SHINEE Onyu special feature on December birthday! Introducing secrets hidden in Instagram and up to Japan's first solo album/live♪

12月誕生日のSHINee オンユ特集!インスタに隠された秘密や日本初ソロアルバム/ライブまでをご紹介♪

SHINEE is still fascinating fans with glittering performance, which has been debuted for over 11 years.

Isn't there a lot of fans who were worried about SHINee's performance, which is extremely popular in Japan?

SHINee's Onyu is a leader who supports SHINee, which has a clear characteristic singing voice!

This time, we will introduce SHINee Onyu's profile, solo albums, and Japan's first live performance on December 14th.

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About SHINEE Onyu

  • Real name: Lee Jinggi
  • Date of birth: December 14, 1989
  • Birthplace: Gwangmyeong, Gyeonggi, Gyeonggi, Korea
  • Blood type: O type
  • Height: 177cm
  • Position: Leader Read Vocal
  • Family structure: Parents
  • Hobbies: Song, piano, Chinese

SHINee is now indispensable in the K-POP scene!

That performance doesn't need to be explained, isn't it?♪

In SM Entertainment, they have a higher sense and commitment in musicality than other groups, as there is an episode that all songs that incorporate the melody line and the most advanced trends are given to SHINee with priority.

Ounyu, who sings such excellent songs with beautiful vocals, is the leader of SHINee!

His real name is Lee Jin -gi, but "Gentle and soft"Ounyu", which has the meaning, is the stage name ( ^ ^)

As the name suggests, the soft, soft and gentle atmosphere, a healing smile that attracts fans, and the gentle singing voice that you willingly hear is attractive.♪

In Japan, it is called Onyu, but in Korean, it is called "onu" or "Onu -kun" to read onu in Korean!

Onyu who loved singing from an early age and attended a SM Entertainment vocal school.

When she appeared in a school showcase audition, she was found by SM Entertainment, Lee Smant, and became an SM trainee.

After two years of trainee life, he made his debut as a member of SHINee!

As a fan, the icon of Onyu's Instagram is worrisome.

Doraemon Nobita -kun, and a cool version of Nobita -kun is the icon of Onyu (^○^)

Why is the onyu icon Nobita?Isn't there a lot of fans who are worried?

Ondyu opened an Instagram account in 2015, but has not changed the icon since its opening!

Nobita -kun is "in Korea"노 진 (No Jing)It is a character name, and because the nuance is similar to the real name of Onyu, it seems that he uses Nobita -kun's icon.♪

Also, the on -Yen's Twitter account is [SkehehdanFDLDI], and the Instagram account is [DLSTMXKWLDRL], which seems a bit unknown at first glance.

If you hit this account name on the Hangul's keyboard, it will be a Korean sentence with a combination of Hangul's vowels and consonants!

When you actually enter each of each of Onyu's account ...

SKEHEHDANFDLDI → 나 동물 야 (I'm also an animal)

DLSTMXKAKWLDRL → 타 타 징 (Instamaginger)

That means.

징 (Mazinger)Is a nickname that is often used when playing games,"Mazinger"You're doing it!

The place with such humor may be the charm of Onyu.♪

About Japan's first solo album

In April 2022, Japan's first solo album "LIFE GOES ON] Released onu!

Until now, Ounyu has covered many Japanese famous songs, but it was a solo album release in Japan where fans could not wait.♪

On the dome tour held in 2015, Hideaki Tokunaga's "Rainy BlueI guess some fans and the fans and Onyu themselves have remembered the legendary stage that we cried.

Hideaki Tokunaga himself praised Ounyu's singing voice and has become a cover song for himself! For Onyu, who also sings beautifully and naturally, "from the fansI want you to release a Japanese cover album!There was a voice saying.

In the solo album released this time, in addition to the original song, four Japanese famous song cover as a bonus CD.♪

On the bonus CD, it covers "Glitter" (Kazumasa Oda), "Scale (Uroko)", "Everything" (MISIA), and "Dreams Come True)!

The treble vocals with the characteristic of Onyu have a different atmosphere from the original song.♪

About Japan's first solo tour

Minho was a solo event in SHINee Min -ho held in May 2022

Oniyu will be staying in Japan for about 3 months soon.It became a hot topic that the story has been spoiled (laughs), but

Ounyu, who has also decided on the first tour in Japan!

Started in July 2022 "ONEW JAPAN 1st Concert TOUR 2022 -Life Goes ON ~ Special Edition] Sold out for 6 performances in 4 cities in Osaka, Nagoya and Fukuoka!

In a hurry, on September 10 (Sat) and September 11 (Sun), an additional performance at the National Yoyogi Stadium Daiichi Gymnasium was decided!

At the performance of Nippon Budokan in Tokyo on July 9, "ScalesMotohiro Hata, who sings, has appeared, and a collaboration between Onyu and two has been realized.

In fact, they said this day was the first meeting, but "Let's get along ~♪Is too cute to have pledged in the future! And the fans are excited!

 In the Japanese solo tour MC, they do not prepare an interpreter or Japanese campaign, and all are talking to the fans in their own words!

It is a live performance that conveys the feeling of fan feeling that Onyu wants to deliver his own feelings as it is.♪

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We introduced SHINee Onyu's profile, Japan's first album, and the first tour!

Ounyu heals and captivates fans with gentle expressions and singing voices.

In solo activities, you can see the natural appearance of Onyu, which is different from the appearance of SHINee.♪

Let's watch the activities of Ounyu in the future!

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