Special feature of the popular BLACKPINK! Delivering the contents of the caution♪Cute costumes and hairstyles are also thoroughly explained!


Blackpink, currently on the world tour, is finally coming to Japan next month!

I want to see BLACKPINK as soon as I see how Seoul and North America performances! I guess there are many fans who are long -awaited!

This time, we will send you a special Blackpink tour to commemorate the Japan Tour.♪

To enjoy more Japanese performancesLet's take a look at this tour content and set list ^^

In addition, Blackpink concerts will entertain BLINK in different costumes and hairstyles for each performance or city!

I don't want to see the spoilers of the tour!"We will introduce this tour costume and hairstyle for each member.So please check it out!

Elegant costumes and unique hairstyles are very cute (;;)

again,"I want to advertise to excite BLACKPINK's activities!」「I want to advertise to commemorate the Japan Tour!If you say, please consult us anytime ^^

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BLACKPINK is a four -member girl group debuted by YG Entertainment on August 8, 2016!

A group that has a reputation for all of the visuals, songs, dances, and performances.♪

The unique songs and members unique to BLACKPINK are captivated by BLINK (collective term for fans) ^^

In particular, the popularity overseas is tremendous.

In 2022, he ranked first in the Billboard Main Chart "Billboard 200" and achieved his first feat as a K-POP female artist!

Such Blackpink is currently holding a world tour!

A concert will be held at Tokyo Dome on April 8 and 9, and on June 3rd and 4th, Kyocera Dome.♪

[Spoiler attention] Deliver the tour content and setri of Blackpink World Tour [Born Pink]!

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BLACKPINK's "BLACKPINK WORLD TOUR [BORN PINK]", starting with a Seoul performance on October 15-16, 2022!

Blackpink is currently holding a large world tour around North America, Europe, Asia and Oceania over six months.♪

Finally, we will come to Japan in April, so let's take the contents of the tours that excite BLINKs around the world ^^

I don't want to see spoilers! Please enjoy the tour costumes and hairstyles to be introduced later!

Click here for a set list of Seoul performances held in October♪

BLACKPINK WORLD TOUR [Born Pink] Seoul performance set list
  • 1.How You Like That
  • 2.Pretty Savage
  • 3.Whistle
  • 4.Don'T Know What to Do
  • 5.Love Sick Girl
  • 6.Kill this love
  • 7. Crazy over you
  • 8.Playing with Fire
  • 9.TALLY
  • 10.Pink venom
  • 11.LIAR cover (jis)
  • 12. Unpublished solo songs (Jeni)
  • 13. Hard to Love & on the Ground (Rose)
  • 14.Lalisa & Money (Lisa)
  • 15.shut Down
  • 16.Typa girl
  • 17. DDDD
  • 18.forever Young
  • Encore
  • 19.boombayah
  • 20.Yeah Yeah Yeah
  • 21.As if it's Your Last

In addition to the indispensable title song, each member also performs solo songs!

In particular, Jeni's unnecessary solo songs surprised the venue!

It's been a long time since it's been a long time, so the voltage of the venue is also Max!

The appearance of the members is very cute ^^

Did the song you want to ask are on the set list? ^^

In Japan, songs with Japanese versions are likely to sing in Japanese.♪

Listen to a lot of songs and prepare for the performance of Japan!

Super topic! Introducing BLACKPINK tour costumes!

Zithu costume


Jis showed a black costume at New Class!

There are flowers around the shoulders, and the frills around the waist are also very cute.♪

Jis is a simple and mature costume very well ^^


In the Saudi performance performance, the velor fabric appeared in a cute dress ^^

The elegant costume of red and black, the breast brooch is also very fashionable!

Jeni's costume


Jeni appeared in a green sexy costume at the Hamilton performance!

If you look at the third photo, you can see that the green eye line has a green ribbon on the hair.♪

It's like a tinkerbell and it's cute ^^


At the Paris performance, it appeared in pink and black Chanel costumes!

Jeni, who can wear a sweet concept costume, is truly (;;)

The large ribbon on the half -up looks great and is cute.♪

Rose costume


Rose that appeared in a black dress in a black dress at Dallas.♪

Elegant and gorgeous costumes look great ^^


In Bangkok, the blue floral pattern shows a setup with an eye♪

Surprisingly, I wear hard shoes, and the gap is also a cute costume!

Lisa's costume


Lisa appeared in a red sparkle costume at Kuala Lumpur performance♪

It's very cute to wear a red ribbon on the dumpling according to the costume ^^


Lisa wearing a pink setup in Hong Kong!

The large flower button is also accented and is a very cute costume.♪

The gorgeous costumes look good!

I want to manage! Deliver a hairstyle during a BLACKPINK tour♪

Zith's hairstyle


Jis that looks very good with the two knots♪ 

The hairstyle that is different from the ordinary braid is unique and very cute!


The twin dango that I showed at the Dallas performance is also very cute! !

The heart Valletta on the front of the dung is fashionable, isn't it?♪

I want to do a twin dumpling different from the surroundings! If so, why not take a reference ^^

Jeni's hairstyle


Jeni challenges the unusual hairstyle at the Copenhagen performance!

Twin dumplings are braided around the face♪

Jeni also looks good on a unique hairstyle ^^


In Houston, a hairstyle with a ribbon braided into a braid!

The red ribbon woven casually is very cute♪

Rose hairstyle


Rose with relatively simple hairstyles!

At the Copenhagen performance, it was a style that braided around the face.♪

Blond hair is accented with black ribbons and cute ^^


In the Hamilton performance, twin tails♪

The blue ribbon combined with the costume is very cute ^^

Lisa's hairstyle


In Abu Dhabi, Lisa appeared in a cute ponytail!

The ponytail in a high position is always cute, isn't it?♪

The back hair that I dare to roll is also the point ^^


Simple but cute twin tails! !

High twin tails look good and really cute (;;)

Introducing Blackpink's cute tour goods!

It's not just the tour that everyone is looking forward to!

Speaking of BLACKPINK, it is famous for its cute and cute things.♪

This time, let's take a look at tour goods sold in Seoul and American performances!

I'm looking forward to what kind of goods will be sold in Japan ^^

Seoul performance

At Soul Con, 34 kinds of goods were sold!

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BLINK, such as penlights to T -shirts, hoodies, and individual fans, are all things you want!

This goods are one of the topics! !

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Blackpink members' character goods are too cute! And it became a big topic!

It is sold from stuffed animals and key rings to photo card cases, and fans saying "I want!"

I want you to sell it in Japan performance (;;)

Unfortunately, there was no sale at the US performance, but it seems that there was a sale at the Bangkok performance, so let's wait for a good news!

American performance

A new lineup has appeared in the American performance!

Apparel goods are the center, and the design is different from Soulcon.♪

The T -shirt contains a city that traveled on an American tour, and it seems to be a good memory ^^

If you look at the goods of performances in other countries, you will be even more concerned about the lineup in Japan (;;).


This time, I sent a special feature on Blackpink's World Tour, which captivates the world.♪

As the name suggests, it's very smiling to spend a happy time with many Blinks while traveling around the world.♪

In addition to the hot set list that exciting all the songs, the cute and unique costumes and hairstyles were also highlights!

Will the Japanese BLINK be excited about the performance of Tokyo Dome in April and Kyocera Dome in June? ^^

Everyone who is going to a concert, please have a good time! !

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