NCT Office (SM Entertainment) EXO / REDVELVET also affiliated! ~ Introduce place and direction ~



Recently, NCT's office SM entertainment not only Japan and Korea but also worldwide♪

Speaking of SM, it is an office where super famous idols have been made with the K-POP, such as the Tohoshinki, Super Junior, EXO, Girlhood, Aespa, etc.

In Korea,3 Fortuity OfficeIt is said that♪

We will introduce the information of the SM new company for details, so please take a look at the end until the end ^ ^

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About SM office

Basic information

Recently, NCT's office SM entertainment not only Japan and Korea but also worldwide♪

The base was in Gangnam (Kannam), but it seems that the relocation to the Saint Dong (Sonsdon) is expected soon!

"Acrosauro Forest D Tower"It is planned to be relocated, and it seems to occupy a tower jointly with a company called SOCAR-, modern Globis.

In addition, it is planning to sell products to the basement of the building or the 1st floor ^ ^

It does not have been completely relocated yet, but it seems that it is in progress for relocation.


SM Affiliation Idol

What idol belongs to SM?


 NCT that has a high degree of attention worldwide!


Red velvet

Very popular Red Velvet as ever since debut♪



A newcomer AESPA! Single "NEXT LEVEL" is very popular in Japan♪



Despite the members of the members, it is still explosive popular EXO!



SHINEE that has won an enthusiastic fan from the time of debut!



 Japan's K-POP boom fire role!


Super junior

 Not only coolnessFunIdol not forget the idol super junior ^ ^



 Recently, a girl's age is a topic of personal activity♪


NCT Office SM Entertainment Shin-Show Location / Directions

NCT Office SM Entertainment Location


SM Address:Seoul Special City Castle District Holy Water Division 1 Street 685-700 



Getting Started with SM Entertainment




Seoul Forest Station (울울 숲역) fifth exit1 minute walk from

It seems to be located in front of the fifth exit of Seoul Forest Station♪


Near tourist destinations

울울 숲 (Seouls) Park

Seoul's forest station울울 숲It seems to be a big park!

It is perfect for healing in the park where there are many animals♪

It seems that it is also a photo spot of topic in Koreans who love Celka ^ ^

울울 숲 website

울울 숲 Instagram

Quote source

Quote source

울울 숲 cafe



브브 우우우우 (OFCOHOUSE)




Day Row






Is there a facility that we can enter?

In the SM new house,Facilities that can be entered even with fans are also created in the first and basement or basement!

It seems to be an exhibition hall and a museum shop of the affiliated artists and wearing costumes, and we can also enter

It is an exciting that the affiliated artists can act in the basement of the building that will be practiced♪

As the facilities that can be entered yet are not released, you will be introduced to everyone as soon as possible ^ ^


Let's aim at the certification shot near the SM office!

Everyone "Certification Shot" Do you know?

"Authentication Shot" means taking a two-shot with your idolI will do it!

If you have fans, you can see the advertisement and push-shot that you work hard ... It's a dream again

I thought that "I would like to have a certification shot in my prosecution that belongs to SM!"

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How to raise the probability of authentication shots

In order to increase the probability of the authentication shot,Idol Entertainment Office Previous or Office You should aim at the subway nearis!

If you are listed near Sensile Advertising and Support Advertising, the busiest idols will not go through the interim♪

For more information, we are summarized in the article of this ↓, so it's nice if you could refer to it ^ ^

How to raise the probability of a certificate shot! ~ Supplies are your advertising and two-shot?! Recommended media also introduced~

Medium that seems to be targeted for authentication shots near SM new house



  • [Place] Seoul's Forest Station 4th exit
  • 【Media type】 Wide ad



  • 【Place】 Seoul Forest Station Extra Exit Exit 3
  • 【Media type】 Bus ad




What did you think?

SM new companyI want to go to! Isn't the feeling of becoming more? ^ ^

It was a surprise that there was a facility that can enter fans and entrusters!

If Corona settles, let's go to the new house of SM♪If you are lucky, you may meet NCT and SM Artists ...? !


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