September is the birthday of TREASURE Jung Woo! Introducing basic information such as brothers and heights and songs covered with topical topics♪

9月はTREASURE ジョンウの誕生日!兄弟や身長などの基本情報や話題のカバーした歌もご紹介♪

TREASURE is a 12 -person boys group debuted from the 2020 YG Entertainment!

One of the members, the main vocal, Park Jung Woo, will celebrate its birthday in September.♪

This time, we will introduce the charm through Jung Woo's basic profile and the cover song "Peter Gius"!

If you don't know well, please reconfirm if you know, and celebrate Jung Woo's birthday (^○^)

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TreasureJohn WooBirthdayWould you like to celebrate grandly? ( ^ ^)

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About John Woo

  • Date of birth: September 28, 2004
  • Birthplace: Masuyama City, South Korea
  • Height: 178cm
  • Brother: Brother
  • Blood type: O type

Park Jong -woo, a bright character, is in charge of Treasure's main vocal!

John Woo, who started attending a vocal school during his hometown of Masuyama, was recognized for his singing voice and he was able to go to the audition on the second day.

Passed the YG Entertainment audition recommended by the school!

Then survival audition program "YG jewelry boxI have participated in tears, but I became a member of TREASURE who won (^○^).

The powerful singing voice and the stable singing voice were firmly grasped the judge's heart.♪

He was from Masuyama, the youngest of Treasure John Fan, and seemed to have been acquainted before joining the company.Ixan (Masuyama)Is called.

Jung Woo, who is tall, has grown 13cm since joining YG!

Treasure's Manneline (Hart John Woo John fan) is really tremendous!

John Woo's nickname "" "Choco Jongu"Is a darker skin color,"Shoulder handsomeWas from a right angle with a shoulder width of 52cm ^ ^

Because it has a masculine skeleton, it is noteworthy with Jong -Woo's height.♪

again,"Treasure Map Episode 56 Cafe Prince OpenThen, if you put your fans in front of you, you can't meet your eyes,

You can see the shy and introverted Jong -woo who is pretty shy!

Is it still adolescent, and the shyness is cute?♪

If you think that you showed a bright mood maker, you suddenly showed you to be silent.

There are many fans who tickle their maternal instinct because they can't take an eye on it^_^

About the topic cover song "Petergeus"

April 23, 2022 am 0:36 am.

John Woo on Treasure's official Twitter, Yuri, a Japanese artistPetalgeus"The cover song has been uploaded!

The fans seemed to be surprised because it was a sudden release and Japanese song cover (^○^)

Thank you for covering Japanese songs

Jung Woo's Peterugius is really too good

Jung Woo's Peterugius, I really like the sadness ~

You can't sleep unless you listen to Jong -Woo's Peter Gius regularly

Many praise on SNS, and the fans were revealing joy.♪

Stable and stretchy singing voice.

John Woo, who often speaks Japanese, is very painful to see if he understands the lyrics of Petergius well (;;)

As expected, the main vocal of Treasure makes me cry firmly.

Yuri who knew this also got a reaction.

By the way, the chorus is Asahi, a member of Treasure.

I look forward to looking forward to singing Japanese cover songs in the future.♪

What is John Woo's charm?

From here, we will dig deeper about John Woo's charm!

Extended and sweet singing voice

John Woo has appeared on the masked song following the member Jedam!

The result was two round dropouts, but I was firmly grasping the hearts of the performers.♪

Indeed, he entered the vocal school, was recommended to audition in two days, and joined YG.

The stretchy, sweet and painful singing voice is not yet a high school student!

I'm really looking forward to John Woo's singing voice that gains experience and changes more (^○^)

It looks bright and mood maker at first glance, but is it actually introverted?

Jong -woo, a bright and mood maker when you are a member of TREASURE!

It always excites you with YouTube content and VLIVE♪

However, if you appear on variety programs, the momentum will disappear at once.

If you talk to the MC, you can respond, but I do not try to talk from myself.

There are many fans who can tickle maternal instinct in that figure (^○^)

The tall in the midst of the growing period, the tight eyes and the wide shoulder width

The skin tone is dark and the eyes are crisp!

It was a young face when I was in the YG jewelry box, but now it has changed to a mature and masculine look.♪

It is called a beautiful man by the member, and it is enviable because the shoulder width is wide and right angle ^ ^

He is tall and is still looking forward to the future of John Woo!

Introducing plans around YG office!

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Treasure's Park Jong -Woo, who celebrates your birthday in September, how was it?

I am glad that Jung Woo's charm, which is bright and mood maker and actively speaks Japanese, is transmitted.♪

As a Treasure's main vocal, I'm really looking forward to John Woo's future activities, which continue to grow with talent and effort!

I want to continue to support and watch my growth (^o^)

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