October birthday NCT/WAYV Winwin! What are you worried about now? Explain the topical drama information and Instagram♪

10月誕生日のNCT/WayV ウィンウィン!気になる現在は?話題のドラマ情報やインスタまでを解説♪

The next -generation boys group "NCT" consisting of global members such as Korea, China, Japan, Canada, Thailand.

The NCT, which debuted in 2016, has become a hot topic in the unprecedented mechanism, in which members are composed of the concept of songs, etc., without fixing the number of members or groups.

Winwin, a member from the early NCT, is a popular Chinese member with neat features.

This time, we will introduce the NCT Winwin profile and the latest information on the birthday on October 28!

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About NCT Winwin

  • Real Name: Don Souchon (Tongari)
  • Date of birth: October 28, 1997
  • Birthplace: Jengzhou City, Zhejiang Province, China
  • Blood type: B type
  • Height: 180cm
  • Family structure: parents, sister
  • Group belonging: NCT, WAYV (Devil V), NCT U, NCT127
  • Special skill: Chinese dance

Winwin, a Chinese member of the NCT, belongs to NCT, Wayv (Demi V), NCT U, NCT127!

The preview video released in January 2016 as the "SM ROOKIES" of the SM pre -debut team and released when the NCT debut was announced.Sm_nct# 3. 7th sense]♪

The trigger for Winwin to join SM Entertainment is a scout!

When he was a high school student, he was called by a female scoutman of SM, but he thought he was a suspicious person and taught a lie contact.

After that, I was called by a scoutman several times, but I was scared and fled, but I finally found that I was a real SM staff, and finally told me the real contact^_^.

However, Winwin's parents oppose going to Korea.

There is also an episode that SM scoutman visited Winwin's house to persuade his parents, and finally become an SM trainee!

Speaking of Winwin, he graduated from the highest peak in China, Beijing Dance Gakuin High School, and was a Chinese dance super elite that he entered the Chuo Play Academy, a world -renowned art university. Is known♪

Even in the songs of NCT127, you can see Winwin's acrobatic performance.♪ 

In 2019, we debuted as a member of the NCT derivative group that is based in the Greater China Wayv!

The activities of NCT127 have been suspended since this time because of the main activities on Wayv. 

Winwin's most notable was "NCT U" released in 2018.Boss"is!

Winwin, who had been working as a member of NCT127 until then, was decorated with the top batter of NCT2018, Winwin first participated in NCT U!

Although NCT U changes the members composition depending on the concept of the song, many fans have heard that "Boss" is perfect for winwin's image, and it became a popular song in NCT.♪

Winwin tends to have a cool image with a neat face and a masterpiece performance, but in fact it has a little natural aspect in private.

Especially when you are with the members of Wayv, you can laugh enough to break the sound, or decide a mysterious pose when taking pictures.

In the case of the NCT content, it has been released without wrapping up the shaving and isolation life during the entry to China, and shows a manly masculine side.♪

Popular drama appearance information!

Winwin, who traveled to China in 2021, announced that it had established a private office in China.

However, it does not mention NCT's activities, and is actually suspended as NCT.

Winwin, who has been active in China, appearing on variety programs and appearing in high -brand events.

Chinese drama "FebruaryIs also an actor debut!

Wayv Winwin is October 25, 2021, China's Fantasy Romance Drama "February] Appeared in the opening ceremonyLong -awaited actor debut ^ ^

WinwinWorked as a doctor using his beauty and another personality.VampireCharacters who are hiding that!

Activities as an actor Winwin realized,SNS was full of blessing comments♪

On the other hand, many fans were worried that Winwin would not return from China anymore.

However, Winwin, who was making video calls with Wayv members in Wayv's official content, "I'm going back to Korea soonHe told the members and revealed that he would return to Korea soon!

It is still undecided when Winwin will come back, but it may be near the day when Winwin's performance is seen as NCT for a long time.♪

Introducing Instagram♪

Winwin has opened a personal Instagram account!

From the fans, it can be a photo book of Winwin! There are many beautiful photos posted (^o^)

Winwin invited to many high -brand events!

On Instagram, you can see the model winwin dressed in high -brand items.♪

Winwin with a private gentle expression is healed by fans.♪

Shots with Wayv members!

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This time, we introduced the NCT Winwin profile and the latest information!

Winwin, who was performing in China, revealed that he would return to Korea soon, and his fans were rejoicing.♪

As a fan, I want to see Winwin again as a member of NCT.♪

Let's warmly watch Winwin's activities on October 28!

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