[NCT Summary for beginners] Explain the mechanism of NCT in an easy -to -understand manner! Summary of successive activities of NCT U and complete NCT♪Introducing Senil advertising examples!

【NCTまとめ初心者向け】NCTの仕組みをわかりやすく解説!NCT Uや完全体NCTの歴代活動曲まとめ♪センイル広告事例もご紹介!

A large boys group NCT of SM Entertainment, which is now a global star not only in Korea and Japan!

It is said that the number of members who made their debut and activities alone was a total of 23 people, and the type of member's nationality was K-POP number one.

It's a group that gives off a unique color.♪

However, because it is full of diversity, there are days when the group name alone is called "NCT", and there are days called "NCT127".

"The members I saw today and the members I saw yesterday are different! I don't understand!"

What are you often said? !

This time, we will introduce commentary and attractive points of active songs for those who still do not understand the NCT system yet.♪

Please follow me to the end♪( ´▽`)

What is NCT U?

On April 4, 2016, a group of NCT's top batter "NCT UWas debuted♪

The debut single song "The 7th senseIs rather than a flashy debut like the K-POP idols so far

The edges are effective and the mysterious atmosphere is characteristic, and the K-POP world at that time was broken> <

The fresh, sexy tune, facial expressions and unique dances with silence on the ally, making it a stage where the people who are watching can breathe.

The name of the group is abbreviated as "NCT UNITED" or "NCT UNIT".

It can be said that NCT U is a unit, that is, the members change depending on the song!

The members of this song were composed of a total of 5 people, Taeyeon, Doyoung, Ten, Jae Hyun, and Mark.

However, at this time, it was released simultaneously as another single song.Without youIn the case, the composition members are different,

Tail, Doyon, and Jae -hyun are active,

In 2018, ""BossThe members of the NCT U who came back in with

Taeyeon, Doyoung, Jae -hyun, Mark, Lucas, Jongwoo, Winwin, etc.

NCT U is a group consisting of songs that look good on songs so that the members can make the most of the charms.♪

Here, I know that "NCT U" is a unit -based group, but what is the difference between NCT and NCT U? "

Some people wonder, "Isn't the NCT a boys group?"

To put it simply, there are circles such as "NCT U" and "NCT 127" in the university called "NCT".

Each member acts while demonstrating his charm (debut Camba),

Some people do it, while others work in a fixed circle! What a place, such as♪

Next, I would like to introduce more detailed NCT mechanisms and groups other than NCT U.

Explain the mechanism of NCT! What is the activity group?

So far, you can see that the first group NCT U is a unit system.♪

Then, I would like to explain how the entire NCT mechanism is like!

What is the "NCT" system?

Quote source

"NEO Culture Technology"

"NCT", which is named with this acronym, is a boys group belonging to SM Entertainment.♪

At present, there are a total of 23 active members, and it is the largest in K-POP!

Lee Smans, the founder of SM Entertainment, said, "Rotation systemIt is said that it was a long -cherished wish to make a group.

NCT was just formed as a star of SM's expectation, a dream group ^^

Lee Smant Producer says that the biggest features and strengths of NCT are "open" and "extensions" elements.

The point is that the NCT is a group that makes the most of the members' individuality and changes without being bound by the frame of the group (^○^).

Such a flexible and original NCT has a variety of members' nationality, Korea, Japan, China, the United States, Canada, Thailand, Hong Kong, Taiwan.

It is the most international group in K-POP history.♪

Let's take a look at what kind of groups are the groups that have been published from the NCT so far!

Introducing four units that make up NCT at once!

 At this time, there are four derivative groups that make up NCT.♪


Quote source

The debut date is April 4, 2016.

NCT top batter introduced earlier at the beginning.

Since NCT U is a completely unit system, the members who work in one song will change.♪

Right now, more than 30 songs have been active as NCT U!

Every song has a different participating member, so you can enjoy a song that tightly assorted the charm of NCT!

Later, I will introduce recommended songs ^^

NCT127 (NCT127)

The debut date is July 7, 2016.

"NCT127" was named after a longitude of 127 in Seoul, Korea.

As the name suggests, it has the meaning of working on Korea as a base,

The number of members is said to be fixed, but in the past, there were also members!

2016 debut song "Fire Track7 people in all,

After that, two people were added in "Limitless" in 2017, and the number of members changed several times, such as changing to a total of 9 people,

It is a leading group in Korea, which is currently active as a fixed member of 9 people.♪

Not only popular, but not only in Korea, but also in Japan as "NCT127" (Nu Sea Teichi Nina).

There are many Japanese original songs ~ ^^


The debut date is August 25, 2016.

NCT DREAM who works as NCT's "youngest group"♪

Now all the members are adults, but at the time of their debut, all members were teenagers, and the average age15.6 years old

In fact, the original concept was a group with a "graduation system" that graduated from an adult member.

Therefore, the oldest mark, which was a leader and central member, graduated first.

The next year, the same annual group (Gemin, Geno, He Chan, Longjun) is also scheduled for the next year,

What happens to the remaining two? I don't want you to break up! The voices of Shizuni will be received too many >

As a result, the NCT DREAM graduation systems have been effectively abolished in response to the enthusiasm of the fans!

Now, as a group of seven groups in addition to the members who have graduated temporarily, they are particularly explosive not only in Korea but also in Japan.♪

WAYV / Devil God V

The debut date is January 17, 2019.

"Wayv" is said to be the most complex and difficult part of the four NCT derivative groups!

Since there were no Korean members and were formed as a group based on China.

WayshembuiIs also called the name♪

Is it the most difficult to understand in understanding Wayv?

And can it be defined as a member of NCT?

In fact, Wayv originally debuted as a Chinese group co -created by SM and Lavel V in China!

Therefore, there was a constant question of whether it was an NCT unit in the Cizzuni.

Including members who are already active as NCT, including the fact that the producer and the individual members belong to SM.

Starting from September 2020, Wayv has been defined as a NCT derivative group!

Nowadays, not only enthusiastic cheers in China, but also the topic of activities in Korea every time.

It is very popular as a unique group that can enjoy a different taste from the other three units of NCT ^^

NCT is in line! Introducing NCT U's successive songs and members!

In fact, not only the activities of each unit, but also all members show the activities as a "perfect body"!

As a complete NCT, we have been active three times so far, all of which have a truly NEO performance that was not in K-POP.♪

This time, among the three albums of the complete NCT, we will focus on the songs of NCT U, so please take a look at beginners.

NCT 2018/"NCT 2018 EMPATHY"

NCT members will come back for the first time here as the perfect "NCT2018".♪

The album "NCT 2018 Empathy" was released on March 14, 2018, and a total of 18 people (at that time) showed the title song "BLACK ON BLACK" stage!

Here is the stage!

Beginning with the intense look and voice of NCT's leader Taeyeon,

Each member showed me the "culmination" with a unique performance that shouted, "We are NCT!"

The title song "BLACK ON BLACK" has a self -introduction element of all NCTs, so I would like people who are not Shizuni to see it.

Let's introduce the songs of NCT U, which will be fascinated by the album "NCT 2018 EMPATHY".♪


 A song from the genre of urban hip -hop, which starts with the beats that remain in the bass ear.

The point is that it is a song to be woven by combining NCT's middle bass voice group & treble voice group!

Especially among the NCTs, the rares of the bass voice of the rare type, the wrap part (MV1: 17 ~) in the middle of Lucas,

Pay attention to the treble (MV2: 06 ~) of John Woo & Doyoung, where you can enjoy two kinds of treble.♪

"Baby Don`t STOP"

Taeyeon & Ten, two of the NCTs, dancing and expressive weapons as absolute weapons!

Two people who have already had a reputation since the SM trainee (commonly known as SM Rookies) have made their long -awaited collaboration.♪

At the time, the reaction of Shizuni and others was hot on the perfect bewitching stage,

Even now, it is one of the units with many voices saying "I want to see it again!"

"Without you"

 On April 10, 2016, the single "WITHOUT YOU" was announced at the same time as the first NCT U's single "The 7th Sense".

A new member tail has been added to the membership Hyun & Doyoung that appeared in "THE 7th Sense", and a total of three people were active.♪

It is a rock song of NCT that the vocals are attracted by three strengths!

NCT 2020/"NCT Resonance Pt.2"

In 2020, come back again as a complete NCT!

NCT2018 has been powered up and has returned to a total of 23 people.♪

At NCT2018, the images of all units gathered and attracted by the group,

On the other hand, the NCT2020 was an activity that fully incorporated the elements of the NCT theme "open" and "extension".

Because the composition of this title song "Resonance" is quite unique,

"Released" from the scene where all 23 NCTs gathered, and the tune and the unit in charge were replaced on the way and "extended".

It is a development type configuration!

Then, from here, I would like to introduce each song of the unit (= NCT U) that appears in "Resonance" (*^ω^*).

"90's Love"

A retro song reminiscent of the 90's HIPHOP.

Among them, there is no Korean member born in 1990,

Actually, the theme is "The state of young people who love the city of Acjeong in the 90's".

The members are completely reproduced the situation!

I guess this is also a NCT NEO charm> <

"Make a Wish"

 Addicted people continue with the sound of the whistling of the introduction and the overall Arabian atmosphere and melody!

In addition, there are many points that shocked not only the tune but also the shizuni.

In particular, the combination of members, the expression of Lucas, and the genius dance of the new Japanese members Showtaro became a hot topic.♪

Haven't you heard in the K-POP genre? ! It is one song that remains in your ears, so please listen to it ^^

"Work it"

Electronic dance song that seven members are fascinated.

A little bubry? ! The members dressed in colorful and flashy costumes that make you feel the atmosphere

Expressing a new view of the world as if dancing at a disco ^^

It is a song that you can feel as much as you want to enjoy the members' stage.♪

"From Home"

 In this song, one song that the vocals as a weapon talked about the "NCT story" in the song> <

The songs use three languages, Japan, China, South Korea,

Despite the different "Home", such as nationality and language, we have been sweating and tears since we were trainees, and we were going toward the same dream, and in the process, we found a new "Home" called NCT. rice field

The story is included.

The video is a special version that allows you to instantly understand the outstanding singing skills of NCT, so please ask once.♪

NCT 2021/"Beautiful"

And in 2021, the NCT gathers for the third time.♪

December 14, 2021 The album "UNIVERSE" was released and came back with the title song "Beautiful"!

NCT 2018 and NCT 2020 were both powerful performance,

The more reminiscent of the SMROOKIES (SM trainee) era, the performance is finished with a sense of innocence somewhere!

Actually, this "Beautiful" is back episode!

What a song that already existed before the NCT debut! (° _ °)

This episode actually revealed in the MV behind video,

He was also a candidate for NCT U's debut song that debuted with "The 7th Sense".

NCT's leader Taeyeon, who was sorry that he couldn't release it for many years,

Official YouTubeThan)

A wonderful song that I have been asking for a release.

I am very happy that all NCTs can be released as a group song like this.

From now on, I think this song will come to mind when it comes to NCT's group song, and I think it's a song that can answer the expectations of Shizuni.

I am revealing♪

To you who want to support NCT! Summary of past NCT Senil advertising cases

 This time, I would like to introduce it to those who want to support NCT more after recognizing the mechanism and charm of NCT!

Idol's birthday advertisement (= Senil advertisement) that you often see in Korea!

A project to celebrate the birthday of the members is now being held in Japan.♪

From now on, we will introduce NCT support/Senil advertisements that were actually issued at Senil Advertising Agency JAPAN in the past!

"I also want to issue an NCT support advertisement, but can I get it alone?"

"NCT is a Korean idol, but can you put it out in Japan?"

I think there are many questions about advertising.

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Yuta Nakamoto

In the case of NCT, a member of Japan's pride, Yuta Nakamoto's Senil advertisement♪

At this time, it was a great success to broadcast the advertising in Times Square in New York at the same time as Senil advertisement in Japan! !

Speaking of Times Square, it's a street vision that can be said that no one knows the world.♪

The idol himself is an advertisement that says "dream advertisement", so it will definitely be a memorable Senil project!


This is a case where the Senil advertisement of the NCT mark was implemented last year.♪

The most impact in Japan!

We made a great success to broadcast at Shinjuku's Unica Vision!

Jacked the three screens of Shinjuku together with the Mark's solo song "Child"

I guess it was a Senil advertisement that not only many Shizuni but also Tokyo people would be worried about (*^ω^*).


This time, we unraveled the NCT mechanism that is considered difficult for many people!

The key is "liberation" from a complete body and "extension" to the unit! That was that ^^

On January 30th, the "NCT 127" comeback is scheduled, but it seems that it will be confusing with other units anymore.♪

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