[Selected] 10 K-POP classic Christmas songs! From popular songs of idols that excite the K-POP world such as NCT/AESPA/Stray Kids/BTS♪

【厳選】K-POPの定番クリスマスソング10選!NCT/aespa/Stray Kids/BTSなどK-POP界を盛り上げるアイドルたちの人気曲から定番の曲まで♪

The end is finally approaching this year, and Christmas has arrived right in front of you.❤︎

Everyone, you can see the cityscape full of Christmas, exciting, make a plan, and think about what to do.

Isn't it in the middle of enjoying the Christmas season? (๑)

It is indispensable to enjoy such a Christmas seasonAfter all it is a Christmas song!

This time, we will deliver the K-POP Christmas song special for K-POP lovers.♪

It is indispensable in Korea from the Christmas songs of hot idols who are excited nowUp to chill Christmas songs of talented artists

This seasonI've collected songs that make you more exciting, so please ask!

Must listen! Introducing 10 "K-Carroll"♪

From now on, we will introduce 10 Christmas songs for gorgeous idols that are excited about the K-POP world.♪

Please listen to the songs to be introduced in the future and enjoy the Christmas mood ^ ^

“Beautiful Christmas” --Red Velvet & Aespa

The top batter of the playlist introduced this time is a squirt song that appeared as a new song this month!

With the popular girl group RED VELVET (Red Velbet: Redbell) belonging to SM Entertainment

AESPA (Espa) is finally a Christmas song! I achieved the first collaboration of my dream♪

This song is "Winter Album" of SM Entertainment to be released on December 26.2022 Winter Smtown: Smcu Palace]!

The members are very cute and too cute to the gorgeous Santa Girl that is not found in other songs in MV❤︎><

It was just a collaboration of the popular girl group that I could not see until now,

It is already a hot Christmas song from K-POP fans around the world.♪

On January 1st, there is a SM online concert "SMTOWN LIVE", which has been annual in recent years, so you must also see live performance on the stage (*^_^*).

"Christmas EVEL" --STRAY KIDS

Christmas song of JYP's now hot boy group stray kids (Stray Kids: Skis) belonging to JYP Entertainment!

Speaking of Christmas songs, songs that are healed by ballads and songs with a happy atmosphere are standard, but Christmas songs of the skis are a bit different!

Among the Christmas songs of the skis, I chose one song with a strong beat as a whole.♪

The members in the MV rush into a colorful shop full of Christmas -enjoyed cakes and sweets!

It's like a movieCharlie and chocolate factoryIs full of fantasy feeling reminiscent of❤︎

From the beginning, a naughty atmosphere is humming, and it has a frank atmosphere that you can not imagine as a Christmas song.

It is one song that further excites the Christmas of the stay (Fundam name) >

“Twinkle” --lovelyz

Legendary Girls Group Lovelyz of Woollim Entertainment Winter Masterpiece♪

It is an impressive song with a melody that looks like a love lean, lovely and Kyun.❤︎

The title of the song is 종소 (sound of a bell) in Korean.

From the beginning of the song, you can feel the atmosphere of Christmas at a stretch with the sound of the bell, the lyrics are loved and your chest will be hot>

It is a Christmas song of K-POP idol that I personally love, but it has a happy and K-POP atmosphere.

It is a recommended song that you will want to hear in the extremely cold Korean downtown area >


Don't forget the Christmas song of NCT DREAM from SM Entertainment (´ ▽ `)

Even now, they are still loved as the NCT Manne (youngest) group, with a cute, dynamic and sharp dance.

It is captivated by many Shizuni (Fundam name), but is also good at the warm and special atmosphere of Christmas! !

This is a Christmas song just 5 years ago, but if you look at the MV, most of the members were teens at the time.

Such a new member will further strengthen the waiting for Christmas❤︎

The song is a classic Christmas Carol "Jingle Bells"and"Joy to the worldMixed sampling, just the royal melody of Christmas♪

I want to have a Christmas party at a warm house with glittering warm house like the members>

We will send you a special article about NCT soon, so please check that too.♪

“Lately” - Infinite

Boys Group INFINITE, indispensable for K-POP history, produced from Woolim Entertainment!

Infinite's song is very famous as a Korean Christmas song♪

K-POP golden ageInfinite's Christmas song in the era, also called, is one of the recommended songs for those who want to feel a nostalgic and passionate winter Korea with a slightly different atmosphere from the current K-POP!

According to the voices of Korean Inspirit (Fundam name)

"One song of youth that reminds me of my winter winter"

"If you look back at the lyrics, it's really warm and thinks about your fans.

"First love, winter memories, first snow, classmates that were good friends at the time, songs that revived various memories and became hot."

It can be said that it is a youth song of the Korean citizens, such as.❤︎

“Snowy Night” --Billiee

Billlie (Billy), a hot topic now that two Japanese members are enrolled!

Recently, the song "The expression" on the stage of the Japanese member TSUKI (Tsuki) has become a hot topic "Gingamingayo (The Strange World)"♪

The phrases that remain in the ears and the addictive melody, the unique and high -level dance,

Especially Billiee is fascinated by the MZ generation Belllie've (Beleves: Fundam name)

In the Christmas song, the belives were enchanted with a soft and comfortable melody (´ ▽ `)

In the MV, it starts with the background reminiscent of the universe and the seemingly rare Christmas season songs,

We will gradually develop the story page!

The atmosphere is as if the members are dancing cute in the winter world and watching a fairy tale overall.

It is a Christmas song unique to Billiee♪

“Christmas Day” -JIMIN & JUNG KOOK (Origin. Justin Bieber -Mistletoe)

BTS (BTS), which is now very well known in Japan!

In fact, from the famous Christmas songs to the hidden winter songs for the trainees, BTS.

There are many songs presented to ARMY (Army: Fundam) in Christmas (*^_^*)

Especially recommended this time is a song that members Jimin and Jong -guk prepared directly in Christmas in the first year and six months of their debut!

Jimin is the first time! It's a song written! (・ Д ・)

Jimin on the blog at that time

"One month before Christmas, why don't you record one song for Army while working with Jong -guk?

When I suggested, Jong -guk, who was wit,

He gave an opinion to make a Christmas song because it was Christmas soon.

I was worried that it would fit in the middle of a limited time, but I'm glad to be prepared hard and publish it like this "(from Bangtan Blog)

And directly reveals the episode of song production❤︎

A Christmas song that warms your heart with a harmony of two people!

Please ask by all means♪

“The First Snow” --EXO

EXO, a Boys Group belonging to SM Entertainment representing K-POP!

It has been loved all over the world while demonstrating almighty charms such as singing, dance, visuals.

This group is also pulled in dramas and TV programs.♪

There are many Christmas Song -gray parties sung by EXO,

Above all, in this season, it became a hot topic every year as well as EXO-L (Exo-L, Excel, Eri: Fundam).

There are songs loved by many people!

that is"THE FIRST SNOW」!!

In the afternoon of winter when the first snow began, we will develop while recalling a former lover who broke up a year ago.

Rather than a song that expresses the classic Christmas song "enjoy the Christmas season" and "wait for Christmas"

Because of this season, a song depicting the feelings of the hero who recalls sad memories> <

In contrast to the chorus and melody of the members who play with a warm voice that gently melt the snow

Looking at the lyrics, ""Untrained for ex -lovers」「Regrets of the pastIt is somewhat fantastic and painful to focus on

I feel strange ...

Please pay attention to the lyrics.♪

“For you” --Lee Hi (feat. Crush)

Not only idol Christmas songs, but also popular artists winter songs are very popular in Korea!

Especially R & B artists' songs are always one of the hot songs in Korea ^^

What we recommend this time is the strongest collaboration among these artists. Lee Hi (Lee High)andCrushSong specially given from♪

Lee Hi's soul overflowing, deep and comfortable medium bass,

With the supple crash and beautiful voice harmony, you can enjoy the moist and adult Christmas atmosphere.❤︎

"Merikuri" --Boa

The last is an introduction of a nostalgic masterpiece♪

Legendary artist Boa who left many famous songs while working in Japan while working in Japan in an era when the concept of "K-POP" has not yet penetrated

It is a song that has been loved even now, more than 15 years, as a famous Christmas song as a famous Christmas song in Japan!

 It's a perfect artist BOA who sings a song while dancing

MerikuriIn the overwhelming and powerful beautiful voice that cannot be imitated by anyone, I made the goose bumps of the people listening (*_*).

Looking back on my lovable memories with my lover while being wrapped in the cold air of midwinter

Stay with me foreverIt is a melody that is a little painful in the lyrics that conveys the feelings to your lover.

It makes the Christmas of Japanese lovers more special❤︎


What did you think?

This time, not only the songs that make K-POP's idols feel better,

We have introduced even a memorable sentimental Christmas song in Korea.♪

K-POP song that comes back every season and snuggles up to the memories of the season!

Let's welcome the best Christmas while enjoying "K-Carol" that I have not heard yet this winter (*'∇ `*)

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