NEWJEANS is the first comeback! Thorough explanation of the reasons for popularity! Introducing new single information and pop -up stores!


On January 2, 2023, NEWJEANS, which is finally the first comeback!

On December 19, the song "DITTO" was released in advance, and it became an explosive topic just before the comeback!

Such NEWJEANS has attracted attention in a cute and mysterious world view, especially popular among young people ^^

Yoja Idol's Warring States period"It is known as a person who establishes its own concept and sets it apart!

This time, before the comeback, we will approach the reasons for the popularity that attracts people from the basic information of New Jeans!

In addition, we will also deliver information on the pop -up store commemorating the new single "OMG" and comeback, so please enjoy it to the end.♪

What is New Jeans?

NEWJEANS is a rookie girl group that debuted on July 22, 2022!

Hani, Minji, Herrin, Daniel, and Hein are five members, and the average age is 16 years old!

There are a variety of charismatic members that you can't imagine as a newcomer ^^

NEWJEANS has been attracting attention before its debut, because it was from Hybe's new label Ador.

The songs included in the debut album "NEWJEANS", such as "Hypeboy", "ATTENTION", and "COOKIE", are recorded without losing the topic!

The unique music created by NEWJEANS and the unique worldview are gaining popularity, mainly for teens!

Recently, it has become a hot topic as a group who started "settlement" in 2 months of debut ^^

In South Korea, the office is generally paid by the office and the cost of debut in the dormitory, so there are idols who will not be paid for a few years after their debut.

Meanwhile, NEWJEANS, who has already paid for the first time after starting the settlement, said, ""Selled groups"♪

Minji is ""I wanted to give a thank -you present with the money I earned"He gave a present to his parents ^^

Why is New Jeans popular?

Nostalgic and new worldview created by New Jeans

NEWJEANS has a discerning worldview created by using content, such as music and videos.

Min Hijin, who was in charge of the SM Entertainment art director, produces such a NEWJEANS!

I'm a person who has been involved in the work of a big artist that everyone knows, such as girlhood and SHINee ^^

NEWJEANS is "A group that shows something that has never been before, feeling nostalgic"is.

Despite the nostalgic music and images that remind you of the 1990s and 2000s, it is captivated by the only work.♪

moreover,"The concept of NEWJEANS and fans share one mobile phone"PHONING" made with "Official websiteEven more "NEWJEANS"

The origin of the group name is "Like jeans that never get tired of coming every day, it becomes a New Genes (new gene) in the icons of this era.There is a place where you can communicate!

The worldview that can only be seen in New Jeans attracts many people's hearts ^^

Members of life -sized NewJeans

Speaking of New Jeans, dignified and stable performance is also popular.♪

"Because there is a stage power that does not seem to be a newcomer, and the concept of NEWJEANS is clear," "There is no way to grabMembers who tend to think.

However, when I get off the stage, I have a lot of teen -like aspects ^^

During the shooting, the members are together, and they can warm up the cold members and hold hands when they move.♪

The good friends between the members who can see at the moment are irresistible for fans!

For the first time, the members will go on a train trip, and check the contents that are very cute.♪

According to Min -Hijin, all the members were "Pure and gentleThat's right ^^

Even if you look at the beehinding images and content, the members of the members and the purity according to the age are well conveyed!

There is no doubt that the representatives of the office that gathered the members themselves say♪

Introducing New Jeans's new single "OMG"!

NEWJEANS will make the first comeback on "OMG" on January 2, 2023.♪

NEWJEANS, which released his debut album "NEW JEANS" on July 22, 2022, will be coming back with a single "OMG" that contains two songs, "OMG" and "Ditto" ^^.

This time, six forms have been released, and it seems that there are postcard packs and audio messages that include the story of NEWJEANS!

NEWJEANS, who is excited about the comeback, has released "Ditto" on December 19 ahead of the release!

Although it was attracting attention in the first comeback, Ditto achieved the first place on major Korean major charts such as Melon and Genie in 2 hours!

Before the comeback, we will prove how New Jeans is attracting ^^

"Ditto", which was released in advance, is one of the music genres, a Baltimoa Club Dance Music, and is the perfect winter song for the first winter with fans!

Minji, a member, also participated in the lyrics ^^

On the previous release day, Side A and Side B of the MV "Ditto" are released together!

The meaningful story drawn in the MV is already attracting attention!

Side B begins with the scene where the members run through the school, but there are only five members, while six legs are reflected.

Unraveling a mysterious story is one of the pleasures of New Jeans's work.

SNS is already full of various considerations, and it is full of fans waiting for a comeback ^^

Expectations will also increase in "OMG" to be released on January 2!

Deliver information on the NEWJEANS pop -up store "OMG! NU + JEANS"!

To commemorate this comeback, NEWJEANS collaborates with the sweets brand "NUDAKE" and opens the pop -up store "OMG! NU + JEANS" ^^

"OMG! NU + Jeans"
  • 【period】
  • December 23, 2022 -January 21, 2023
  • [Store]
  • NUDAKE House Shimayama store, holy water store

At the pop -up store, cakes and holiday season goods will be sold.♪

There are five types of "NU+JEANS CAKE", and the same as the cake that appears in the MV of the title song "OMG" is released!

It's very cute in the shape of a rabbit (;;)

NU+Jeans Goods "Nine types, including garland and paper ornaments, will be sold.♪

NEWJEANS is known for its cute goods, so this goods are also expected!

In addition, you can get a NEWJEANS handwritten messageNu+Jeans Lottery is also available, nIt seems to be a space where you can enjoy the world view of EWJEANS ^^

NEWJEANS opened a pop -up store in August to commemorate his debut, and it became a hot topic because 17,000 people visited!

There is no doubt that this pop -up store will show excitement!


How was the special feature of NEWJEANS, which will come back in January next year? ^^

Not only is it captivated by fans with its own concept, but the members of the members are also popular.♪

As the worldview is established, many fans may be expecting how to come back!

It seems that 2023 will start with New Jeans♪

In addition, check out the pop -up store to be held from 23rd this month!

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