* Spoilers Note [I went to the topic NCT HOME] Summary of large exhibitions including NCT127 and Dream

※ネタバレ注意【話題のNCT HOMEに行ってみた】NCT127・DREAM含む大展示会感想まとめ

What is NCT HOME?

Currently held in KoreaThere are members of NCT127, NCT DREAM, and WayvIt is an exhibition of NCT as a whole!

There is a spoiler, but

All the staff of Senil Advertising Agency JAPAN, who is also an NCT fan, went to NCT HOME, so we will publish the content!

If you are not sure whether to go to NCT Home or whether to go to NCT HOME, please check it out.

but,If you don't want to see it until you go, you need to be careful because there is a possibility of spoilers `(*> ﹏ <*) '

Still, if you want to see a flicker, please read it to the end!

What is NCT?

NCT Basic Outline


Quote source

What is NCT?Neo Culture Technology "The acronymA male group debuted from SM Entertainment in Korea!

There are members from Korea, Japan, Canada, the United States, China, and Thailand, so it is quite global and has a rich personality!

The album was released in 2018, and on the way, Shotaro Sonchan was welcomed by 23 people.

NCT has published an article that explains in detail in the past.

🔽Please check it!

Click here for details


There is a derivative group "NCT127, NCT Dream, Wayv, NCT U",

Popular 3 groupsNCT127 / NCT DREAM / WAYV "I will introduce the^.^


About NCT 127

It is a nine that debuted in 2016.

"NCT 127" is derived from the 127 degree East Sutra, which is the longitude of Seoul.But in Korea, it is called "Iricyl"!

The member is from the left of the image
Janie Hechan Mark Jae -Hyun Tae -ye Tail Jung -duyoung "
It is a very global group because there are Japanese, Canadians, and Americans (● '◡' ●)


NowadaysCome back with a song called "A-YO"It became a hot topic♪

This time, there is a music color of music that can only be produced by NCT127, and it is an addictive song!

About NCT Dream

It is a seven -person who debuted in 2016 at an average age of 15.6.

Quote source

The member is from the left

"Hechan Chung -ro Gemin Longjun Longjun Chison Geno Mark"

It is composed of!

At the beginning of the debut, the members were limited to teens, but the graduation system was now abolished and the graduation mark was also joined and continued to work with members who were at the time of their debut!


In February, we finally succeeded in the Japanese debut and Kyocera Dome performance!

Japan debut song "Best Friend Ever" won the first place in the Oricon weekly rankingIt is also a song that did^.^


About Wayv

It is a seven -person group based in China and debuted in 2019.

Quote source

The member is from the left of the image

Ten Winwin Xiao Jun Hendry Yan Yang Lucas KunIt is composed of!

Wayv (WayV) The power of "Way Shembui" represents "the power of God" in Chinese.


The other day, a Japanese fan club was opened,The first solo event in Japan will be held on May 6th and 7thIt was decided to do^_^

The fans are excited about the first time in Japan, and the first event in Japan is excited!

Past NCT exhibition

NCT127 "Welcome to My City"

Near the sacred water station from November 12 to December 31, 2022It is a single exhibition of NCT127 held in♪ 





It seems that there was a signature because the people were visiting directly, so it is very attractive.😊



From August 20, 2022 (Saturday) to October 18 (Tuesday), near Route 7 Olinitegon Won Station (Children's Park Station)This is an exhibition of NCT Dream!




In the exhibition, there are photos of the debut at the time of debut, so it is very impressive to see the growth of DREAM from children to adults!

Introducing the NCT culmination "NCT HOME"

SoNCT culmination exhibitionI will tell you about!

Who is the best recommendation of Shizuni (the name of the NCT fan)?

In this exhibition, the HOME feeling appeared everywhere like the title, and each individuality was a glimpse, so it was a very fun exhibition!


"NCT HOME" Basic information

Son Song Station from Wednesday, February 8, 2023 to March 26, 2023 (Wednesday)It is an exhibition of the culmination of NCT that is being held nearby!

Our staff actually went (❁´◡`❁)


"NCT HOME" location and how to get


LocationExit 3 of Sonsu Station on Route 2Incidentally,

About 5 minutes on foot스 팩토 d 동 (Esfactory Building D)It will be a building!

It shows the way to go as in the image, so there is a banner, so we will proceed accordingly!


🔼If you see the word "NCT HOME", you will arrive!

It's not a complicated road, so I think you can go without hesitation.♪♪


( * Note spoilers) Introduction in "NCT HOME"

I will receive a ticket and go inside.

If you receive a screenshot on a page that shows that the reservation has been completed at the time of receipt, you can receive it smoothly.♪

At firstMembers will welcome you all over the screen!

It will change to another member in about 5 seconds, so if you wait, you can see the recommended members (❁´◡`❁)


There were UFC and Rakidro, but the staff gave up because they were so lined up> <

By all means, it is only available at this exhibition, so if you have time, please try it!



Next, the photos of the members were displayed♪


It is actually published in this exhibitionThe clothes worn by the people in photos and videos were also on display!

Please find the clothes worn by the members of your recommendation.>"<



And there was a machine that allows you to see winks and smiles after touching the screen in various ways^.^

It was fun because it gave me various expressions depending on where I touch it, and other members can try it :)


 At the endThe images interviewed by each member are flowing in three places each.It was a place where you could sit down and watch slowly^_^

Be careful as the members flowing differ depending on the location!


If you purchase the goods, it will be over!

"NCT HOME" goods

Many goods limited to venues were also sold, and there were many cute things :)

In Korea, goods are called MD products, but what you want MD products🔼I will tell you at the place and purchase!


There were too many cute ones, and there were many sold goods> <

When I went, most goblets were sold out ...!

Goods will be purchased at the end of the exhibition, but the receipt is receivedPlease note that there is> "<


Also, when I receive the ticket, I get the above stamp card,

If you collect 3 stamp cards, you will get the venue original trekaIt looks like ...! (Stamps can press your favorite members ...!)

I want to go to the treka more than 3 times ... (laughs)



"NCT HOME" ticket purchase method

Tickets can be purchased in JapanSo

🔽Check it out!

Sunday, February 26If you want to go afterwards🔽Please check from!

[Ticket information]

◼ Secondary ticket purchase start date: 2023 (Monday) 17:00 pm

◼ Secondary exhibition period: 2023 (Sun) ~ March 15, 2023 (Wednesday)

◼ Price: 24,000 원 (Japanese yen: 2,400 yen)

※ticket is2 pieces per personCan be purchased up.


The ticket will be received at the venue on the day.

(In my case, I issued a ticket when I showed the reservation screen> <)


Also, there was a photo zone next to the place to receive the ticket, so please take a commemoration (❁´◡`❁)


If you go to Korea, please visit us!

Summary of impressions of "NCT HOME"

I couldn't introduce everything, but I actually went to the site and I think I was able to realize the charm of NCT more!

It is gradually easier to go to Korea, so if you have a timing, please go to the exhibition!

I was able to feel the nerd's fun again, so

I hope I can continue to write articles on events such as exhibitions in the future!


Please let me know if you have an exhibition or event that you want to make an article (● '◡' ●)

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