"Nmixx" is born from JYP! How do you read? What is your profile?



"Nmixx" (reading method: Numics or Enmix)The Girls Group of February 2022 Deeview, who became a hot topic in Japan, which became a hot topic in Japan.♪

Currently, it is said that the fourth expectation newcomer following JYP Girls Group "TWICE" "ITZY" and "NIZI U" is active,From July 2021 to "JYP newcomer group", we started sales sales of debut albums, such as starting sales of debut albums, etc.

 This time, I would like to exhaustively explain members, debut songs of JYP newcomer idol "NMIXX" wrapped in such a mystery, and SNS activities such as Insta and YouTube. ^ ^ 

What is nmixx


   It is a seven-person girl group debuted from JYP entertainment in February 2022♪

First of all, I think that there are many people who seem to see the group name and think "What to read!?"

 How to read is "Numix" or "Enmix"!

I want to remember the name of the newcomer group that is the topic ^ ^

The meaning of such a group name "nmixx" is

"NOW, NEW, NEXT, character" N "that means the unknown number N" "

"MIX" representing diversity "

These were combined and it became "nmixx".

Besides, "nmixx"There is also the meaning of "the best combination of new times".

 Lily, the younger member of the member, is Australia and Korean half, but all the other six people are composed of Koreans,Average Age 17-year-old Beautiful Girl Girls Group!

Members Introduction

 Members are a 7-person Girls Group formed by 6 Koreans and Korean Half Children! From now on, we will introduce the profile of each of the seven members with a variety of backgrounds in order of age. ^ ^ 



  • [Book name] Lily Jin Morrow(Korean name: Park Gin)
  • [Date of birth] October 17, 2002
  • 【From birth area】 Australia


  Her member of her member, Australian father and Korean mom with Korean mother.

Currently, she is a 19-year-old group of 19 years at Japanese age, but it is young and young (^ ○ ^)

Since she is a young age, she wants to have an entertainment world, and there are children's actors and kids bands in both Australia and Korea!

In 2014, she contracted with JYP entertainment when she was 12 years old, LilyPractice life for seven yearsAfter, she became a debut of her a long-awaited hope in 2022.

Her long practice life will be a long downtown period following TWICE's Dihygio (10 years) and Stray Kids Ban Chan (8 years)!

When I hear this, she wants to cheer further♪






  • 【Book name】 Oh Hewon
  • 【Date of birth】 February 25, 2003
  • [From birth area] Korea Incheon Wide area


 Hewon isShe passed by an ASA music school where many singers and idols are passed, and she was a practice of JYP.

She is said to have a TWICE Nayon or Sana atmosphere between JYP fans!

Showing the show case of JYP practice student, held in August 2019Homecoming: GET YOUR GLOW ON "also participated, and she is an active part of the Lily introduced earlier, with the Duet stage, etc.As a known practice student among her fans, the debut was rumored since her public!

She also attracts her attention in a wide range of vocal spectra from her sweet singing voice to powerful singing♪



  • [Book name] Sol Yuna
  • [Date of birth] January 26, 2004
  • [From birth area] Korea Ota Wide area


 Solun isShe passes the "SM entertainment" where Red Velvet and the "YG entertainment" that BLACK PINK and AST to which BLACK PINK and ASRO belong to 2019, and the "Fantagio" to which they belong to It is super rookie!

She was JYP, she passed in 2020 and joined it as it is.

At the time of her member release she is the most talked about "Twi's Twi!" (^ ○ ^)

Her childhood, her beauty is obvious, her own official Instagram also has been uploaded her student photos ^ ^




  • 【Book name】 Choh Jin
  • [Date of birth] April 16, 2004
  • [From birth area] Korea Busan Wide area


 Jini joined JYP when he was 12 years old,She sent a five-year practice life!


 As she is a performance video, she is not an "Nmixx" center, so she has a charisma atmosphere that she shows with a difficult technology in a margin.♪

Besides her performance, her clear nose standing is a impressive visual and the fans are drawn!

There are many fans waiting for my debut from her practice age, and it seems that her old fans are familiar with "Yunn-chan" ^ ^




  • 【Book name】 P. Jinsor
  • [Date of birth] December 28, 2004
  • [From birth area] Korea Gyeongsang-South-South-South Mountain City


 Her Bay has a shortcut with her adult-like eyes, and there is a girl crash, her bass tone is one of her attraction ^ ^


Such a bay isJYP auditions, because the Bay's friend who was interested in dance and songs on the road I participated in and I passed by one shot!


  She became the only birth in NMIXX (^ ○ ^)

I'm looking forward to the future activities of Bay, which has been decorated with her Tonton beat♪



  • [Book name] Kim Jiu
  • [Date of birth] April 13, 2005
  • [From birth area] Korea Gyeonggi-do South Cjustland


 Jiu joined JYP at the age of 13 in 2018.

Dastreet dancE from EHe is also said to be dancing, and powerful and accurate dance is attracting attention!

Jiu also interviewed "I'm always surprised that I'm always surprised to see a dance lesson with ITZY and half a year during the practice raw period, seeing the seniors who always utilize it to a small point between holings," You can feel the heat to♪

I would like to look forward to the powerful performance of Jiu from now on ^ ^





  • 【Book name】 Chang Guzin
  • [Date of birth] May 26, 2006
  • [From birth area] Korea Gyeonggi Kojo South City


 Guzin, before joining,He went to the withbill dance academy, passed the academy visiting audition of JYP in 2017, and he became JYP practice at 11 years old♪

He is said to have a high potential for his song and dance, despite the Nmixx "Manne (the youngest)" in Korea!

It is said that it is a dance line with Jini and Jiu from the height of the ability of the dance.The cover video of NMIXX is published in Youtube, Cabilla Lobero's "My OH My OH MY" is showing expressive power that does not seem to be 15 years old (^ ○ ^)



About topic debut songs already

What is your debut song?

 Nmixx has attracted global attention before debut.

 In July last year, whenever the members and group names are not understood, the previous order number of orders exceeded 60,000 if the debut album "Brand Package" (Limited Edition) is done!

After that, when performance videos are gradually released from last August, the voice of the ment out of the K-POP fans, the vocal power and the ability of the dancing dance increased (^ ○ ^)

Thus, nmixx, which has attracted attention before debut, finallyReleased the debut single "AD MARE" and title song "O.o" on February 22, 2022, and debuted♪

The MV of the debut song "O.O" isWe recorded 10 million times at an early speed of about 20 hours from the release, and have brought over 20 million times from the release!

also,MV recorded 7 hours from the release, recorded 1st place of Youtube, and in Korea, he had a name in third place in popular rising music♪

Besides, the debut single "AD MARE" isNot only in Korea but also the first place in the iTunes album chart such as Mexico and Costa Rica, we have attracted attention from all over the world despite the right after your debut (^ ○ ^)

By only debut single or debut songs, you can see how much popularity of this is that you can feel the expectations from the fans are hot?♪


What is the attraction of debut songs?

From now on, we will explain a little about debut song "O.o" that has already been topiced!



 The unique song name "O.O" is a strong confidence that the debut song "O.O" is surprisingly expressing the eyes wide, and the magic "OH!" Is shared, and it will be surprising to see something new Express♪

 Since the genre changes twice in one song, the flow of songs is a MIXX POP genre that can felt various atmosphere simultaneously, and has developed a generic genre unique to NMIXX!

MV continues to change depending on the flow of songs of various genres, and is given to those who are looking at visual satisfaction that can not be released at a time (^ ○ ^)

In addition, seven members are not only wearing various styling but also unique performance and unprecedented look, and focused on perfect visuals!


About SNS activity

 It is the official SNS that is indispensable to check the latest information and future activity information of NMIXX, decorated with sparkling debuts♪

Therefore, I would like to see which SNS is using NMIIXX from now on!

 The official SNS of NMIIXX is currently four of "Twitter" "Instagram" "YouTube" "Tiktok" (^ ○ ^)

◆ Twitter →Nmixx_official


◆ INSTAGRAM →nmixx_official


◆ YouTube →Nmixx


◆ TIKTOK →nmixx_official


In Twitter account, we will notify you of the activity schedule mainly on TV appearance and events, so follow essential to support!

In the Instagram account, like senior TWICE of the same office, it is likely to have many posts such as personal shots and private shots according to future activities (^ ○ ^)

Let's follow and check from now ^ ^

In the official YouTube, a cover dance video in solo and units is only raising with the official YouTube!

The official YouTube is checked for the release of MV ban etc.♪

TIKTOK accounts can see the unique videos of members and videos alone, etc. ^ ^



 Until now, I have seen nmixx, but how was it?

It turned out that the individuality of each nmixx member was attractive, and it was collecting fans around the world since before debut♪

I'm glad if you could know the charm of each NMIXX member and find "Spring" ^ ^

Let's support together while expecting NMIXX activities in the future (^ ○ ^)


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