Special features BTS members J-Hope that captivates the world! Deep the latest information on solo songs and Instagram!


This time, it is a special feature of J-HOPE, which will celebrate its 29th birthday on February 18 next year.♪

Speaking of J-HOPE, it is a very popular BTS member as a "everyone's hope" that gives you bright and energetic energy!

Recently, he has been active as a solo, and in June he was a big bird of Lora Palusa in the United States!

In addition, a solo appearance on MAMA to be held in Japan this year has been decided!

I would like to deliver more charms of J-HOPE, and this time we will also deliver the latest information on solo songs and Instagram in addition to profile.♪

In addition, we will introduce the current J-HOPE birthday project 2023 to celebrate the Senil of J-HOPE next year!

And we are currently doing Senil Crafan to succeed in this project!

What is Senil Crafan?Launched a project to issue a support advertisement for individuals and plannedServices to realize support advertising by exchanging support money for those who agreeIs.

I want to celebrate J-HOPE's birthday greatly!Please see the projects of Senil Crafan and Senil advertising ^^

Let's excite J-HOPE's last birthday in his 20s♪

About J-HOPE



  • Real name: Jung Hosoku
  • Date of birth: February 18, 1994
  • Birthplace: South Korea Gwangju Wide Area City
  • Blood type: type A
  • Height: 177cm

J-HOPE, which is active as the main dancer and leidrapper of BTS!

Speaking of J-HOPE, the performance in terms of performance will be a hot topic ^^.

Before becoming a trainee, I had a dance experience at Dance Academy, where Dong Bang Shin Ki and KARA's harassment passed!

One day, a person involved in the office who came to Dance Academy left the camera for about 2 hours to take a camera to shoot a dance.

I scouted J-HOPE, which had been dancing while I was out of my seat, and was auditioned, and passed it.

BTS is known as a struggling group, but J-HOPE has not grasped success.

He once fell from the debut group and was trying to quit the office.

He also said that he thought he had joined the group with a dance member after his debut, but did not attract attention at all.

However, it seems that the members supported me when I was in a difficult time, and it is also known that the members love more.♪

Now he is a top artist who is focusing on solo activities more than anyone and can perform live abroad!

The official YouTube has a full performance of "Lora Paruser" that appeared solo, so please check it out when you have time ^^


J-HOPE's solo song feature!

Intro: Boy Meets Evil

"Intro: Boy Meets Evil" is included in the second full album "Wings".

It is a song that decorated the first song of the album and was pre -released as a comeback trailer!

Known as a solo song that can enjoy performance,J-HOPEThat's why I also pay attention to the difficult dance that I can dance ^^

It seems that the choreographer who saw the completed video praised, "Thank you for doing difficult choreography."♪


This is also J-HOPE's solo song "MAMA" included in "Wings"!

"MAMA" is "J-HOPE"I want to be a singerA song made for a mother who has been supporting me since I confided my dream.

In the songIt is also a topic that the voice of J-HOPE's mother "Yobosyo" (video 0: 46 ~) is recorded ^^

When he actually called, he asked, "I want you to say again Yoboseyo?"


"TRIVIA Kiki: Just Dance" included in the Love Yourself Album "LOVE YOURSELF Yui 'Answer'"!

The process of falling in love was expressed as a danceThis romantic song was made based on live performance ^^

"J-HOPE"I want you to enjoy it at the concertAs soon as "Trivia Kiki: Just Dance" flows, the venue is excited!

On the world tour, the fans from the Taiwan performance "J-HOPE callIs began,J-HOPE also looked very happy♪

Outro: EGO

It is J-HOPE's solo song "Outro: EGO" that concludes the fourth full album "Map of the Soul: 7"!

This song, which is the theme of thinking deeply about myself, is sung about "Jung Hosoku's life and life as a J-HOPE" ^^

It is a bright and pop song like J-HOPE, but please look at the lyrics that make you think in various ways!


"CHICKEN NOODLE SOUP" released in 2019 is a collaboration song with American singer -songwriter Becky G ^^

The original song is Young Bee and DJ webster "CHICKEN NOODLE SOUP" released in 2006.

J-HOPE and Becky G are collaborating in the form of sampling common songs influenced as a child!

The rust dance is a simple choreography that anyone can imitate, and fans around the world enjoyed the dance challenge with the hashtag of "#cnschallenge" ^^

Blue Side

"BLUE SIDE" released as the first mixture "HOPE WORLD" outro!

Three years after the release of "Hope World", it was given as a gift for fans on March 2, 2021 ^^

He remembers himself when he was purely making music, and said that he had a timing to feel like a homesick or healed by the past.

It seems that it took a long time to complete it on a large theme, but J-HOPE "I think I was delivered to a musical growthIs a confident work♪


"MORE" included in J-HOPE's solo album "Jack in the Box" released in July 2022!

It is a dark and intense MV that you can not imagine from the image of the pop J-HOPE full of hope.

It is a song that makes J-HOPE feel frank stories and feel ambition and passion.♪

Deliver the latest information on Instagram!

BTS opened a personal Instagram in December 2021 ^^

Among the members, J-HOPE has a high frequency of updates, and the number of followers is currently over 41 million!

All photos and videos posted, such as the state of solo activities and off -shots, are all fashionable.The sense of J-HOPE is stuck♪

Let's focus on recent posts!

First of all, it is a photo uploaded before the Busan performance held on October 15!

"Let's go!❤️‍🔥💨The appearance of J-HOPE with a Vuitton suitcase ^^

At the bottom right of the photo is also a favorite Kaws of J-HOPE.♪

Although it is a black coordination that tends to be heavy, each item is cute like J-HOPE!

J-HOPE, who finished the Busan Concert on October 17, uploads a new photo!

It shares memories, such as the beehns of the concerts and the photos of the sea.♪

moreover! Inside, there are also photos of J-HOPE's bath wrapping prepared by the fans ^^

I'm happy just to get into my eyes, but it's impressive to give me authentication shots even if I become a global star.

This is a post on November 6, and a total of 10 pieces, including the sky and J-HOPE Selka, have been uploaded.♪

Fans are happy if you can see the latest status of pushes in photos and videos ^^

In this way, J-HOPE updates Instagram and delights the fans!

Don't miss it because there is a story update! Let's follow!

A J-HOPE Senil Crafan is being implemented!


I would like to issue a support advertisement, but I'm worried about the cost and I'm very ready to prepare ...Isn't there a lot of people?

What I recommend for such people is ""Senil Crafan"^^

How! This time, the fans who want to celebrate J-HOPE's Senil, the project "J-HOPE Birthday Project 2023" has already been planned.I'm standing up♪ 

This time, we will introduce "Senil Crafan" and "J-HOPE Birthday Project 2023" in detail!

What is "Senil Crafan"?

What is Senil Crafan?Launched a project to issue a support advertisement for individuals and plannedServices to realize support advertising by exchanging support money for those who agreeIs ^^

The big advantage is that people who agree with the project can give a large -scale advertisement that is difficult to put out alone!

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For those who support the project, we will give you a return product produced in a part of the support.♪

I want to know more about Senil Crafan!Please see here too!

What is "J-HOPE Birthday Project 2023"?

J-HOPE Birthday Project2023 is a plan for J-HOPE's Senil advertising by Mari ^^

This year's project was planned to celebrate J-HOPE's birthday next year by planning an Instagram video advertisement and Sapporo Tower lighting up next year.♪

J-HOPE Birthday Project 2023 is planning a video advertisement for Shinjuku Unica Vision on February 18, 2023!

Unica Vision, which can be said to be a standard Senil advertising, has a powerful large screen and has a great impact.♪

If you post Senil ads in Unica Vision, there are many fans who come to see them and come to see them, and it will be a hot topic on SNS ^^

This time, we are currently conducting Senil Crafan to realize this J-HOPE Senil project!

¥ 130,000 yenWe are aiming to achieve, and we are accepting support money from 1,000 yen.

The support fee recruitment period is ""Thursday, September 1st -January 18th (Wednesday)Is now!

Through Senil Crafan, let's realize UNikabision's J-HOPE Senil advertising!

Senil Crafan,J-HOPE Birthday Project2023If you have any concerns about it, please feel free to contact us!



This time, we introduced J-HOPE, which will celebrate its 29th birthday on February 18 next year ^^

How was the latest information on J-HOPE's profile, solo songs, and Instagram?

J-HOPE is a deeper idol in the swamp that knows the charm as you know.♪

It is also very nice to be working hard for members and fans.

Recently, I have been playing a lot of solo!

SuchJ-HOPEWould you like to excite the Senil together? ^^

In addition to celebrating Senles through "J-HOPE Birthday Project 2023", let's further disseminate the charm of J-HOPE to the world!

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