NCT's all -rounder mark! Quotations & solo songs released to fans, up to 10 million followers! Introducing the charm of a mark full of gaps♪

NCTのオールラウンダーマーク特集! ファンに放った名言&ソロ曲、フォロワー1000万人超えのインスタまで!ギャップ満載のマークの魅力をご紹介♪

Even in the NCT, no, the strongest in the K-POP world
Mark that is not an all -rounder!

 In addition to NCT127, NCTDREAM, SUPER M, and three groups, we are engaged in a wide range of artists, including lyrics and composition!

If you look at the mark, you will make your debut at the age of 17 and you will be 24 years old this year, so you will feel like you are watching the process of growing up children (´ ▽ `).

About marks that are cool and cute year by year

The lyrics that I want you to pay attention to with your own solo songs, the quotes released to the fans,

Instagram recommended for more than 10 million followers, a video of the charm of the mark that can be said to be the gap king!

I will tell you the charm of the mark with a lot of content ٩ ('ω') و

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Basic information of mark

Quote source

  • Real Name: Lee Mark (이) Korean name: Lee Mignon (민형)
  • Date of birth: August 2, 1999
  • Birthplace: Canada
  • Family structure: parents, brother
  • Height: 175cm
  • Office: Sm Entertainment


Mark is a Korean Canadian born in Canada!

Born in Toronto, Canada, I lived in Vancouver from 7 years old to New York and 14 years old.♪( ´▽`)

Dad was a vocal teacher, and his mother was born in a music family called piano and classical!

And with the three older brothersAudition of SM Entertainment held in VancouverAfter passing, I went to Korea at the age of 14 in 2013✈️


This is a tweet when Mark was released as SM Rookies (trainee) ^ ^
During the trainee eraI will receive the award sent to the trainees who worked hard the most for the third consecutive yearDegreeIt's hard and stoic!

And after the trainee eraDebuted as NCT U on April 9, 2016, NCT127 on July 7, 2016, and NCT Dream on August 25!

In the same year of the sameDebut in 3 groupsI did😳!

He seems to have passed vocals in the audition, From the time of debutIt was attracting attention with perfect rap and dance that I could not imagine as 16 years old!


And this year, NCT127 in 2023,Celebrated the 7th anniversary of his debut as NCT DREAM!

Introducing Mark's self -made solo songs♪

The mark is very busy because the NCT group alone has two, but it is also active in music production!

I haven't made a solo debut yet,
until nowMark's solo songs and recommended points, lyricsI will introduce♪( ´▽`)


In 2020, the first show was unveiled at the SUPERM online concert."TALK ABOUT"

The video above is a live video of SUPERM performed Los Angeles ٩ ('ω') و

The notable lyrics of "Talk About" are
"They always want to see how I fall, I don't understand, I can't do that."


I don't follow my destiny, it's impossible,
Successful, they are aiming for my seat, but not so, your turn? It's my turn

 Is it a provocative but strong mind of the mark, is it expressed? D ( ̄  ̄)

 The interpretation is different for each person, but the coolness of the mark,
It's a song that makes you feel the strength.

 Japanese subtitles are also checked below!

If you know the meaning and listen, it's cooler to understand the song ^ ^


NCT127's 2nd tour "NEO CITY THE LINK"
It was shown on the solo stage of the mark✨

When this song was performed, it was a cute image
The mark was "Is it an adult? Sex appeal ...?"

There are too many notes, but here ^ ^

"I don't make a mistake, I know I was born to stand at the top."

"I want you to understand the sloppy, Baby, as a result of school work, I am highly valued on the stage, I admit it, this is my profession."

Live vividly, float when closed, this life never dies, my vibration」 

 It's a cool lyrics that you can write because you are confident in your life in your life (; ∀;)

Mark, who is living straight hard, says"Live vividly"It resonates.

Check the Japanese translation from below♪ 



 SM Station's new project NCT LAB
It is a solo song of the mark released in February 2022 in the first installment.♪

"Child", which was released for the first time with MV in the history of Mark

This song was marked in 2021

"While doing a lot of activities, the fans cheered me without a break and spent a lot of money, buying an album.

I wanted to express my grateful feelings for supporting me. "

"I want you to release it on NCT LAB (only YouTube without album and sound source) and enjoy it with sound sources and images without any burden on money."

It seems that I put it out with the thought😭❤️

The video that Mark talks about Child in detail
Check out here!

The keyword in this song is"Problem child", "puberty", "Child"is.

 It is said that it has a rebellious feeling overall.

The notable lyrics of "Child" are

"I'll break it even if it's broken, my sense of responsibility"

"I can't be as you want, everyone is too noisy, don't waste my time."

Mark's own emotions, problems in his own, adolescent and liability, too busy with trainees.

Please check out both the above videos and lyrics because the feelings of the mark are packed ٩ ('ω') و

"Golden Hour"

Marks released in April 2023 at NCT LAB
Latest solo song"Golden Hour"

This song isIt is a unique song that was born from the exchanges between a fan and a famous chef using eggs as the theme.🍳

The birth of "GOLDEN HOUR" is interesting!

Mark couldn't make fried eggs well on NCT programs before, so fans

For famous chef Gordon Ramsey

"How did my boyfriend make a fried egg? How about?"

GordonReply, "Don't find a new boyfriend."
That was the theme of this song because it was transmitted to the Mark itself.

The lyrics include cooking, course, egg yolk, chef Gordon, and songs are composed of songs related to cooking.🍳

Featured lyrics"I got a course today, and my face suitable for Michelin, I am drunk on myself."

"I don't know how to make fried eggs, but it's not stressful, I haven't been hungry."That's ^ ^

The tune is cool, but the theme is eggs
It is unique because it is unique👏

What is the quote that Mark released to the fans?

You can see that Mark's music and everyday remarks say that he is a wonderful person.

Therefore, here are two carefully selected and introduced two wonderful words that Mark released to fans.😊

To fans at the bottom of life

This is an event at the Yonton (video call) signing session.

"Humans always try to do perfectly,I can't keep going with everything. "

 "I hope you can protect such a heart, just like love for various things."

"If you follow your heart, it will take you to the place you need someday.

 And advises the realistic, and advice on the way of mind.😭

 It's a wonderful word that comes out because it's a mark that has overcome many times.💐

For fans whose new life is uneasy

 Quote source

Here is the answer of the mark for consultation from fans who are uneasy about new life in other countries ^ ^ ^ ^

"I'm scared and like a challenge, but I think I already won when I decided and went to another country!"

"It's important to go once without being afraid,
You can learn something if you do😊」

Because it is a mark that came to Korea alone from Canada when I was young, it was a wonderful answer that I understood the feelings of the fans and came out on it.

Over 10 million followers
Mark Instagram feature!

It was opened in January 2021, with 11.81 million followers in 2023 (as of July 11).Instagram of the mark.

We will carefully select three recommended photos♪( ´▽`)

FirstApril 2021This was posted in!

Since the pierced holes are not drilled, I wondered if the fans would be "Eh!? Earrings!?"

The place where "earrings" is written in the post text is cute 🫠

Especially the second jaw and nose line are too beautiful (´Д`) y❤️

 Next is here!

June 2023In this post, the mark that cuts the long hair since last year and is coming out of the curtain is just cute!😍

LastJanuary 2021This is the posted!

Mark will give you a shocking visual photo of "Eh!? ・:*+. \ ((° ω °))) /.:+.

Since I am also Shizuni, I saved it immediately😀!

I'm grateful that I'm busy but I'm also updating Instagram (;;)❤️

Three selections of the charm of the gap king mark♪

From here,The charm of the mark too swampI will introduce along with the video♪( ´▽`)

Fanza too swamp

This is a signing session held in KoreaIt is a video in which my eyes meet my fans, and the mark instantly winked (● ˃ ロ ˂) ꠥ

The members around them and other fans are so winked that they don't notice.

I will stop thinking (laughs)

Mark when it is Yuta

The mark is cute when you are with a member,

In particular, the mark is cute when you say Yuta who loves the mark unusually.♪( ´▽`)

First of all, in this video, when you walk around Colombia,
This is the scene after Yuta said, "Like, likes."

Mark in Japanese while looking into Yuta's face"I'm glad!"Was too cute in the sudden Japanese 🫠

Quote source

 The next video is
It is a scene where you can talk about how to ride the sled♪

Mark told Yuta
"Do you want to ride together? ( ̄ ▽  ̄)"

"Did you apply for a date? ( ̄ ▽  ̄)" is too cute😃‼️

Shocking visual stage

 Speaking of the recent visuals of the mark, the shock between Cizni (NCT fans),

Performed in KoreaNCTDREAM concert
"THE DREAM SHOW2"Costume without one sleeveit might be😏

Especially in the video"Dreaming"It was dangerous (̱)

There are times when you have a sudden sex appeal 🧐

This video is too close to see, so
Please check it😉


This time, we featured a mark to be 24 years old on August 2nd this year!

Looking at the hard -working mark, I think "I'll do my best" and respect me as a person.

It's an idol that makes you want to support you all the time.😭❤️

Concert with NCT in Japan in September
There is also "NCT NATION"!

And someday the mark will give a solo album and make a solo debut.☺️

Mark's solo album is decided well ...

The activities of the Mark and the future of all NCT groups are
Let's excite with more Shizuni \\ ٩ ('ω') و ///

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