!

YouTubeMany performance videos are posted, so please check it out!

Delivering a cool Instagram photo book of members♪


It is a banchan that is even cooler by monochrome processing in a popular photo through the popular mirror!

Vanchan is not a lot of updates, but the fans are delighted with the occasional photos.♪

While Case143, post a photo in costumes!

2If you look closely at the photo of the sheet, you are nail on your thumb.^^


Reno gives many cute Selka shots♪

In addition, SPY x Family's Anya on the back of the smartphone!

It's a sense of Reno that you like Japanese anime, isn't it?^^

Up a do -up Selka for Christmas!

#노 노 여 여 (Reno is cute) "I always give a cute Selka^^


Chanbin uploads a cute Selka with a piece with the latest posts!

The shot that is laughing out of my teeth is rare^^

In addition, we have posted a cool Miller Selka!

You can see that you are training, so your body is solid!

Hyun Jin

Hyun Jin uploaded a photo taken under the Tokyo Tower in Japan♪

Hyun Jin's different dimension is so outstanding that he doubts that he was really there!

There are also photos that are decided to be a little sexy in costumes♪

It's an unusual costume, but it looks good.^^


Han in the cap on the cap♪

I'm glad as a fan to see a natural figure that I can't usually see ^^

Han's appearance is innocently laughing with his eyes!

Please enjoy 5 shots of various expressions and poses♪


Philics has a beautiful appearance of the naturalness of the makeup ^^

The transparency and beauty are increasing in the sunlight! The color of the eyes is also beautiful♪

A cute Phillicks who wear a beret and close their eyes is also posted♪

The two -shot with Chanbin is also cute!


It is a collection of Miracelca of Sunmin!

If you search with a hashtag "#승 램 램", you will find a lot of Sunmin self -portraits.♪

It is Sunmin with a red -black costume and red bangs ^^

I am wearing costumes when I appeared at a music station♪


It is 10 consecutive throws of Aien Mira Selka♪

It's fun to see Aien at once!

I also gave a shot taken with the Tokyo Tower ^^

Aien has a lot of Namchin shots (boyfriend -style photos), so please try to find your favorite piece.♪

Live viewing is also decided! About additional performances held at Kyocera Dome

Quote source

Stray Kids encore concerts that have ended with STRAY KIDS 2nd World Tour "Maniac" with great success!

Saitama Super Arena on February 11 and 12 will be held at Kyocera Dome on the 25th and 26th!

Many fans have applied for the first dome concert of Stray Kids, and some say that they could not get tickets.

However, live viewing and online live in the movie theater are planned for such people ^^

Live viewing will be held for four days and will be broadcast at movie theaters all over the country!

Tickets can be purchased on e -plus sites ^^

The online live is available for two days, February 12 and 26♪

Even those who can't go directly, through onlineStray KidsLet's support the first dome performance!


This time, I introduced Stray Kids, which is about to have a concert at Kyocera Dome.♪

In addition to the popular reasons introduced, I think there are still many charms for fans around the world!

Please take a look at the encore concert and look for more goodness of Stray Kids ^^

Online live and live viewing are also available, so let's excite!

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