[Shizunny must -see] The live song is perfect! NCT Longjun Special♪Deep the Instagram and approach hairstyles/plain clothes gathering/cute side!

【シズニー必見】生歌も完璧!NCT ロンジュン特集♪インスタを深堀りして髪型集/私服集/かわいい一面に迫る!

Approaching Ronjun's charm!

NCT DREAM, whose debut in 2016 and has a Japanese CD debut and the first Kyocera Dome performance in February this year!

In addition, we won the Grand Prize at the 32nd Seoul Kayo Awards this year.I guess what I did is new to my memory^.^

I will deepen the transparent voice of Longjun with the vocal line of the most momentum of the most momentum.♪

Shizuji (NCT fan name)Which do you like "cool Longjun" or "Cute Longjun"?

Actually, the author is also Shizuji ... I'm going to deepen about Longjun, who has various aspects from a boy (❁´◡`❁)

"Cute Longjun"and"Cool Longjun"Please be assured that you can not choose, this article is available!


About NCT Longjun




basic information
  • Real name: Hello Hitoshi (황런쥔/황 준)
  • Date of birth: March 23, 2000
  • Birthplace: China Yoshibayashi City
  • Blood type: O type
  • Height: 173cm
  • Family structure: Parents
  • Hobbies: Drawing a picture of Moomin


 Now, NCT DREAM is very momentum!

Among themLongjun who is active as a vocalHowever, in Korean reading, it is 황 준 (fan Injun), and in China's reading, it is 황런쥔 (van Longjun).

From members and fansPure boys, Ron -chan, Korean reading InjunaIt is called!

I'm from Yoshinashi, China,He was able to speak Korean from an early age because he was from a Korean tribe in China.

The Chinese Koreans are a minority ethnic group in China, and it seems that they are located in Chinese and Korean, but they still work hard to study Korean besides school classes. that's right.

Because of that, he was able to speak Korean without difficulty after traveling to Korea. It is also impressive to translate Chonro and Chinese members of the same group!

againMy favorite food is hot potSo, the appearance of going to eat with members and other idols is often witnessed^_^

HobbyWrite your favorite MoominYou like drawing pictures.

NCT24 Hours Relay shows you how you actually draw.♪

and··The charm of LongjunAfter allTransparent voice and cuteThat's right (*° ▽ °*) ╯

It is indispensable as a NCT vocal line, but at the time of audition, you have a longing for EXO in the same office and performed dancing and joining the company!

You can sing and dance, and your hobbies are full of many talents.♪

Deep the topic Instagram! Approaching Ronjun's charm!

Cool hairstyle collection

Picked up a particularly popular hairstyle on the topic of Rung -nung's Instagram

We approach Longjun's charm!



 It's a hairstyle at the time of Hot Sauce!

The two -tone color is LongjunIt looks unusual and very good♪



Many people like bright hairstyles!

Among themPopular blondeIt is a post at the time (✿◡‿◡)


It is a post that shows black hair and brown hair at the same time! Longjun with brown hair in the photo was black on the stage!

Also, the first pose궁빵 (aggunpan) pose, which is said to have been devised by NCT ​​DoyonIt's nice to do♪

Too fashionable plain clothes

Ronjun, who wears a beautifully dressed in NCTDREAM with a good -looking guy!



It is a post when I went to Germany, but the brown T -shirts match well with the scenery of the city!


It is different from German photos. It has a gap and it is attractive.♪♪

Cute with skin white! Gap moe photo book

I'm still approaching Ronjun's charm ...! It is a post that shows that the word "cute in this world is white and the word" is something for Ronjun ... ;-)


Recently, a hat with the ears of an animal that is popular!Fox when compared to animalsIt seems that it can be compared, but it was finally talked about wearing a fox hat!

It is a post at an overseas USJ! If the Yoshi's hat looks very good and there is also a Japanese USJ, you definitely want to buy the same thing!


By the way・ ・ The ring that I wear most of the photos is matched with NCTDREAM.The inventor is LongjunWhat is it!

You can see the goodness of the members :)

However, there have been times when several people have been lost recently and have not worn it,

It seems that it was confirmed that the person who lost it recently purchased and wore it again.😊

According to Geno, there was Ronjun's silent pressure ... (laughs)

The matching friendship rings are all very nice (● '◡' ●)

Excellent singing ability! Introducing three raw songs that are too good at Longjun!

Duet: Eric Zhou Tetsu "Eternal Long Love Love"

 Runjun's transparent voiceWe will deliver!

Video when singing with the same NCT member Shao Junis! Both are very sweet and beautiful and healed (● '◡' ●)

Solo: 薛 谦 谦 "认 true snow (진 적설)"

This song isA song that is so famous in China to be said to be a winter songThat's right!

It is very nice to match Ronjun's gentle voice^.^


Solo: 선희 "연"

Longjun, who sang Chinese songs earlier, is a video that covers Korean songs (● '◡' ●).

It has a different charm from Longjun, who sings Chinese, and it's wonderful!

Extra edition (popular chicchem)

* Chicchem= It is a video that shoots one member instead of a group because it stands out in Korean.

We have picked up some popular videos among Ronjun's Chicchem! Chicchem that could not be posted this time is also on YouTube, so by all means

"Longjun Chicchem"Please check (❁´◡`❁)


 First of all, it is a chicchem when I released a cover album for H.O.T's "Candy", a senior in the office.

The cuteness is overflowing all the timePlease see this song!


Next is Hot Sauce.

It's a song that will be intense from the intro and want to imitate the dance very much!


Chicchem at Beatbox. I want you to see everything, but if you don't have timeCute Longjun since around 2:40Please refer to the🔅


@official_nct Beatbox Wink 😉 ✨ Ver. What is your version? #BringYourBeatbox#DREAMSQUAD #NCTdream #beAtbox #NCTDream_beatBox ♬ Beatbox --NCT DREAM

It became a hot topic between ShizujiWink videois. It's really an idol that you can make a wink without any shaking ...


Let's celebrate Longjun on March birthday with Senil advertising

How was the charm full of Longjun?

Such Longjun isMarch 23rd birthdayis!

Why don't you issue a birthday advertisement at our company?

We will respond as much as possible if you want to have a cup holder event or not to advertise Korean!


Adtrack advertisement

I advertised according to the NCT DREAM concert, and I was pleased with many Shizuji (● '◡' ●)


Instagram of attractive LongjunI went deep, but"cool""cute"I guess both were able to see both faces.

I'm looking forward to Longjun, who will continue to attract many people with a clear voice^_^

I would be glad if you could be interested in NCT DREAM!

I will keep an eye on Ronjun's success :)

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