September birthday SHINee Key Fans must see! Introducing plain clothes collection on Instagram and variety programs that appear♪

9月誕生日SHINee キーのファン必見!インスタでの私服集や出演するバラエティ番組もご紹介♪

SHINee debuted from SM Entertainment in 2008!

They have the concept of the "contemporary band" that transmits state -of -the -art trends in many directions such as music, dance, and fashion.

The group name is "A shining personNow, not only as a boys group, but also as a boys group.

He is active in many genres such as solo artists, actors, and talent.♪

The key of the members of SHINee isDo the vocal dance rap in almighty,It is known that he is good at producing!

In addition to K-POP idols, they have a wide range of friendships such as actors and comedians, and are drawn to variety shows!

This time, we will introduce the SHINee key profile, Instagram, and perform programs performed on September 23.♪

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Birthday of SHINee keyWould you like to celebrate grandly? ( ^ ^)

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About SHINee key

  • Real name: Kim Kibom (김 김)
  • Date of birth: September 23, 1991
  • Birthplace: Korea Daegu General City
  • Blood type: B type
  • Height: 179cm

In SHINee, the key that is in charge of the rapper read dancer subbocal!

His real name is Kim Kibom, but he has a wide variety of talent.

All -mighty all -purpose key that can handle anything

It was named the key with the meaning♪

The almighty is not only in the performance, but also in a wide variety of dishes and Japanese (^o^)

The key, who joined SM Entertainment after audition in 2005, has an episode that the only number of participants has passed the audition!

I have been aiming to be a singer since I was young, and the longing person is BOA.

The key that he was a Fan of BoA so that he joined the fan club was longing for BOA and passed the SM audition and passed!

The key that stopped the debut is ""Successful Otaku] Is also known.

However, even if he made his debut and met BoA in the office, he was so afraid he could not approach BoA for a while.

And speaking of the key, the scratch of the right eyebrows that is divided into forks is impressive, isn't it?♪

Did you shave your eyebrows on purpose when serving as a cosmetic brand model? It was said (laughs)

This is actually a scar that I was playing with a flowerpot when I was little, but accidentally broke the flowerpot and was injured by the debris!

At the time of the debut, the scars were hidden by eyebrow powder, etc., but is this unique and cool? I came to think and now I dare keep it natural ^ ^

It is also called the top class fashionista in the Korean entertainment world, and the commitment to fashion is more than one person!

Not only private clothes, but also airport fashion and stage costumes are attracting much attention.

Also, in private, the brand that the key lovesComme des GARçons]

I have two dogs, "Comde" and "Garson", and the doting is familiar to fans.♪

Key Instagram summary

SHINEE members have a personal Instagram account in addition to the official Instagram.

On the key Instagram, you can know the key private, and for fans it is a must!

Key friendship

There are many friends in the entertainment world regardless of gender!

Artists who are active in girls groups such as girlhood Taeyeon, former SISTAR Sou, Girl's Day helicopter.

It often appears on the key Instagram♪ 

Key plain clothes collection

You can also check the plain clothes of the keys with the nickname of the fashionable bancho of the SM Entertainment on Instagram♪

Shot with pets who beloved

Beloved Comde and Garson are often appearing on key Instagram!

The expression of the key with two animals is healed like a dad.♪

Introducing the program of key♪

A key that has a regular variety program, taking advantage of versatile talent, outstanding talk skills, and a wide range of friendships.

Introducing the key programs on the key!

"Surprising Saturday"

tvn "Surprised SaturdayIs a popular music variety in Korea!

Every time, we invite hot artists to guests and with the concept of music and cooking.

It is a game mission -type variety program that the whole family can enjoy♪

When the rookie girl group is a guest, the key will do the dance of the guest's songs and surprise the studio co -stars!

Private talks of keys that can only be heard here are also gaining popularity from fans (^○^)

"I live alone"

MBC "I live alone] Is a variety of entertainers who live alone!

The key that has long been begging for appearing on this program.

In the program, the new home has been released, and the bed frame has not yet reached, and you can see the key that is sleeping only on the bed mat.♪

Fans are a must -see for fans, such as spacious living rooms and terrace overlooking Han River!

"We got married"

MBC broadcast in 2014 "We got married world version]

It became a hot topic to play the Japanese model, Alisa Yagi and the virtual couple!

Alisa Yagi, a trilingal that can speak three languages ​​in English, French, and Korean,

There is only a combination of the key to Japanese, and the language barriers are cleared, and they quickly become close.

The newlywed life of the two, also known as the fashionista couple, is also a fan that fans come!

In 2015, I reunited at SHINee's performance in Japan, and it became a hot topic.♪

Introducing plans around SM office!

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Quote source

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Convenience store GS25

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This time, we have introduced the profile and charm of the SHINee key, Instagram and the programs!

A key key in Japanese and is very popular in Japan.

You can't overlook not only performance, but also the future success of the key with plenty of charm in private.♪

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